How Much Do Scratchies Cost In New Zealand?

Discover the cost of scratchies in New Zealand and explore their potential for big wins. This guide covers everything from pricing to the odds of hitting a jackpot, along with the best scratchies to buy for higher returns.
From a few cents to $10, scratchies are budget-friendly games to play

Scratchies in New Zealand are quite famous among Kiwis. You can play scratchies in New Zealand as a lotto online at the official lottery site and at lottery retailer stores, where you get physical scratch cards to scratch manually. The other way to play scratchies in New Zealand is at online casinos.

In New Zealand, the popular and famous scratchies are Instant Kiwi.  Instant Kiwi is a ticket-based game that was introduced in September 1989.

Twelve different ticket streams are on sale at any time, and about 60 new games are released each year. Tickets for Instant Kiwi games are “scratch-to-win” cards.

How Much Do Scratchers Cost?

How much are scratchies
Instant Kiwi online has so many scratchies to play; the tickets range from $0.50 to NZ$10.

Players often ask how much scratchers cost. Instant Kiwi online has so many scratchies to play; the tickets range from $0.50 to NZ$10.

The higher the cost of the ticket, the more you win. You can play Instant Kiwi Online games if you are a fully registered MyLotto player and confirm that you are 18 or older. To do this, you must complete a one-time age confirmation on MyLotto or the Lotto NZ App.

Instant Kiwi Online games can be played daily between 6.30 am and 10.10 pm. It would help if you had a WiFi or internet connection to play online scratchies in the comfort of your home or office, even with your mobile.

  • Prize Range: Instant Kiwi scratchies offer prizes ranging from $2 to a maximum of $50,000 annually for 10 years, depending on the specific game.
  • Frequency of Big Wins: On average, between 2 and 3 players each week win substantial prizes of $10,000 or more.
  • Ticket Price Options: There is a choice of ticket prices, including $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, and $6 to cater to different preferences and budgets.
  • Secure Prize Printing: The prizes are printed on the tickets under strict security measures to ensure fairness and integrity.

Win Up to $250000

There are over 20 Instant Kiwi online games, in which you can win up to $100,000 instantly, and over 20 Instant Kiwi scratchies to play in-store, in which you can win up to $250000 instantly.

It is straightforward to play Instant Kiwi Scratchie. You can buy tickets either online with the Lotto App on your mobile device, at the Lotto website, or from your local retailer. So, your entry to the game shall be by ticket.

  • Online Account: Sign up on the Lotto website.
  • Deposit Options: Add funds to your account using a credit card or Internet banking.
  • Game Choice: Pick the Instant Kiwi game.
  • Ticket Selection: Select your ticket.
  • Confirm and Purchase: Verify your choice; your account will buy the ticket.

Each Ticket Is a Separate Entry

The same process applies when you purchase tickets with the Lotto app from your mobile, iPhone, Android, or tablet. Each ticket held by any person is a separate entry, and a ticket is the only valid basis for claiming a prize. 

The minimum price of the ticket is $1. The player is responsible for ensuring that the covering on each play panel on the ticket is intact at the time of purchase.

The player shall remove the covering from each play panel on the ticket to expose the play symbol or combination of play symbols, thereby discovering whether the ticket is a prize-bearing ticket.

You can also purchase your ticket online and watch your draws online. Also, get a message to your MyLotto account if you’re one of the winners.

Any prizes under $1,000 will automatically be credited to your MyLotto account. Prizes over $1,000 will be paid to your bank account once you complete a prize claim form.

At online casinos, the price of scratchies varies from $0.50 to NZ$10 or more. Also, the scratcher’s prices are always mentioned on the scratch tickets, making deciding which you wish to play easy.

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Are Scratchies Worth It?

Scratchies are worth it if you win. The overall odds are based on the total number of tickets available for sale in a game. According to Lott Australia, the odds of winning a prize on Instant Scratchies are generally 1 in 4. However, this doesn’t mean that if four tickets are purchased, one has to be a winner.

These are overall odds based on the total number of tickets available for sale in a game, not on an individual purchase.  All prize amounts (including the top prize) are only available until won. This may occur before all tickets in a game are sold.

As the total number of tickets printed for each ticket type may vary from time to time, the odds of winning prizes may vary in those cases. Additionally, new games may be added to the range occasionally.

The Chance Of Winning a Jackpot Is less.

Your chances of winning a prize on a scratch card vary by the game but are generally around 1 in 4, 1 in 3, and 1 in 5. Most tickets give back the cash stake.

Winning a big jackpot is less likely, around 1 in a million. By Australian law, scratch cards must clearly show the odds of winning, available on the operator’s website.

In New Zealand, the odds of winning the top prize on a $2 James Bond 007 scratchie are 1 in 3.24 million.

Online casino scratchies are like video games, offering better-winning chances, especially with no-deposit bonus offers.

Best Scratchies To Buy NZ

Regarding winning regularly, lower variance scratchies with small jackpots are better for cash wins because they can ‘afford to pay out more regularly. For players chasing life-changing sums of money, look for big jackpot games.

Click here to find the best scratchies on the NZ Lotto site.

The following are the best scratchies to buy at online casinos that have the highest return to players. You can play these instant scratchies at your best online casinos with real money.

1. Lucky Numbers – 96.57 %

Lucky Numbers – 96.57 %
Lucky Numbers – 96.57 %
  • Highest payout scratchie
  • RTP of 96.57%
  • Multipliers from x1 to x5
  • Winnings start at $3 and can reach up to $200,000
  • Favorable odds for the jackpot

Powered by Microgaming, this scratch card game offers two chances to win for each card you play.  The game is pretty standard. To play, virtually scratch away the panels; if you find three matching icons, you win. Look out for multiplier symbols that will increase your winnings.

This game revolves around all things lucky and takes this theme very seriously. Even the horseshoe scratch panels are the correct way up (we don’t want that luck falling out!).

Try out Lucky Numbers today to make the most of this luck and the extremely high RTP by scratchcard industry standards.

2. Whack a Jackpot – 96.30 %

Whack a jackpot
Whack a Jackpot
  • The game has a 96.30% RTP
  • Powered by ‘Microgaming’
  • Creative twist on standard scratch card game
  • Minimum bet of $0.50
  • The maximum bet of $10
  • Suitable for all types of players

It also offers great value with a maximum possible win of $50,000. To play, you must whack the rats as they appear on the screen. When you hit a rat, a multiplier value will be shown on your screen.

If you get three multipliers with the same value, you win! Ensure you practice your hitting skills and reaction times, as three missing strikes will end your game with no win.

3. Merlin’s Millions – 95.17%

merlin's Millions scratch
Merlin’s Millions
  • Merlin’s Millions has an RTP of 95.17%
  • Offers a chance to win an additional bonus prize
  • Impressive jackpot of $250,000
  • An attractive option for players seeking big wins

Merlin’s Millions is perfect for all kinds of players. With this scratch game, players can bet as little as 20c with a maximum betting amount of 200.

These online scratch cards offer a strong medieval theme around King Arthur and his trusty sidekick, Merlin the Wizard. The game is easy and fun to play, with an appealing aesthetic design. Scratch nine panels, and if three symbols match, you win!

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4. Pig Wizard – 95.82%

The Pig Wizard
The Pig Wizard
  • The Pig Wizard has an RTP of 95.82%
  • Features an amusing theme centered around a Pig Wizard
  • Magic is a consistent element in the game
  • Players can expect spells, curses, and pigs in robes as part of the experience.

The most valuable icon is the Pig Wizard, an endearing character in star-covered robes, yes a pig can wear robes if he wants! If your scratch card reveals three images of the pig, you’re in luck! This will result in your win being 100 times your original wager.

This game is structured with a V-E-G-A-S progressive jackpot. Scratch to reveal three pigs, and you will receive the initial jackpot of 100 times your original bet and unlock an additional game.

For this round, you will throw the virtual dice and move around a game board. As you do this, you may trigger more multipliers or win extra prizes.

5. Wish Upon a Jackpot – 96.06%

Wish upon a Jackpot
Wish Upon a Jackpot
  • Wish upon a Jackpot scratchie
  • RTP of 96%
  • Resembles the world of Shrek
  • Includes characters like Puss in Boots, Fairy Godmother, and a talking gingerbread man

To play, look through the magic orbs (scratch panels). If you discover three matching icons that are them, you win! This win will accompany two bonus games so you can experience the magic for a little longer (and increase your chances of a bigger win).

6. Playoff Palace

Play off palace
Playoff Palace
  • Playoff Palace has an RTP of 94.58%
  • Offers a choice of 6 different scratch cards
  • Each card has its own jackpot and purchase cost
  • Lowest cost card: ‘Give a Dog a Bonus’ – 20p per play, $200 jackpot
  • Highest-priced card: ‘Play-Off Palace Supermatch’ – $5 per play, $30,000 top prize

The first card, ‘Give a Dog a Bonus’, is a basic 5-panel scratch-off game requiring players to match 3 amounts to win. The second card ‘Bruce’s Treasure’ is a 2-panel card.

In the first panel, the player must match 3 symbols to win. There is also a bonus game that could award a cash bonus. The most interesting card is the ‘Play-Off Palace Supermatch,’ which contains 3 games in 1.

It would be best to scratch the first panel to reveal numbered balls and match 3 to win the cash amount. The second panel asks you to reveal a ‘winning’ symbol. You win by matching your symbol to one in the lower box. Panel 3 is a simple match 3 amount to claim that cash.

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7. Crystal Maze

Crystal maze
Crystal maze
  • RTP of 94.58%
  • Based on the TV show that debuted in 1990
  • Hosted by Richard O’Brien
  • Themed around a maze with different zones
  • Teams competed to retrieve crystals by solving puzzles

Crystals gave the team members a long time in the game’s final area – the Dome. If a team collected 100 gold tokens in the Dome, they would ‘Crack The Maze’ and win the game.

This scratchie allows you to win jackpots worth up to $30,000. This scratch card has 6 separate zones to play.

  • The first zone, the ‘Contestant Challenge’, has a $200 jackpot.
  • The second zone is ‘Aztec Mask’; this card costs $0.40p and offers a top prize of $16.
  • The third card is ‘Industrial Zone’, which costs $0.50p and has a top prize worth $50.
  • The fourth card is ‘Medieval Match’, which costs $1, and you could win an $800 jackpot.
  • ‘Futuristic Treasures’ is the fifth game card with a top prize of $1,600.
  • The final card is ‘Crystal Coins’ with a $5 price tag and offers a $30,000 jackpot.

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Scratchie Games and Costs on Official Lottery Websites in NZ

Various scratchie games are available on the official lottery websites in New Zealand, with prices ranging from $1 to $20. Some of the most popular scratchie games include:

  • $1 Instant Kiwi: Various games with different themes and prizes, including $10,000, $20,000, and $50,000.
  • $2 Instant Kiwi: Various games with different themes and prizes, including $20,000, $50,000, and $100,000.
  • $5 Instant Kiwi: Various games with different themes and prizes, including $100,000, $250,000, and $500,000.
  • $10 Instant Kiwi: Various games with different themes and prizes, including $250,000, $500,000, and $1 million.
  • $20 Instant Kiwi: Various games with different themes and prizes, including $500,000, $1 million, and $2 million.

You can purchase Scratchie tickets from the Lotto NZ website or the MyLotto app. You must be 18 or older to purchase scratchie tickets in New Zealand.

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You can find these scratch cards with the highest return to players at online casinos. You can easily play them even with your mobile and win prizes.

So you choose the right casino you wish to play online, register yourself, and open a real casino account with an initial deposit with NZD deposit options available at online casinos. Instantly you get the signup bonus, go to the Scratch cards game menu in the casino lobby, select the game you wish to play and there you go.

Place your bets on the game screen and click to scratch. That’s it. The results are revealed. If you win, the money goes to your casino account, and you’re given a new game option.


How much do scratchies typically cost in New Zealand?

The cost of scratchies in New Zealand can vary based on the specific game and the potential prizes. Generally, scratchies are available at different price points, ranging from $1 to $20 or more.

Are there different types of scratchies available in terms of cost?

Yes, scratchies come in various denominations, allowing players to choose the ones that suit their preferences and budgets. Common denominations include $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 scratchies.

Do higher-priced scratchies offer bigger prizes?

Due to the increased ticket cost, Higher-priced scratchies often have the potential for larger prizes. These tickets usually offer a range of potential winnings, including higher jackpot amounts.

Are there any strategies for choosing the right scratchie to buy?

Ans – Scratchies are games of chance, and no guaranteed winning strategies exist. It’s important to select scratchies that align with your budget and preferences and to play responsibly.

Where can I buy scratchies in New Zealand?

Scratchies are available at authorized outlets throughout New Zealand, including convenience stores, supermarkets, and official lottery retailers.

Can I buy scratchies online in New Zealand?

Ans – Yes, some official lottery websites in New Zealand offer the option to purchase scratchies online. However, ensure you’re using a legitimate and authorized platform.

How do I know the potential prizes for a specific scratchie?

The potential prizes for each scratchie are typically outlined on the back of the ticket or the official lottery website. Each game has a designated prize structure.

Are scratchies only for adults?

Yes, scratchies are intended for adults aged 18 and above in New Zealand. It’s important to abide by legal age restrictions when purchasing and playing scratchies.

Are there any limitations on how many scratchies I can buy?

While there might not be strict limitations on the number of scratchies you can buy, it’s important to play responsibly and within your budget. Excessive gambling should be avoided.

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