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NZ’s Growing Online Scratch Cards Popularity

Scratch cards have been a staple in New Zealand’s gaming landscape for years, delighting players with their instant-win potential and simplistic gameplay. Online scratchies have recently gained immense popularity among Kiwi players, as they offer unparalleled convenience and a wide variety of themes and styles.

Online scratchies allow you to enjoy the thrill of winning on the go using your mobile. The easy-to-understand gameplay, exciting visuals and audio effects, and real cash wins if playing for real money make online scratchies an increasingly popular choice for punters in New Zealand.

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Top Online Scratch Card Providers in New Zealand

As a Kiwi player, you’re in luck with the top online scratch card providers available. Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech are three industry giants that offer a fantastic selection of scratch card games for New Zealanders.

Microgaming, known for its innovation and captivating game design, has a vast collection of online scratch cards, including popular titles like Dawn of the Bread, Cashapillar Scratch, and Plunder the Sea.

NetEnt, another leading provider, focuses on delivering engaging graphics and seamless gameplay with games like Lucky Double and Zodiac. Lastly, Playtech brings its flair with a diverse range of themes and titles, such as Beetle Bingo and Iron Man 2 Scratch.

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The best NZ online scratch cards to play

  • 1. Mega Money Multiplier Online Scratch Cards
  • 2. Dawn of the Bread
  • 3. Cashapillar Scratch Card
  • 4. Set & Scratch
  • 5. Lucky Leprechaun Online Scratch Cards
  • 6. Avalon Online Scratch Cards
  • 7. Dragons Fortune
  • 8. Six Shooter Looter Gold

1. Mega Money Multiplier Online Scratch Cards

mega money multiplier
Mega Money Multiplier Online Scratch Cards

The Return to Player (RTP) for Mega Money Multiplier is 95%.

The thrilling scratch-off game Mega Money Multiplier allows players to win substantial rewards. Aiming to match particular combinations or disclose multiplier symbols for increased rewards, players scratch off selected regions to reveal symbols or numbers in this game’s straightforward gameplay. The game has fascinating elements like:

  • Players scratch designated areas on the card to reveal symbols or numbers.
  • The objective is to match specific combinations or uncover multiplier symbols.
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay is suitable for both novice and experienced players.
  • Stunning and visually appealing graphics enhance the gaming experience.
  • High-quality design elements bring the scratch card to life.
  • Engaging animations and vibrant colors add excitement to each play.
  • Multipliers – Uncovering multiplier symbols can significantly boost winnings.
  • Progressive Prizes – Some versions of Mega Money Multiplier may offer progressive jackpot prizes that increase over time.
  • Bonus Features – Additional bonus rounds or mini-games can be included, adding excitement and winning opportunities.

Microgaming introduced the Mega Money Multiplier slot game in April 2017, which, in the fast-paced world of online pokies, seems like ages ago. Although it may have faded into the background since its release, it has not been completely forgotten. Even today, nearly every online casino prominently showcases Microgaming pokies, including popular titles like Mega Money Moolah, Jurassic Park, and Cool Buck.

2. Dawn of the Bread

Dawn of the bread scratch card
Dawn of the Bread scratch card

RTP (Return to Player) for Dawn of the Bread is approximately 95%.

Dawn of the Bread online scratch card developed by Microgaming is themed on the Halloween festival. The Halloween spirit is in this scratchie with you. Play this amazing game to reveal wonderful prizes hidden within it.

Before playing this game, you have to set a stake. You can do this by using the -/+ button at the bottom of the slot. You can set the minimum bet between 0.50 and 10.

You will interact with different characters who make this poky exciting. If you love to eat bread, hopefully, this slot will not deter you from eating it. The loaves of bread are filled with different heart-wrenching symbols, making you question if regular bread also has these substances. Dawn of the Bread is a 3 symbol revealing a scratch card laden with beautiful wins. So get ready to scratch your way to amazing prizes.

The layout is in the form of a slot with a 3-reel, 3-row layout. There is also a paytable at the side of the slot to guide you on the payouts won. This scratch card features characters such as an eyeball, a set of teeth, a rat, a caterpillar, and a louse. These are the only characters in this slot. They offer different amounts depending on the wager set by the player.

Whenever you scratch the loaves of bread, you will find different multipliers attached to the icons you have revealed. You can have a 2X to 10,000X multiplier on your total bet.

3. Cashapillar Scratch Card

Cashapillar Scratch Card
Cashapillar Scratch Card

The Return to Player (RTP) is 96% for the Cashapillar Scratch Card.

Cashapillar Scratch Card is an exciting instant scratchie win the game with a party-themed design. Players aim to match at least three symbols on the 3×3 game display to win prizes. Decorated with party lights, the background sets a festive atmosphere. Interact with various characters, including a cake, caterpillar, butterfly, snail, and bugs. The game offers multipliers ranging from 2x to 10,000 coins, with the cake symbol potentially granting up to 100,000 coins. Matching three cake symbols awards a massive 10,000x multiplier.

  • Matching three cake symbols awards a 10,000x multiplier.
  • Multipliers range from 2x to 10,000 coins, depending on symbol-matched.
  • Cashapillar Scratch Card is part of Microgaming’s extensive progressive jackpot network.
  • Players have the opportunity to win substantial progressive jackpot prizes.
  • The game boasts a festive party-themed design, with the background adorned with party lights.
  • Engaging graphics and animations create an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.
  • Cashapillar Scratch Card is one of many popular games offered by Microgaming.
  • Microgaming is renowned for its diverse portfolio of branded games and top-notch casino offerings.

4. Set & Scratch

Game set and scratch
Game set and scratch

RTP (Return to Player) for Dawn of the Bread is approximately 96.5%

This online scratch card, Set & Scratch, is powered by Microgaming and can be played for real money at any casino that uses its software.

Game, Set & Scratch is a colourful online scratch card game. This online scratch card has a vibrant tennis theme and takes place in two rounds. Choose your bet size under the yellow “Stake” to begin playing. Players can wager anywhere from 50 cents to $10 on a single card. Once you’ve selected your bet, hit “New Card” to begin playing.

In the first round, scratch off the tennis balls on the left to reveal different players. Each one, from the sad amateur to the determined professional, rewards you with a certain amount of money.

Match three of the same and get the prize underneath their picture. This round is where the big bucks are, with a top prize of 20,000x as the initial stake to be won.

The prize is much smaller in the second round (Match Point) on the right, but you’re much more likely to win here. Hit “Play” to witness an intense tennis match, and win this prize simply by landing the ball inside the court. Select “Reveal Prize” to see what you win in the Match Point.

5. Lucky Leprechaun Online Scratch Cards

Lucky Leprechaun Scratch
Lucky Leprechaun Scratch

Lucky Leprechaun Scratch is a charming Irish-themed scratch card game by Microgaming. With 9 positions, players can win up to 750 times their stake. The game boasts an RTP of 96.05% and can be found in 127 New Zealand casinos.

Featuring a delightful Irish luck theme, the game offers 6 thematic symbols, including pots of gold for the highest wins. Match 3 symbols on the card to win:

  • Pots of gold – Pay 750x your bet.
  • Lucky charms – Pay 50x your bet.
  • Leprechauns – Pay 15x your bet.
  • Violins – Pay 5x your bet.
  • Pints of beer – Pay 3x your bet.
  • Pipes – Pay 1x your bet.

Some of the exciting features of these online scratch cards are:

  • Simple Gameplay – Lucky Leprechaun Scratch is easy to play, making it accessible to novice and experienced players.
  • Irish Luck Theme – The game revolves around Irish folklore and luck, creating a whimsical and engaging atmosphere.
  • 9 Positions – The scratch card consists of 9 positions that players can reveal to uncover winning symbols.
  • Pots of Gold – The highest-paying symbol, landing three pots of gold can award a substantial win of 750 times the initial bet.
  • Thematic Symbols – The game features 6 thematic symbols, including lucky charms, leprechauns, violins, pints of beer, and pipes.
  • Varied Payouts – Each symbol offers different payout values, with lucky charms paying 50 times the bet, leprechauns paying 15 times the bet, violins paying 5 times the bet, pints of beer paying 3 times the bet, and pipes paying 1 time the bet.

6. Avalon Online Scratch Cards

Avalon Online Scratch Cards

Avalon Scratch is an appealing scratch card game developed by Microgaming, inspired by the mythical island of French legends. With a 3×3 grid and stunning visuals, it offers players an immersive gaming experience. The game features an RTP of 96.03% and a maximum bet of $100, catering to casual players.

Additional features like Turbo Mode and Auto Play enhance gameplay convenience. The symbols, including letters A and K, a silver goblet, a gold broche, a coat of arms, and a crown, contribute to the game’s visual allure, with the crown symbol being the most valuable, offering a tempting 1000x total bet win.

  • Mythical Island Theme – Avalon Scratch immerses players in the enchanting world of the mythical island of French legends.
  • 3×3 Grid – The game utilizes a 3×3 grid layout, providing a compact yet engaging gameplay experience.
  • Turbo Mode and Auto Play – Players can utilize Turbo Mode to reduce waiting times and Auto Play for automated gameplay.
  • Bet Range – The betting range in Avalon Scratch is between $0.25 and $100 per spin, with the possibility of higher wagers in some online casinos.
  • Beautiful Symbols – The game showcases six visually stunning symbols, including letters A and K, a silver goblet, a gold broche, a coat of arms, and a crown.
  • Crown Symbol – The crown symbol holds the highest value, offering an enticing 1000x total bet win.
  • Available on Desktop and Mobile – Avalon Scratch can be enjoyed on desktop and mobile devices, allowing players to play anytime, anywhere.
  • Free Demo Version – A free demo version of Avalon Scratch is available, allowing players to try the game without any financial commitment.

7. Dragons Fortune

Dragons Fortune slot
Dragons Fortune slot

The RTP (Return to Player) for Dragon’s Fortune is approximately 95.5%

Dragons Fortune online scratch card from Microgaming features gameplay with a lottery feel and instant wins for matching symbols.

The look and feel of the game place its setting firmly in the rich cultures of Asia, where the dragon is an auspicious symbol that conveys good fortune and prosperity.  The game can be played for free or with real money.

In Dragons Fortune online scratch card, the action takes place against a sumptuous background, dominated by the red, luck-bestowing dragon and an ornate scale.

Intricate pictograms are prevalent, including on the differently coloured pearls released from the beast’s jaws. A pay table is also featured on the screen, as is the Stake button, which is designed to resemble the iconic Yin-Yang symbol.

This visual Far Eastern feast is seasoned with a soundtrack in keeping with the theme.

Players use the plus or minus signs on the stake button to get to the credit amount they wish to bet. When players have found their desired bet amount, they select the Play button. The dragon will then release six variously coloured pearls, falling onto the scale. The pearls then bounce up, before landing in a holder. Only two matching pearls are needed for a win in this game.

While the number of matching pearls needed for wins in Dragons Fortune may be low, the size of the wins depends on several factors.

Firstly, the win’s size is based on the bet placed by the player. The bigger the bet placed, the bigger the win. The bet sizes range from 0.50 to 10.00.

Secondly, in this online scratch card, the symbols on the pearls act as multipliers. These can be as low as 2x or as high as 20,000 the player’s bet. The payout amount will be displayed in a window on the screen.

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8. Six Shooter Looter Gold

Six Shooter Looter Gold
Six Shooter Looter Gold

RTP (Return to Player) for Six Shooter Looter Gold is approximately 96.5%

Six Shooter Looter Gold, developed by Microgaming, is a series of fixed odds trial games of Six Shooter Looter and is a bit more fun to play. The basic game is the same: spin the revolver up to 8 times, move your cowboy character around the board 1-6 times each, and try to make it to the trail’s end to collect a jackpot.

There are rewards and traps along the way and some safe spaces that grant you another turn, providing you have spins left. To play, choose a bet size from 0.50 to 10.00.

Spin the revolver’s chamber; the number it displays is how many spaces you will move. Landing on Coins gives you multipliers to collect at the end of the game. Landing on a Buffalo Skull will cause the Indian Princess to send smoke signals, and you will die with a chest full of arrows.

Land on a Wanted Poster to go straight to the bank and collect one of the jackpots from 200x to 10,000x your bet. Make it to the Bank, step by step, to win as well.

You can play these awesome online scratch card games at Vegas Palms Casino, New Zealand.  In addition to unlocking their welcome bonus, the first deposit at the casino will activate a player’s membership to the casino’s loyalty Rewards program.

This Rewards program awards points for every credit spent at the casino that a player can then exchange for bonus credits once they have accrued at least 5,000 points.

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Winning Strategies for Online Scratch Cards

Winning strategies for online scratch cards are crucial for maximizing your chances of success. Start by assessing the odds of each game by checking the RTP (Return to Player) percentage.

Higher RTPs generally offer better odds. It’s essential to manage your bankroll wisely, set limits, and stick to them. Finally, always prioritize responsible gaming. Know when to take a break, and remember that online scratchies are meant to be a fun pastime for Kiwi players.

Free vs. Real Money Scratchies

Free and real money scratchies each have their distinct advantages and drawbacks. Playing free scratch cards allows you to enjoy the excitement of the game without risking any money, making it perfect for practising strategies or simply having fun. However, free scratchies don’t offer the chance to win real cash prizes.

On the other hand, real money scratch cards provide the thrill of potential winnings but require a monetary investment. To get started with free scratch cards, sign up at an online casino or gaming platform offering demo versions of scratch card games. This way, you can experience the fun without any financial commitment.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our exploration of the online scratch card landscape in New Zealand. From the top providers to the best games like Dawn of the Bread, Set & Scratch, Dragons Fortune, and Six Shooter Looter Gold, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to maximize your enjoyment and potential winnings.

Remember always to play responsibly, weigh the pros and cons of free vs. real money scratchies, and make the most of the convenience of mobile gaming.


Are online scratchies fair?

Yes, reputable online casinos use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure fair outcomes for online scratchies, just like other casino games.

How do I choose the best online scratchies to play?

To choose the best online scratchies, consider factors like game variety, RTP (Return to Player) percentage, bonus features, user experience, and reviews from other players.

Are there any strategies to increase my chances of winning?

Scratchies are primarily games of chance, but some players suggest managing your bankroll, setting limits, and trying different games to maximize enjoyment and potential winnings.

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How can I improve my chances of winning on scratch cards?

To improve your chances of winning on scratch cards, choose games with higher RTP percentages, manage your bankroll wisely, and make use of bonuses and promotions. Remember, though, that outcomes are primarily based on luck.

Can I play scratchies on my mobile?

Absolutely! You can play scratchies on your mobile, as many online casinos and game providers offer mobile-friendly scratch card games and apps. This allows you to enjoy scratchies anytime, anywhere, from your mobile or tablet.

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