How To Play Second Chance Scratchers?

How to play second chance scratchers
How To Play Second Chance Scratchers?

Second chance scratchers are those instant scratchies or scratch cards that offer you another chance to win the scratchie. This means if you didn’t win the first time playing scratch cards, you are offered a second chance scratchers to play and win by the lottery organization or lotto companies that offer instant scratchies.

New Zealand scratchie players were offered second chance scratchers from 2015 to 2017. The second chance scratchers on Instant Kiwi introduced a 2nd Chance draw where players could win $1,000 cash with non-winning Instant Kiwi tickets.

Instant Kiwi Online has introduced on on Monday 4 December 2017 as Instant Play. All games cost from $0.50 to $5.00 with top prizes ranging from $4,000 to $100,000. Players can either try or purchase a game for Instant Kiwi Online.

In May 2019, Instant Play changed its name to Instant Kiwi Online to easily distinguish it between online games and scratchcards.

007 Scratchie Second Chance

007 scratchie second chance
007 scratchie second chance

In New Zealand, 007 scratchie second chance is a $2 ticket where you can win up to $20,000. The aim of the game is to correctly match any winning number to your numbers and/or unlock 7 rounds of extra reveals to win.

  • The aim of the game is to select each diamond symbol to reveal the winning numbers.
  • Select each gold bar symbol to reveal your numbers.
  • Match any winning number to any identical number to win the corresponding prize.
  • Reveal a “007” symbol in your numbers section to unlock 7 rounds of extra reveals. These will play out once all items within the main game have been uncovered.
  • To complete play, you must select all diamond and gold bar symbols or select REVEAL ALL, after which play will end and a message will appear confirming the outcome of the ticket.
007 scratchie second chance in US
007 scratchie second chance in US

In the US most of the lotteries offer 007 scratchie second chance on their popular James Bond 007 scratchie. Be it Colorado Lottery, New Hampshire lottery, or any lottery from other US states there second chance scratcher offer on 007 scratchies.

The prizes on 007 scratchie second chance are lucrative.  As an example, you can enter winning or non-winning JAMES BOND 007 tickets into a Second-Chance Promotion for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas for the opportunity to participate in the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge with a chance to win up to $1 million or more!

Win Up To $250,000

007 scratchie is played for $5 or $10 Game for a chance to win up to $250,000 playing $10 James Bond 007.  Experience the intrigue of 007 with two instant top prizes of $250,000 and additional prizes ranging from $10 all the way up to $25,000! Simply match Your Numbers to the Winning Numbers and win the amount shown. Get a “777” symbol, and you’ll win the prize shown. On getting a “20X” symbol and you’ll win 20 times the prize shown. Get a “50X” symbol and you’ll win 50 times the prize shown. Get a “Bow Tie” symbol and you’ll win all 25 prizes shown. 

Win up to $100,000 playing $5 James Bond 007. This game offers three instant top prizes of $100,000 and more prizes beginning at $5 up to $10,000. Simply match Your Numbers to the Winning Numbers and win the amount shown. Get a “777” symbol, and you’ll win the prize shown. When you get a “10X” symbol and you’ll win 10 times the prize shown. Get a “20X” symbol and you’ll win 20 times the prize shown. On getting a “Bow Tie” symbol and you’ll win all 20 prizes shown. 

Enter your non-winners for a chance to win a 5-day/4-night trip to Las Vegas where you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge event for a chance to win a cash prize of up to $1 million or more! Just enter the 22-digit code located beneath the scratch-off coating on your ticket in the second-chance Bonus Draw area of the lotto website.

How To Enter Second Chance Scratchers?

How to enter second chance
You can enter second chance draw online, by mail, or in-person

Most state lotteries give you two ways to enter those losing scratchers into second chance drawings:

1) By mail or in-person
2) Online

By Mail or In Person: Some states require you to physically mail in the ticket, or drop it off at either a lottery office or in a drawing bin at a special event. Some states allow you to enter the second chance lottery drawing either by mail, by physical drop-off, OR by entering the losing ticket online.

Online: More and more state lotteries are either allowing or requiring, lottery players to enter their losing tickets online. In every case, you have to register an account, giving them your name, address, etc, then enter the numbers for each non-winning ticket online.

Many states have phone apps in which you can simply use your phone to scan the bar code on the losing ticket. This allows you to first off, see if the ticket is a winner and if not, easily enter into the second-chance drawing.

Each lottery has its own rules to enter a second chance scratchers so it’s wise to check your individual state’s rules, which are always found on the lottery’s official website. State lotteries across the country are making it much easier for players to enter those losing tickets into second-chance drawings.

As an example for the 007 scratchies second chance, which is a US lottery you have to follow the rules as such:

To Be Eligible, The Ticket Must:

  • Be a New Hampshire Lottery winning or non-winning ticket from game number of that lotto
  • Enter via the internet at by the deadline (s) for each drawing.
  • To be eligible, a player must complete and submit the electronic entry form located on the New Hampshire Lottery Commission (“Commission”) website located at:
  • Information that must be submitted via the website includes:
  • The player’s name, mailing address, phone number, date of birth, and valid e-mail address
  • The serial number of the (game number) game ticket. This 13 digit number can be found at the bottom front of the ticket in the scratch off area
  • Certification that the player is at least 18 years of age; and certification that player understand the Prizewinner or the Prizewinner’s proxy must be 21 years of age or older to participate in the JAMES BOND LOTTERY CHALLENGE in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Certification that the player understands that all aspects of the game are subject to these game specific rules as well as all applicable state laws and regulations, or the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, found at, and respectively.
  • The only method of entry into this drawing is via the Commission website. Entries submitted by any other method, shall be disqualified and discarded.
  • The player may submit more than one entry per drawing, but the serial number from any winning or nonwinning game ticket you can enter only once.
  • For every winning or non-winning ticket the player enters, the player will get one (1) entry into a drawing.
  • Only twenty-five (25) entries per person per day are possible.

Remember the above was the example of a second chance scratcher for the US. Each country has its own specific rules to follow to enter second-chance scratchers.

Lott Offers Scratch – Its

In Australia  Second chance scratcher draw in Instant Scratch-Its Australia is offered by the Lott that gives you another chance to win the scratchie. This second chance draw takes place every month and to take part in this draw you have to join Instant Scratch-Its eClub all free. When you register for eClub you instantly become a member. Then every month Scratch eClub members get the chance to turn their eligible non-winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets into a winner. As a member, you can you’re your eligible non-winning tickets to enter Scratch eClub’s Second Chance Draw for a chance to win $1,000.

How Do You Know If You Won Second Chance Scratchers?

Winning second chance draw
Being a winner you will be informed if you are a winner by email or phone number that you entered when you opened your online account at the lottery site.

If you play the second chance scratchers on any of the official lotto websites be it in US, NZ, or AUD, you will get the information if you are a winner by email or phone number.

  • You can yourself check second chance scratchers results with respective state lottery websites on your mobile or PC.
  • All you need is to type the state lottery website on your chrome/safari browser and hit enter to visit the state lottery website immediately.
  • At once the site homepage will load on your device
  • Now go to Winners or Results Page and find your results at once.
  • Type your lottery ticket number on the search result page and find instant results
  • Yes you can get lotto results straight to your inbox If you have an online account with the Lott or MyLottoNZ  you can subscribe to results emails for all of our lottery games within the My Settings section of your account.
  • There are various lottery apps available at Google Play store and iTunes store where you can find if you won second chance scratchers.

Check your second chance scratcher lottery results from your nearby retailer. You can check your lottery and Instant Scratch-Its tickets or Instant Kiwi using the self-service checker in-store, or your friendly retailer can check them for you at the counter – for smaller prizes they can also pay out your winnings on the spot! For bigger wins, you have to fill a claim form and submit it to the lottery department.

What Is Second Chance Draw In Lotto?

Second chance draw in Lotto
Those losing scratch tickets or Lotto, Powerball, or MegaMillions tickets, can be entered into drawings that offer both great prizes and better-than-average odds of winning a big prize.

The second chance draw in Lotteries is now a common phenomenon. Not only instant scratchies but other super lotto games around the world even now have started offering a second chance draw in lotto.

Those losing scratch tickets or Lotto, Powerball, or MegaMillions tickets, you can enter into drawings that offer both great prizes and better-than-average odds of winning a big prize.

Most state lotteries run promotional second-chance drawings for losing Lotto, Powerball, or Mega Millions of tickets. These are entirely separate from the scratch ticket drawings. While the prizes here aren’t typically as large as the big scratch ticket second chance drawings, second chance lotto-type drawings can range from cars to cash, to vacation packages. Usually, these are a once-a-year drawing, where each ticket counts as a separate entry.

Oddly, this makes it worthwhile to purchase your lotto, Mega Millions, or Powerball tickets individually, rather than together. In other words, if you usually purchase, say, $5 worth of $1 lotto tickets each week, it’s more beneficial to purchase five different $1 tickets, than having all five of your set of numbers on one ticket.

Each state will tell you the odds of winning depend on the number of entries received, which is very helpful and not obvious at all.

Also keep in mind, in most cases, the higher the game, the fewer tickets sold, therefore, fewer entries into second-chance drawings. Lower priced tickets are more common and are more commonly entered into drawings.

The Lott Scratchies Second Chance

As said above, Lott offers a second chance draw in Instant Scratch-Its Australia that gives you another chance to win the scratchie.

As mentioned above you can only enter the second chance draw if you become a member of the eClub at the Lott.

The first step is to register yourself at the Lott website.

Click here to register yourself.

Fill the short form with your few personal details like name, email, date of birth, and address with phone number. You might need to verify your identity if required.

Once done you become a registered member and gain access to Scratch eClub membership to enjoy the benefits of an online account including being able to play Australia’s favorite lottery games anytime, anywhere.

Now click on the account icon in the top-right corner and select Funds from the drop-down menu.

Under the ‘Add funds to my online balance’ section click on the Deposit With New Card option if you wish to fund with a credit card. You can also use Bpay or pay directly with your net banking account that’s your choice.

Complete all fields in the pop-up window including a deposit amount over $1.00.

The Instant Scratch Its ticket range from $1- $20.

The odds of winning a prize on Instant Scratch-Its are generally 1 in 4. However, this doesn’t mean that if you purchase four tickets, one has to be a winner. These are overall odds based on the total number of tickets available for sale in a game, not on an individual purchase.  All prize amounts (including the top prize) are only available until won. This may occur prior to all tickets in a game being sold.

Every month you have chance to win $1,000

If you are not a winner, never mind, each month you can submit eligible non-winning tickets in Scratch eClub’s Second Chance Draw for a chance to win $1,000. 

This means you can log in with your online account or Scratch eClub account to start entering each month’s Second Chance Draw. The Club also offers monthly Birthday Draws and exclusive news for its members.

Second chance draw winners list
Second chance draw winners list

The Monthly Second Chance Draw is conducted on the second Wednesday of every month.

If you ever forget to claim a prize, The Lott will automatically send you a prize cheque, deposit the prize money into your online lottery account or into your bank account 4 weeks after the last draw on the ticket.

All this happens because you have become a member by opening an online lottery account and linking your eClub card. With your online account, you can view your ticket and prize history (including unclaimed retail prizes), set up online prize payments, keep your details up to date.

No worries if you didn’t win the scratchie for the first time, Join eClub and take a second chance.

 Second Chance Entry Code Scratchies

Second chance lottery
As soon as you submit your 2nd Chance codes, you’re entered into all applicable weekly draws.

Many lottery sites offer second chance entry code scratchies. This is common in US second chance scratchers.  These scratchies have a second chance code which you need to submit when you play the game.  When playing online you need to log in to My Account at the lotto website and submit the 2nd Chance code on your game or non-winning Scratchers, as an example in $5 or more Fantasy 5 ticket of Colorado state lotteries. Also, you can also scan your code into 2nd Chance using the Lottery mobile app.

This way your ticket gives you another opportunity to win $15,000 a week. Every $1 you spend on a ticket gives you 1 entry into 2nd Chance drawings. For instance, your $5 play gives you a 2nd Chance code for 5 entries.

Scratchers 2nd Chance on your non-winning ticket gives you another opportunity to win up to $25,000 a week. Every $1 you spend gives you 1 entry into 2nd Chance drawings. For instance, your non-winning $10 ticket gives you a 2nd Chance code for 10 entries.

When playing Fantasy 5 – 2nd Chance, your $5 or more ticket gives you another opportunity to win up to $10,000 a week. For every $5 you play, you get a 2nd Chance code for 1 entry into 2nd Chance drawings.

As soon as you submit your 2nd Chance codes, you’re entered into all applicable weekly draws. Along with weekly drawings, there are additional Lottery promotional draws you could also be automatically entered into. You can submit up to 500 2nd Chance codes a month, so you have lots of opportunities to win!

How Does 2nd Chance Lottery Scratchers Work?

Second chance Drawing

2nd chance lottery scratchers work according to the different lottery tickets and different top prizes for each game.

With second chance drawings, lottery owners choose to set aside one of these top prizes for one final drawing after the lottery game closes. This allows them to sell tickets for a longer period of time, bringing in more revenue to help fund games’ prize structures.

Also, in many countries like the US winners have to pay taxes on each claimed prize, bringing states even more money.

While playing second chance scratchers you need to see which instant scratchies games are eligible for second chance drawing and how often such drawings occur. Remember there are entry deadlines so know how to play and when to submit your ticket.

As said above not all lotteries work on online entry systems and you need to either play second chance scratcher at your nearest lotto retailer or mail the tickets to the lottery address.

Look for the odds to win the second chance scratcher which will give you an idea of what you will win.

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Participating in second chance scratchers offers players an exciting opportunity to turn losing tickets into potential wins. These special draws, offered by various lotteries around the world, provide players with a shot at additional prizes or even larger rewards, contributing to the overall appeal of scratch card games.

With the convenience of online entry systems, players can easily submit their non-winning tickets and have a chance at winning in these supplementary draws. The concept of second chance scratchers underscores the lottery industry’s efforts to engage players and enhance their gaming experience, while also generating additional revenue and excitement for both players and lotteries alike.


1. What is the average pokies payout percentage in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, pokies payout percentages can vary widely. The average RTP for pokie machines in New Zealand typically ranges from around 85% to 92%. However, individual machines and casinos may have different payout percentages.

2. How are pokies payout percentages determined?

Pokies payout percentages are determined by the game’s design and mathematical algorithms. Modern pokie machines use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that the outcomes of each spin are entirely random and not influenced by previous spins or external factors.

3. Why do pokies have different payout percentages?

Different pokies can have varying payout percentages due to factors such as game design, features, and the casino’s own decisions. Some games might offer higher payouts in exchange for more infrequent wins, while others might provide more frequent but smaller wins.

4. Do higher denomination pokies have better payouts?

Higher denomination pokies (those with larger bet amounts) often have slightly better payout percentages than lower denomination machines. This is because casinos want to attract players who are willing to bet more money, and offering a slightly better RTP can be an incentive.

5. Can casinos adjust pokies payout percentages?

Casinos cannot adjust payout percentages on individual pokie machines on the fly. However, they can choose from a range of preset payout percentages provided by the game developers when they set up the machines. Once a machine is set up with a particular RTP, it remains constant until the casino decides to change it during a maintenance process.

6. How can players find out the payout percentage of a pokie machine?

In New Zealand, casinos are not required to publicly disclose the exact payout percentages of their pokie machines. Some jurisdictions, however, require casinos to provide this information upon request. Players can also find general information about the expected payout ranges for pokie machines from casino operators.

7. Can players increase their chances of winning by choosing pokies with higher payout percentages?

While pokies with higher payout percentages theoretically offer better chances of winning in the long run, it’s important to remember that each spin is independent and random. There’s no guaranteed way to win on any particular spin, regardless of the payout percentage.

8. Are online pokies’ payout percentages different from land-based pokies?

Online pokies and land-based pokies can have different payout percentages. Online casinos often have lower overhead costs than brick-and-mortar casinos, which can sometimes lead to slightly higher RTPs for online pokies.

9. How should players approach pokies considering payout percentages?

Players should approach pokies with the understanding that they are games of chance. While payout percentages can provide a general idea of a machine’s behavior over time, they do not predict individual outcomes. It’s important to gamble responsibly, set limits, and enjoy pokies for their entertainment value rather than relying on them as a source of income.

10. Do different types of pokies have different payout percentages?

Different types of pokies, such as traditional three-reel machines, video slots, and progressive jackpot pokies, can have varying payout percentages. Progressive jackpot pokies might have lower base game RTPs but offer the potential for much larger jackpot wins.

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