Where to buy scratchies online NZ

Where to buy Scratchies online NZ

The idea of winning a lottery is very appealing. For a very small amount of money, a person can buy a lottery ticket and turn it into a lot of money if they are lucky enough. There are plenty of different lottery games to choose from. Powerball, Big Wednesday and other lottery games can be found in New Zealand. While these are great to play, they require a person to wait until a drawing is held to see if they win. This is not fast enough for everyone that enjoys playing the lottery.

Instead of waiting for a drawing, many people prefer buying scratchies. Scratchies allow you to see if you won right away. You buy the ticket, pull out a coin to scratch off the different symbols on the ticket and if you are lucky enough to have a winning ticket, you see it right away. The downside of this is you had to go to a store to buy the scratchie. You may also try to find out if you are a winner in a very public place. This does not appeal to everyone that wants to play this lottery game.

The scratchies allow you to scratch off the symbols online and they let you see if you are a winner with the ticket you bought. The results are just like the scratchies that you buy from the authorized dealers in New Zealand. They are instantaneous. If your ticket is a winner, you can collect the money online.

Why Kiwis Love Scratchies?

Play Scratchies at Royal Vegas online Casino NZ

  • There are many scratchies to play and they do not cost much.
  • You can play free scratch card games for fun or real money scratchies at online casinos.
  • The online casinos offer over 20 or more scratch card games to choose from with various interesting themes and game play.
  • These games are powered by reputed gaming software and are legit to play and win.
  • You get bonuses and no deposit bonuses to play scratch cards online at casinos.
  • You can play instant and win instant so no wastage of time waiting for the result like other lottery games.
  • You don’t need download anything either, as all games are strictly no-download in many of the online casinos.. You play them instantly in your web or mobile browser instead of waiting for a boring download to finish.

Where to buy scratchies?

Where to buy scratchies online NZ

You can buy scratchies online both at New Zealand friendly online casinos and at New Zealand lottery site My Lotto.

Lotto New Zealand is a Crown entity that operates nationwide lotteries in New Zealand. The oldest and most popular draw is the twice-weekly Lotto draw which boasts a top prize pool of over NZ$1 million include variety of scratchcards known as Instant Kiwi.  Instant Kiwi may only be played by persons 18 years of age or older, under the Gambling Act 2003.

My Lotto offers more than 30 different themed scratch cards to buy costing from NZ$1 to NZ$10. Click here to know the Instant Kiwi Game Rules.

Also you can buy Scratchies from online casinos which are New Zealand friendly and offer great variety of Scratch card games.

How to get started with online scratchies at casinos?

How to get started with Scratchies online NZ

  • Find the New Zealand friendly online casino that offers Scratch card games like Royal Vegas casino
  • Register yourself as a new player or if you have a casino account just login with your user name and password.
  • Go to games lobby and find the category Scratch card games.
  • The screen will load with so many of scratchies so select the one you wish to play
  • Make a deposit at the casino with the cashier online and make deposit with NZ Dollars in New Zealand friendly deposit mode.
  • Once you have bought the scratchie or made a deposit to play you will find 3×3 grid or more of such pattern of game on your screen.
  • Simple scratch with your mouse or tap with finger or click with finger and get the matching symbols to win the game.
  • To play another game same way choose a game and click / tap on New Card to buy a card. After that click / tap on the grid to reveal a square, or if you are impatient there are auto features where you can click on choose Reveal All to reveal all the squares.
  • Most games show win amounts in multipliers, for example x10 000. This would mean that your stake would be multiplied by 30 000. So for example if you bought a NZ$2 ticket, you’d win NZ$2 x 30 000 = NZ$20,000.
  • The money from your winning games are paid to you immediately. With your winnings you can buy more cards or cash them out, as you like.
  • You can play instant scratchie cards with smartphones be it iPhones and iPads or on Android-based phones and tablets Android version 4 and up and Windows Phones.

Whack a Jackpot Scratch card game

At online casinos there are non-growing jackpot games and have a pre-set jackpot games or progressive jackpots too, which is usually around 2,000 to 10,000 times the prize of the ticket. So if you buy a $2 card, the maximum jackpot to be won is most often $4,000. If you are lucky player and win, the winnings are paid instantly to your account. You can either withdraw your winnings or keep on scratching, as you prefer.

The games with growing jackpots resemble lotteries with their huge jackpots. Each time players buy one of these scratch cards, a small percentage of the purchase price is placed in a special growing jackpot. This jackpot grows until one lucky player wins it.

Most online scratch cards offer high odds, with the best odds being 1:3. Players can often win large cash prizes because the odds are that high. Real-world scratch cards usually have 50/50 odds, which means that for each $1 you pay, you can expect a $0.50 payout. Online scratch cards have way higher odds, with 95% being the standard payout, similar to online pokies.

When playing online  you don’t need to buy a big stack of tickets with one go. In real life you probably buy a big stack of tickets, but there’s no need to do this online. Online scratch games are instant compared to buying scratchies from a newsagent or retailer as you need not go anywhere to buy tickets but get them with the tap of your finger and play instant to win more.

What to watch out for

It is important to realize that not all of the sites that offer the scratchies are legitimate. They will take your money, but they will either give you tickets that have no chance of winning or they will not pay out for a winner. In the worst case scenario, they will use the private information that you provide them when setting up an account to steal your money.

Take the time to make sure that any site you choose to buy scratchies in New Zealand can be trusted. Look for safe and secure connections and choose payment methods that you trust as well. This will allow you to win without taking any unnecessary risks.

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