Top 10 Online Scratchies NZ for Real Money

online scratchies nz
Top 10 Online Scratchies NZ for Real Money

Online Scratchies NZ are interesting scratch games that attract New Zealanders.

Online scratch cards in New Zealand are your instant scratchies ticket to fun and real-money prizes! Like the traditional scratchies you’d find at a store, these digital versions offer exciting themes and easy gameplay.

Top 10 Online Scratchies NZ

No.Game NameRTP (%)PlaySoftwareGrand Prize
1The Lost Pyramid92% PLAYNetEnt$50,000 (progressive up to $100,000)
2Lucky 8s95% PLAYReal-Time Gaming$8,888
3Space Evader Gold96.66% PLAYMicrogaming10,000 credits
4Wish Upon a Jackpot92.460% PLAYBlueprint Gaming$40,000
5Queen Treasure56.7% PLAYHacksaw Gaming20,000 times the bet
6777 Scratchcards62.8% PLAYGamevy$300,000
7Fruity Flurry63.43% PLAYGamevy$50,000
833 Chances62.31% PLAYGamevy$20,000
9Elephant Scratchcards50.25% PLAYGamevy$500
10Everyday Payday53.3% PLAYGamevy$547,500 ($1,500 daily for a year)

Imagine the thrill of scratching and winning from the comfort of your home or on the go. A wide variety of scratch cards are available online, each with unique designs and exciting prizes. Plus, you don’t need to wait long to find out if you’ve won – it’s instant gratification!

New Zealanders, try online scratch cards, and you could be the next lucky winner. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s a whole lot of fun. So, why not scratch your way to some real-money excitement today?

In New Zealand, you have lots of exciting online scratch cards to choose from. If you want to find some fun ones that let you win real money, check out my list of the top 10 online scratch cards in New Zealand.

Before landing into any real money scratchies, keep in mind the below points

  1. Choose a Casino: Pick a trusted online casino in New Zealand that offers scratch card games.
  2. Create an Account: Register on the casino website, providing your details.
  3. Deposit Funds: Add money to your casino account using secure payment methods.
  4. Select a Scratch Card: Browse the game selection and choose a scratch card to play.
  5. Play and Win: Scratch off the card, enjoy the game, and claim your winnings if you’re lucky. Remember to gamble responsibly.

1. The Lost Pyramid

the lost pyramid
The Lost Pyramid

Grand Prize Value – $50,000
Software Provider – NetEnt
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 92% RTP
Theme – Egyptian theme

“The Lost Pyramid” is an engaging online scratch card game provided by NetEnt, a reputable game developer known for its high-quality casino games.

The game immerses players in the mysteries of Egypt with its captivating theme, featuring pyramids, pharaohs, and hieroglyphics.

Gameplay – To play The Lost Pyramid Scratchcard, players simply need to scratch off the nine symbols on the card to reveal the prizes underneath. If players match three identical symbols, they win the prize associated with that symbol. The prizes range from small amounts of money to the progressive jackpot.

The progressive jackpot in The Lost Pyramid Scratchcard is seeded at $100,000 and grows with every bet that is placed on the game. The jackpot is won when three of the pyramid symbols are matched on the card.

In addition to the progressive jackpot, The Lost Pyramid Scratchcard also offers a number of other prizes, including instant cash prizes, free spins on NetEnt pokies, and bonus scratchcards.

2. Lucky 8s

lucky 8s
Lucky 8s

Grand Prize Value – $8,888
Software Provider – Real-Time Gaming
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 95% payout rate
Theme – five pots of gold are under the clovers

Lucky 8s Scratchies is a popular scratch-off lottery game in New Zealand. It is offered by Lotto NZ, the country’s official lottery operator.

The game has a simple but exciting format and offers players the chance to win prizes worth up to $1 million.

Gameplay – Scratch the card and find an “88” symbol to win double the associated prize, or match your numbers to the lucky numbers for a chance to win those prizes.

Scratch the card to reveal symbols and numbers, aiming to match “88” for double prizes or align your numbers with the lucky numbers for potential wins.

3. Space Evader Gold

space evaders game
Space Evaders Game

Grand Prize Value – 10,000 credits
Software Provider – Microgaming
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 96.66 % payout rate
Theme – Space Theme

Travel through an alien world with Space Evader Gold by Microgaming. Your goal is to move across it without landing in dangerous spots. The best part is, you can have all this fun without leaving your home.

Gameplay – To play Space Evader Gold, players must first purchase a ticket from a licensed Lotto NZ retailer. The ticket costs $2. Players then scratch off the nine panels on the ticket to reveal the symbols underneath. If three or more matching symbols are revealed, the player wins a prize.

The prizes range from $1 to $1 million, with the top prize being awarded to players who match three Space Evader Gold symbols.

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4. Wish Upon a Jackpot

wish upon a jackpot
Wish Upon a Jackpot

Grand Prize Value – $40,000
Software Provider – Blueprint Gaming
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 92.460% payout rate
Theme – Little Fairy

Explore a fairy-tale adventure similar to Shrek. You’ll find characters like the Frog Prince, Puss in Boots, and the Gingerbread Man. Scratch magical panels to reveal three matching pictures and enjoy two bonus games for more fun.

Gameplay – Wish Upon a Jackpot online scratchy is a simple game where you scratch off panels to reveal symbols. If you match three or more of the same symbols, you win a prize. The top prize is $1 million.

5. Queen Treasure

queen treasure
Queen Treasure

Grand Prize Value – 20,000 times the bet
Software Provider – Hacksaw Gaming
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 56.7% payout rate
Theme – Royal theme

The game creators originally aimed to make a fun and enjoyable game that people could play for both fun and maybe some prizes. They hired experts from Hacksaw Gaming to make it unique. Now, we get to play Queen Treasure as a result.

Gameplay – In Queen’s Treasure online scratchy, players scratch to reveal symbols, aiming to match and win instant prizes, adding an exciting twist to their gaming experience.

6. 777 Scratchcards

777 scratchcards
777 scratchcards

Grand Prize Value – $300,000
Software Provider – Gamevy
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 62.8% payout rate
Theme – Virtual Scratchies theme

Playing 777 is uncomplicated and provides a good opportunity to swiftly and effortlessly win real money. The game includes a massive 4,000,000 cards and features eight distinct prize levels for players to secure cash rewards.

Gameplay – This scratchcard offers three games, each with a chance to win all 15 games. In the first game, you win by finding ‘7’ symbols. In the second game, if two numbers in a row add up to seven, you win or find two ‘moneybag’ symbols for double the prize.

In the third game, you win by finding ‘7,’ double the prize with two ‘**7s,’ or triple the prize with three ‘7s‘ in a row.

7. Fruity Flurry

fruity flurry
Fruity Flurry

Grand Prize Value – $50,000
Software Provider – Gamevy
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 63.43% payout rate
Theme – Fruit-machine-style Scratchcard

Fruity Flurry is a straightforward and visually simple game, yet it’s undeniably enjoyable and can easily capture your interest, especially for a few rounds. There are a total of 2,000,000 scratch cards in each series, and among them, there are 893,326 available prizes.

Gameplay – To win big, match three symbols on this exciting fruit-machine-style scratch card, with prizes going up to $50,000. Have fun revealing fruits like bananas, pears, cherries, and watermelons as you scratch your way to a win!

8. 33 Chances

33 chances
33 Chances

Grand Prize Value – $20,000
Software Provider – Gamevy
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 62.31% payout rate
Theme – Virtual Scratchies theme

“33 Chances” offers four mini-games, making your scratch card experience unforgettable. You can win a grand prize of $20,000 for just $2 per card.

However, visually, the card is quite plain, with rows of club symbols and simple numbers, lacking the detailed and special effects you might expect.

Gameplay – When you start the game, you’ll see a clean scratch card ready for you to play. You’ll also get a shiny digital coin to use like a mouse cursor. Just move the coin over the card to scratch and uncover the numbers beneath.

Each number is the prize you’ll win if they match. If you’re in a hurry, you can use the “Reveal all” button to instantly show the whole card.

9. Elephant Scratchcards

elephant scratchcard
Elephant Scratchcard

Grand Prize Value – $500
Software Provider – Gamevy
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 50.25% payout rate
Theme – Real animation theme

In Elephant, the biggest prize is only $500, which is less than many other scratch card games. Winning isn’t very easy either, as you have a 1 in 3.6 chance of getting any prize, and your shot at the top prize is just 1 in 100,000. So, it’s not the best game for big wins.

Gameplay – To play the Elephant Scratchcard, click on any square on the board. If you get three matching symbols, you win the prize for those symbols. If you want to check your prizes quickly, you can click ‘Reveal All.’ Once you get the hang of it, you’ll remember how to play, just like an elephant never forgets!

10. Everyday Payday

everyday payday
Everyday Payday

Grand Prize Value – $547,500
Software Provider – Gamevy
Payout Percentage (RTP) – 53.3% payout rate
Theme – Musical theme

Who wouldn’t want payday every day? In Everyday Payday by Gamevy, the graphics are not the best, but they’re not the worst either. There aren’t many fancy effects, just a pulsating animation for winning symbols.

What’s unique is that instead of a one-time payout like traditional scratch cards, Everyday Payday offers a grand prize of $1,500 every day for an entire year, adding up to a massive $547,500 in total prize money.

Gameplay – When you’ve bought your scratch cards, you’ll need to open one. Then, your computer cursor turns into a digital coin, which you use to scratch off the top of the card. This reveals nine hidden symbols like coins, bank cards, and money-filled briefcases underneath.

You can uncover these symbols by moving the cursor over the card. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can simply click “Reveal all” to see all nine symbols at once. It’s like a fun little digital game!

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Types of Online Scratchies in New Zealand

Casino Scratch Cards

People in New Zealand enjoy games like Rocky Scratch and Pink Panther scratch cards because they look nice and work well.

These online scratch cards often have characters and symbols from popular online pokies and table games. The themes of these scratch cards can change depending on the company that makes them.

Lottery Scratch Cards

Kiwi players like national lotteries, both the ones you buy in stores and the ones you play online. These online scratch cards are a bit like lotteries because you match numbers.

You can get these lotto scratch cards from official websites and online casinos.

Bingo Scratch Cards

If you like to scratch and win real money, try online scratch cards with a bingo theme. These cards have bingo numbers that you scratch to find matching ones. Just deposit some money, choose your bet, and see if you’re lucky.

Jackpot Scratch Cards

In New Zealand, you can play special online scratch cards with a chance to win big jackpots. These scratch cards have huge prize pools, sometimes millions of dollars.

Usually, national lotteries make them, and some of the money goes to different organizations. The good news is that in New Zealand, you don’t have to pay taxes on your gambling winnings, so you get to keep it all.

Where to Play These Online Scratchies NZ?

Here I have suggested some popular and reputable online casinos and gaming platforms that you can check in New Zealand for playing online scratchies.

It’s essential to verify the availability of these specific scratch cards on each platform:

  1. Jackpot City: Known for a wide variety of games, including scratch cards. Read Review
  2. Spin Casino: Features an assortment of scratchies for players. Read Review
  3. Casumo: Known for its collection of interactive scratch cards. Read Review
  4. SkyCity Online Casino: A trusted local brand for online gaming. Read Review
  5. Ruby Fortune: Offers scratch cards among its gaming options. Read Review
  6. Royal Vegas: A reputable site with various scratch card games. Read Review

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Online Scratchies in New Zealand are fun and come in various games. It’s important to play responsibly, setting limits on spending and time. I’ve explored popular games like Space Evader Gold, Lucky 8s, and many more available on reputable platforms. It’s important to remember the value of responsible gaming by setting limits on both spending and time spent playing.

Choosing licensed and regulated sites ensures a safe and fair environment. These scratchies provide not only the potential for prizes but also an engaging and entertaining pastime.


Q. How Does Online Scratchies Work?

Ans – Online scratchies work by allowing players to choose a game, place a bet, and virtually scratch off a digital card to reveal hidden symbols or numbers. Winning is determined by matching specific criteria, and players can win instant cash prizes. It’s a convenient and entertaining way to play scratch cards online.

Q. Are Online Scratchies Legal in New Zealand?

Ans – Yes, online scratch cards are legal in New Zealand, and you can enjoy them on various licensed and regulated gaming platforms.

Q. Can I Win Real Money With Online Scratchies in NZ?

Ans – Absolutely! Online scratchies offer real cash prizes, and you can win substantial amounts depending on the game and your luck.

Q. Can I Play Online Scratchies on Mobile Devices?

Ans – Yes, most online scratch card games are mobile-friendly, allowing you to play on smartphones and tablets with ease.

Q. Are Online Scratchies NZ Fair and Random?

Ans – Yes, reputable gaming platforms use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure that the results of scratchies are entirely random and fair.

Q. How Old Do I Need to Be to Play Online Scratchies in NZ?

Ans – You must be at least 18 years old to legally play online scratchies in New Zealand.

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