5 Best Bars with Pokies Queenstown

5 Best Bars with Pokies Queenstown
5 Best Bars with Pokies Queenstown

Place a bet, play the pokies, take a gamble, and enjoy a fun night out at one of Queenstown’s casinos. Here you will many bars and attractions on the waterfront. With restaurant dining, bars, gaming machines, table gaming, and TAB betting opportunities, you can spend all evening at the casino, enjoying the live music and other in-house events. Here are the 5 best bars with pokies machines in Queenstown to enjoy.

5 Best Bars with Pokies Queenstown

1. Water Bar Wanaka

Water Bar Wanaka
Water Bar Wanaka

This is one of the most popular local hangouts and pubs in Wanaka in New Zealand is the Water Bar located at 145 Ardmore Street in Wanaka. It is a licensed bar and restaurant. This bar with pokies Queenstown is extremely popular due to the excellent view of the Wanaka lake and mountains in the vicinity.

About The Water Bar Wanaka 

The bar is open from 12 pm and closes late. It is located in the vicinity of the bar. Brownston street and Macpherson street are located in the vicinity. The bar started working on June 29, 2012, and is popular among locals for its excellent food, drinks, atmosphere, and pokies gaming facilities.

The pub serves lunch, dinner, brunch, coffee, and drinks. It organizes many events for entertaining visitors like live entertainment including performances of popular bands, karaoke nights, music, quizzes.

Some of the past performers at the pub have been Tikki Taane, Slynk, Upbeat, Truth, Kit Lab, Landi 6. It has provision for visitors with a wheelchair. It can be leased for functions or parties.

Pokies to Play

Just so you know, 9 great pokies machines in Queenstown can be found at this venue. It’s the best gaming lounge in Wanaka to play the pokies.

2. Wanaka Districts Club

Wanaka Districts Club
Wanaka Districts Club

It is a warm, welcoming establishment, located at 45 Plantation Road and is glad to usher members, affiliates and guests into its doors. This place is family-friendly. Therefore, it has ample dining and entertainment amenities.

You can enjoy the latest live sports and try your hand at the self-service TAB. There is also a gaming room fitted with pokies machines that are guaranteed to quench your desire for excitement and maybe a nice pay-out. The club also celebrates special days of the year.

Pokies & About The Wanaka Districts Club

At the Wanaka Districts Club, you will find many tasty snacks for you to enjoy. All meals at the club are affordable and feature generous servings. As such, it is a perfect place for your family to dine out.

Popular local pokies in Wanaka, Otago

At this club is only a small club in size, and as such it only has 4 pokies machines available.

3. Wanaka Bullock Bar

Wanaka Bullock Bar
Wanaka Bullock Bar

This bar is a warm and welcoming place. At this venue, you can enjoy classic Kiwi hospitality. There are delicious meals, cool drinks, and lots of entertainment for you plus all the popular pokies gaming machines that Kiwi’s love to play.

The venue features 16 big-screen TVs which display a collection of sports. Examples of these are rugby, boxing, hockey, women’s beach volleyball, and UFC just to name a few.

Menu & Pokies

Wanaka Bullock Bar serves a wide assortment of bitings. They are prepared and served in a dining section of the establishment which is known as The Grill Restaurant.

At the Wanaka Bullock Bar, you can enjoy some hands-on fun at the leisure amenities. There are 2 pool tables on hand and multiple dart boards around the bar. Guests can also enjoy a giant Jenga, access to 18 gaming machines, and the only self-service TAB in Wanaka.

4. Pub on Wharf Queenstown

Pub on Wharf Queenstown
Pub on Wharf Queenstown

This pub on Wharf is a popular locals spot in Queenstown that welcomes one and all for great days and fun nights. You can enjoy its famous live entertainment, the special $20 meals and fresh-brewed beer served in iconic pints are very popular. The pub is known for its Kiwi bands playing many nights of the week.

The Pokies gaming

At the venue, you can play about 10 great pokies machines in sheer comfort.

Refreshments at the venue

You can sample their beverages also. Here, you can find iconic brands such as the Steinlager classic, Tahitian Lime, Macs Hoprocker, Corona, the awesome Panhead Pale Ale, and Emersons also.

5. New Orleans Hotel Arrowtown

New Orleans Hotel Arrowtown
New Orleans Hotel Arrowtown

This hotel welcomes one and all into its charming facilities. Functioning since 1866, it is committed to ensuring guest comfort through tantalizing meals, friendly staff, comfortable rooms, and the best hospitality possible.

You will find here outstanding meals which you can enjoy include deep-fried pork, apricot crumble, beer-battered fish, roast pork sandwich, and macaroni and cheese for the kids.

The Pokies

You will find here about 10 pokies machines here at the Cobb hotel so have a little spin and hopefully pay for that nice bite to eat.