Best Venues to Play Pokies In Wellington NZ

Pokies in Wellington NZ That You Must Play
Pokies in Wellington, NZ, That You Must Play

In Wellington, New Zealand, casinos operate under strict regulations. Governed by the Gambling Act 2003, the Racing Act 2003, and the Lotteries Act 1977, these laws collectively oversee gambling activities, including horse racing and lotteries.

Specific rules for pubs and casinos include a minimum gambling age of 20, a dress code that excludes casual wear, and gambling limits to encourage responsible betting.

Additionally, casinos must support problem gamblers through self-exclusion programs and provide counselling services. Establishments like Clockwork Gold Bar and The Grand Casino offer gaming and serve as social hubs, offering craft beers and live entertainment, enhancing Wellington’s leisure and entertainment scene.

Do you know What Times Pokies Are Open?

Wellington’s Casino Regulations

Casinos in Wellington are also subject to the following laws:

  • The Gambling Act 2003: This law regulates all forms of gambling in New Zealand, including casino gambling.
  • The Racing Act 2003: This law regulates horse racing and other forms of racing, which are often offered at casinos.
  • The Lotteries Act 1977 regulates lotteries, which are often offered at casinos.

Here are some of the casino regulations in Wellington, New Zealand:

  • Age limit: The minimum age to gamble in Wellington casinos is 20.
  • Dress code: Casinos in Wellington have a dress code that requires patrons to dress appropriately. This means no shorts, singlets, or beachwear.
  • Gambling limits: The casino limits how much money a person can gamble in a day or week, and these limits vary depending on the type of gambling.
  • Self-exclusion: People who are struggling with gambling addiction can self-exclude from casinos. This means they will be banned from entering the casino for a set time.
  • Problem gambling: Casinos in Wellington have a responsibility to help problem gamblers. They offer counselling and support services to help people who are struggling with gambling addiction.

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Best Gaming Lounges Near Me In Wellington, NZ

1. Clockwork Gold Bar Wellington

Clockwork Gold Bar Wellington
Clockwork Gold Bar Wellington

This is a bar with pokies in Wellington. It is a local go-to craft beer bar in Tawa, Wellington City. This is also one of the top venues in Tawa for sports watching and playing the pokies.

Hanging out in a bar after a long workday is relaxing and reviving. Many folks make it a point to unwind at least once every week.

Wellington’s “The Clockwork Gold Bar” specializes in New Zealand’s best craft beers. It has about 50 taps and beer bottles—what else could anyone need? 

Want to know this Pub With Pokies Near Me

The Clockwork Gold Bar has a popular gaming room in Wellington. It offers 18 of the best Wellington pokies in Tawa, Wellington. The gaming lounge is a cracker; you can always see local players.

You can’t understand how good the bar is. Everything is just so perfect. The food, the beer, the ambience, and the good company to share it with.

Many people believe it is necessary to visit a bar occasionally to relieve the hassles of daily work. However, it’s always worth considering the bar’s reputation before you and your friends decide which one to visit. Remember that the bar is a place with good food and serves the best craft beer.

Drinking a beer or two is part of going to a bar. Some beer lovers would love to make beer, as it has more aroma, flavour, and exquisite taste.

Experience the charm of Clockwork Gold here:

191 Main Rd, Tawa, Wellington 5028,
New Zealand.

Nestled in Tawa, this establishment offers a delightful fusion of relaxation and entertainment, making it an inviting spot for locals and visitors.

Contact Details for Clockwork Gold

Should you have inquiries or wish to learn more about Clockwork Gold, don’t hesitate to reach out:

2. The Grand Casino Wellington

Grand Casino Wellington

Situated at 69 Courtenay Place, The Grand Casino in Wellington, New Zealand, is more than just a gaming destination—it is a live entertainment venue.

Boasting a dedicated gaming area offers an exhilarating experience for pokies enthusiasts. With its prime location and cool atmosphere, The Grand attracts visitors seeking pokies action.

The casino features an impressive selection of electronic gaming machines, ranging from classic pokies to cutting-edge themed options. Accompanied by a welcoming ambience and attentive staff, The Grand ensures a memorable visit for all patrons.

Whether you are looking for fun or testing your luck, The Grand Casino in Wellington promises an unforgettable time in the city’s heart.

Pokies to Play at The Grand Casino Wellington

At The Grand Casino Wellington, players can indulge in casino games that offer skill- and luck-based experiences. Roulette, a game of chance and strategy, allows you to chase the jackpot and realise your millionaire dreams. Blackjack, a fast-paced game that tests your skills and decision-making abilities, is perfect for those who wish to get quick victory.

The Grand Casino Wellington is the ultimate destination for elevating your gaming skills and competing against formidable opponents. Whether you prefer the spin of the roulette wheel or the strategic moves of blackjack, The Grand Casino Wellington ensures a dynamic gaming environment where you can stay at the top of your game and relish every moment of the experience.

Discover the allure of this venue at:

4406 Nutter Street, Wellington,
MO, Missouri – 64097.

Nestled in Wellington, this destination seamlessly merges comfort and entertainment, providing a space for relaxation and fun.

Contact Details

For inquiries, reservations, or more information, feel free to reach out:

3. Wellington Workingmen’s Club

wellington workingmen's club
Wellington Workingmen’s Club

Situated at 166 Marion Street, the Wellington Workingmen’s Club is a highly regarded and well-established club serving the local community.

It offers entertainment options, making it a popular destination for social interactions, pokies and TAB gaming, having drinks and food, and hosting events and functions.

Pokies at Wellington Workingmen’s Club

The Wellington Workingmen’s Club features a dedicated gaming area where pokie enthusiasts can play several pokies. With a diverse selection of Wellington pokies, players can experience the joy of spinning the reels and potentially winning enticing jackpots. Some popular pokies games commonly found in New Zealand clubs include:

  1. Dolphin Treasure: Dive into an underwater adventure with Dolphin Treasure, a popular Aristocrat pokies game known for its mesmerizing marine theme and rewarding bonus features.
  2. Mustang Money: Saddle up and ride into the Wild West with Mustang Money, an excellent pokies that offers the chance to win with its lucrative free spins and bonus rounds.
  3. Big Red: Experience the Australian outback in Big Red, an iconic pokies game that showcases the beauty of the desert and provides decent gameplay with its unique features.

4. The Residence Bar & Kitchen Wellington 

The Residence Bar & Kitchen Wellington
The Residence Bar & Kitchen Wellington

His bar is extremely charming and classy. It is a cool spot that welcomes one and all into its doors. It is located at 122 Courtenay Place, Wellington, New Zealand, and provides only the finest beers available. The venue is smack in the city’s bar district.

As such, it offers craft beers delivered via tap and several pool tables. A residence is a decent place to view the city’s nightlife in the early morning.

Along with the drinks, plates of nice dishes are available. The establishment serves authentic Kiwi cuisine and some global flavours. To keep things interesting, the venue has some daily deals you can participate in for an excellent day or night out. Discover more about it below in our quick review.

Local pokies venues in Wellington City

The Residence Bar & Kitchen is your go-to gaming lounge in the Wellington City area. They have some of the most popular Wellington pokies in New Zealand. Best of all, they are open late for all the night owl punters.

At this bar, you will have ample food and drink. The establishment provides a memorable experience every time you visit. Its ambience and amenities turn visitors into regulars.

The Residence Bar & Kitchen Wellington is located at

122 Courtenay Place, Te Aro,
Wellington 6011, New Zealand.

5. The Pickle Jar Neighborhood Pub Karori 

The Pickle Jar Neighborhood Pub Karori
The Pickle Jar Neighborhood Pub Karori

The Pickle Jar Neighbourhood Pub is a local establishment providing gourmet delicacies in equal portions to satisfy and impress. It is located at 5 Parkvale Road, Karori, Wellington. Inside, guests are treated to tasty morsels prepared using only the finest ingredients.

The drinks are all nice and are guaranteed the best prices in the local area. Also, the pokies lounge is well equipped with all the most popular New Zealand pokies machines found here.

The venue welcomes families, couples, and large groups. Its interior decor is cool, and you can use the venue’s ample, comfortable furnishings.

The menus are expansive, and a particular place is designed for the kids. Staying within the theme of its name, the establishment provides several items carefully preserved in pickle jars. You can have a nice time with your kids and family here.

The Pickle Jar Neighborhood Pub has 18 poker machines for players, and it is a must-visit venue in the Karori area for pokie lovers.

It serves up a piece of Ireland every day. The venue’s management, staff, and regulars welcome guests openly. The food has a home-cooked flavour, the drinks are fabulous, and there is a nice little gaming area for NZ pokies players.

It is spacious; the establishment can even host private events at nice rates.

Address of The Pickle Jar Neighborhood Pub Karori

Experience the inviting ambience of The Pickle Jar Neighborhood Pub Karori is located:

5 Parkvale Rd, Karori, Wellington 6012,
New Zealand.

Nestled in Karori, this establishment offers a warm and welcoming environment where patrons can relish camaraderie, relaxation, and different offerings.

Contact Details

For inquiries, reservations, or additional information, feel free to reach out:

  • Call: To connect, dial 04 476 3030.
  • Website: Explore our offerings and stay updated by visiting our official website at

6. The Innkeeper Johnsonville

The Innkeeper Johnsonville
The Innkeeper Johnsonville

This place is a quaint, welcoming establishment. It is located at 11 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, and provides fine decor and an inviting ambience. The venue is open throughout the week from 10.00 am until late at night. During this time, you can pop in and have brunch, lunch, and dinner or have a crack on their pokies machines.

You can hold your private parties here. Children are invited to dine with their parents and guardians. There is a special kids’ menu on hand. In addition to that, the venue serves some refreshing drinks.

You can step in with good company and have a beverage or two. Entertainment is not left behind. The place displays some fun games on the big-screen TV. Moreover, on cold New Zealand nights, you can relax before the blazing fire and the cozy atmosphere.

Top-rated pokies gaming in Johnsonville

People in the Johnsonville area have given this venue the big thumbs up; if you want to play the pokies in Johnsonville, check out this gaming lounge.

The Innkeeper is a bustling and bubbly Irish spot with some nice Wellington pokies gaming options. The food is delicious, the menu is expansive, and drinks flow here until the small hours. You can bring your friends, loved ones, and family here for nice times.

Experience the welcoming ambience of The Innkeeper, situated at:

11 Broderick Road, Johnsonville.

Nestled in this charming locale, The Innkeeper offers a relaxing, community-engagement space and quality dining.

Contact Details

For inquiries, reservations, or any additional information, please feel free to reach out:

  • Call: To directly connect with our team, call 04 478 9753.
  • Fax: For convenient communication, our fax number is 04 478 9758.
  • Email: Send your inquiries or reservations to for prompt assistance.

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7. Cafe Vessel Pipitea, Wellington

Cafe Vessel Pipitea, Wellington
Cafe Vessel Pipitea, Wellington

This is a warm and inviting venue. It is located at 1 Bunny Street, Pipitea, Wellington. Here, you get a warm welcome for a flavorful cup of tea or coffee and some delicious food items. The establishment is airy, quaint, and urban. Featuring wood, glass, and stainless steel furnishings, it provides an excellent ambience for casual dining, pokies, and a few drinks.

You can visit the cafe with your family, friends or significant other half for a cool time. They prepare their beverages using fresh ingredients, and the servings of food are quite substantial. The staff is ready to serve you. Furthermore, they proudly explain the rich heritage of their beverages should you express curiosity to learn more. Read on to discover much more about Cafe Vessel below.

Sports entertainment

You can see scenic views of the nearby Hotel Waterloo. Its original Art Deco style of architecture is nice to behold. In addition to that, you can have a direct view of the Wellington Railway Station from your breakfast table. This adds a dash of urban sophistication to your morning meal, that’s for sure.

The cafe has a gaming lounge in the back. It offers a collection of pokies machines; you are most welcome to try your luck here. You would be happy to find out if the venue stays open after 3.00 pm. Moreover, its wood-panelled walls make you feel cozy and warm throughout.

Big-screen TVs display the latest sports matches. In addition to that, the venue provides some drink specials on big match days. An example of an offer is 4 Heineken bottles for only $22.50.

Moreover, guests can have Redbull cans and Vodkas at just $10 a throw; how good is that?

Pokies gaming fun in Pipitea, Wellington City

Apart from getting some of the best coffee and cakes in Wellington City, this venue has 14 cracker pokies machines for your fun.

A few spots in Wellington, such as Cafe Vessel, provide a cool, relaxed atmosphere. The establishment provides drinks and food at superb prices, plus a nice repository of poker machines for the punters.

Experience Cafe Vessel Bar at:

1 Bunny St, Pipitea, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.

Nestled in Pipitea, this cafe offers an inviting space for a delightful culinary experience.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 6.30 am – 6 pm
  • Friday: 6.30 am – 7 pm

Contact Details for Cafe Vessel Bar:

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8. The Green Man Pub 

green man pub
Green Man Pub

Located at 25 Victoria Street, The Green Man Pub is a popular establishment known for its lively atmosphere and excellent gaming options. With a dedicated gaming area, it offers a space for pokies enthusiasts.

The pub provides an immersive gaming experience and boasts many beverages to accompany your gaming session.

Whether you’re seeking a classic pokies experience or eager to try your luck on the latest themed machines, The Green Man Pub ensures an entertaining time for all visitors.

Pokies at The Green Man Pub:

Step into The Green Man Pub’s gaming area and discover many pokies machines. From traditional reels to cutting-edge video pokies, players have an extensive selection to choose from.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of classic pokies or the immersive experience of themed games, The Green Man Pub caters to all preferences. With an attentive staff and a welcoming ambience, this pub provides the perfect setting to relax, drink, and have fun playing pokies in Wellington.

Address of The Green Man Pub

Experience The Green Man Pub at:

25 Victoria St, Wellington, 6011,
New Zealand.

This pub in Wellington offers a lively setting for relaxation and fun.

Opening Hours:

  • Mon to Fri: 7:30 am to Late
  • Saturday: 10:30 am to Late
  • Sunday: Closed

Contact Details for The Green Man Pub:

9. Mac’s Brewbar

Mac’s Brewbar

Nestled on Taranaki Wharf, Mac’s Brewbar is a renowned waterfront destination in Wellington. With its scenic location, this establishment attracts locals and visitors alike, offering a delightful combination of craft beers, delectable food, and pokies for entertainment.

Pokies Machines at Mac’s Brewbar

Mac’s Brewbar features a dedicated gaming area where patrons can play pokie machines. The games available may vary as establishments frequently update their offerings. However, based on available information, some popular pokies games commonly found at New Zealand venues include:

  1. Queen of the Nile: Step into the world of ancient Egypt with this popular Aristocrat pokies game. Spin the reels and uncover hidden treasures while experiencing immersive gameplay and decent graphics.
  2. Lightning Link: Experience the electrifying action of Lightning Link, a series of pokie machines offering bonus features and potential big wins. Get on an adventure filled with unique themes and rewarding gameplay.
  3. Dragon Link: Immerse yourself in the mythical dragons with Dragon Link, another popular pokies series by Aristocrat. Discover the power of dragons and unlock incredible bonuses and jackpots.

Visit Mac’s Brewbar at:

5 Gore Street, Auckland CBD,
Auckland 1010.

Located in the heart of Auckland CBD, this brew bar offers a relaxing space and quality experiences.

Opening Hours:

  • Open 7 days from noon to late.

Contact Details for Mac’s Brewbar:

  • Call: Reach them at 09 374 3952.

Mobile Pokies in Wellington

  • Pocket-Sized Entertainment: Mobile pokies bring the casino to your mobile or desktop, providing instant access to your best games.
  • Anytime, Anywhere: Play games on the go without restrictions. Whether waiting at a café, commuting, or relaxing at home, online pokies are accessible all day and night.
  • Games: Wellington’s mobile pokies offer many games, from classic to modern, catering to diverse tastes.
  • Decent Experience: Mobile pokie apps and websites are designed for easy navigation, ensuring a hassle-free gaming experience.
  • Safe and Secure: Reputable online pokie platforms prioritize safety with robust encryption and data protection.
  • Progressive Jackpots: Many mobile pokies feature progressive jackpots, allowing you to win significant prizes from your device.

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Final Thoughts

Exploring the best venues for playing pokies in Wellington revealed diverse options. Clockwork Gold Bar in Tawa offers a robust selection of pokies alongside craft beers, making it a social hotspot. The Grand Casino stands out with its collection of 55 gaming machines and vibrant atmosphere, which makes it ideal for more serious gaming sessions.

For a more laid-back experience, the Wellington Workingmen’s Club and The Residence Bar & Kitchen provide relaxed environments. Each location caters to different preferences or moods, whether you’re looking for a serious punt or a casual night out.


Do these venues have any additional entertainment options besides pokies?

Absolutely! Many of these venues offer a comprehensive entertainment experience. You can often find live sports broadcasts, pool tables, dart boards, and sometimes live music events.

What are the opening hours of these venues?

Opening hours can vary, but generally, pokies venues are open from noon to late. It’s a good idea to check with the specific venue you’re interested in to confirm their exact hours.

How are pokie machines regulated in Wellington?

Like the rest of New Zealand, the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) regulates Pokie machines in Wellington. The DIA ensures that pokies adhere to the Gambling Act 2003, which focuses on minimizing the harm of gambling and ensuring fair play.

Venues must obtain licenses, and machines are regularly inspected for compliance. A portion of pokie profits must also be directed towards community initiatives and projects. Breaches of the regulations can result in penalties or license revocation for the operators.

Can a pokie machine be reserved at any of these venues?

Ans – Pokie machines in Wellington venues are fundamentally similar to those in other parts of New Zealand. They all operate under the Department of Internal Affairs regulations and adhere to the Gambling Act 2003.

The machine varieties, themes, and game mechanics might vary based on venue preferences, but the core functionality and standards remain consistent nationwide.

However, regional preferences might lead to slight game offerings or popular title variations.

Are there non-smoking areas in these pokie venues?

In New Zealand, the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990 prohibits smoking in all indoor workplaces, including entertainment venues like casinos and clubs housing pokie machines. All indoor pokie venues in Wellington and New Zealand are smoke-free by law.

However, some venues might offer designated outdoor smoking areas for patrons. Suppose you prefer a non-smoking environment or are concerned about exposure to second-hand smoke.

In that case, you can confidently visit any pokie venue in Wellington, knowing the indoor areas are smoke-free.

Always check with individual venues about their specific facilities and arrangements.

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