10 Popular Features of Pokie Machines and Their Functioning

10 Popular Features on Pokies Machines and Their Functioning
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Pokie machines are some of the most popular casino games. This is true for both online and in-person casinos. The alluring designs and their user-friendliness make them a great source of entertainment.

While some standard features are common among most pokies, here are some special features that make playing the game much more enjoyable. These features not only add value, but they incorporate ideas that make it hard to walk away.

1. Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins
Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Irrespective of what pokies you play, you will probably find bonus rounds or free spins available. Some pokie machines offer both. This is a way for you to have an extra payout or to play additional rounds at no cost.

While most of us understand the concept of the bonus round and free spins, it is essential to understand that many options exist. Not every pokie machine offers the same bonuses, so here are some more common ones.

2. Simple Bonus

Simple Bonus
Simple Bonus

This is the most common type of bonus offered. You get rewarded as a simple bonus for hitting some combination or symbol on the reels. Sometimes, that may mean that you receive additional credits or money. In addition, you may also receive additional spins, or the wheel may continually spin until a monetary value is hit.

What separates this type of bonus from other ones is that you will clearly understand that you are winning. When it happens, you will know what’s going on and know you’re about to win.

3. Self-Playing


The self-playing bonus is one where the machine takes over for you. The machine will continually spin and stop the reels based on the number of bonus spins you won.

So, for example, if you won six self-playing bonus spins, the machine would start to spin the reels. Each time it stopped, you would win whatever prizes or credits were shown on the reels. You may get nothing, or you may receive big prizes. You will get whatever the six spins give you.

4. Skill-Based Bonuses

Skill-Based Bonuses
Skill-Based Bonuses

Another type of bonus you may come across is a skill-based one. In the skill-based bonus, you play a key role in determining your prize. The wheels will spin, and you must press to stop when you feel the reels will hit a winner.

When you have played pokie machines that offer this bonus, you may only hit the bonus once or twice in an hour. That doesn’t give you much of an opportunity to get a feel for when it’s right to press the stop button to win.

5. Scatters and Wilds

Scatters and Wilds
Scatters and Wilds

Other standard features of pokie machines are scatters and wilds. Wilds may represent another symbol that can make you a winner. It’s like having a joker in a deck of cards. If you line up a wild symbol with three kings, the wild will make it four, winning you a big prize.

The scatters allow you to win no matter where the symbols appear on the reels. Even if you don’t have five in a row, the scatter is the missing symbol to make you a winner.

6. Paylines


The pay line is an important feature related to the ways to win feature. Many popular pokies have between three and seven rows of reels that you can bet on each time you spin the wheel.

By offering this option, you can incorporate many ways to win. If you purchased just the single pay line, you would require that line to have the right matching symbols for you to win.

This is a popular option, although quite a bit more expensive. For example, if you are playing a $1 machine and want to play all three pay lines, you would have to pay $3 each time you spin the wheels. It’s a greater risk for a more significant opportunity for reward.

The three most common and popular types of poker machines that use these paylines afford you 243, 1024, or over 100,000 ways to win. It depends upon the number of lines that are decided to play.

7. Pick a Game Bonus

Pick Game Bonus
Pick Game Bonus

This is one of the most popular bonuses people love as you are guaranteed to win prizes. You don’t necessarily know what that is, but something is coming your way. Generally, in these types of games, you can pick certain symbols with prizes hidden behind them. Whatever is hidden becomes your winnings.

Interestingly, some pokie machines will offer both the pick game and bonus spins. This may allow you to choose multiple prizes. However, winning is rare. It’s great when you win. It just isn’t going to happen very often.

8. Different Ways to Win

Different Ways to Win
Different Ways to Win

This is becoming one of the most popular features on pokie machines. Traditionally, you won a payout when a line of matching symbols directly appeared on the screen.

That has changed drastically over the years, as you can now play so that you can win if you have the right combination up-down, left-right, or even diagonally. Some pokie machines even allow you to win if there is any direct connection between symbols.

9. Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots
Progressive Jackpots

One last feature I wanted to include is the progressive jackpot. This feature is not offered at every casino, but it should be. Many people are fond of the progressive jackpot feature, as the jackpot increases as people play until somebody hits the right symbol combination. That may take a few days, or it may take months.

Often, these jackpots will reach a sizable amount before someone hits the payoff. Some casinos have paid a lucky winner more than $10 million.

Some of these progressive jackpots begin at $1 million. If your favourite casino offers this jackpot and you find a pokie machine you like to play, you may want to sit down and play for a while.

10. Bonuses Adds to your Entertainment

Bonuses Adds to your Entertainment
Bonuses add to your entertainment.

Playing online pokies can bring hours of enjoyment, but they can be even more enjoyable when there are features that pique your interest and keep you playing. Hopefully, this explanation will help you to enjoy your pokies more fully.

It may also help to drive you toward games you may not have tried before. So, good luck to you. Maybe you will be on your way to hitting the jackpot!

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