Top 10 Tips: Safely & Smartly Gambling Online NZ

10 Easy Tips for Gambling Online
10 Easy Tips for Gambling Online

Do you know why people gamble? There are two main reasons why people gamble online. Some do it to make money, while others do it solely for fun. Many people, and perhaps most, do it for both reasons.

The two are closely linked, after all. Trying to win some money is part of the fun, and gambling is certainly a lot more fun when you’re winning. Here are top 10 tips: Safely & Smartly Gambling Online NZ.

Regardless of exactly why you choose to gamble online, you want to have the best possible experience. To have the best experience, we’ve put together these 10 Easy Tips for Gambling Online.

None of these tips will turn you into an instant winner, but that isn’t their intent. We’ve written them to make sure you have a good time because that’s what we believe online gambling should ultimately be about.

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Tips for Online Gambling

1. Stick to a Budget

Stick to a Budget
Stick to a Budget

Although the tips on this page are in no particular order, we’re certainly starting with one of the most important. This tip applies to any form of gambling in fact, regardless of whether it’s done online or in any other way.

“Budgeting is the first step to mastery in gambling. Know your limits, play within them.”

Gambling has risks. There’s a chance of losing money every time you bet on a sporting event, sit down at the poker table, or play a casino game. Indeed, the chances of losing are often greater than the chances of winning. You, therefore, need to accept that gambling will quite possibly cost you some money.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t gamble, of course, but it does mean you need to be sensible about how much money you are prepared to risk. You should only gamble with money you can afford to lose, and you should always put some limits in place for how much you are prepared to spend overall. You simply won’t enjoy your gambling if you start overspending or risking the money that you need for other things.

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2. Use the Right Gambling Site

Use the Right Gambling Site
Use the Right Gambling Site

Online gambling is extremely popular, and a result of this is that there are hundreds of different gambling sites on the internet. Having so many options is generally good, but it does make choosing which one to use more challenging. With so many gambling sites on the internet, it can be hard to pick the right one for you.

“A trusted site isn’t just about winning; it’s about winning with peace of mind.”

A lot of people will simply sign up at the first site they find, or they’ll just go with a well-known brand that they recognize. This isn’t the ideal way to go about things. The majority of sites are at least reasonably good, and most of them are reputable and trustworthy. To get the best possible experience, you’ll want to use one of the best.

It’s worth spending some time thinking about your options. There’s another article on our site explaining how to pick the right gambling site, and we strongly recommend reading that. You might also like to check our gambling site reviews, as these are very detailed and useful for working out which sites are right for you.

3. Take Benefit of Extra Value

Take Benefit of Extra Value
Take Benefit of Extra Value

There’s another benefit to using multiple sites. Most places offer a welcome bonus to new customers, and they usually offer additional bonuses and rewards to existing customers as well. You can take full advantage of all this added value available by signing up with a few different sites.

“In the world of online gambling, always be on the lookout for the added perks.”

Although, not all signup bonuses are as high of a value as they might immediately seem. Many of the biggest casino bonuses, for example, are for wagering purposes only and cannot be withdrawn.

This means they aren’t as good as smaller bonuses which CAN be withdrawn. Some bonuses are harder to clear than others, which is something else you need to take into consideration. You need to know it all before jumping into the bandwagon of games.

4. Try Multiple Sites

Try Multiple Sites
Try Multiple Sites

We also recommend that you use more than one site. There are several advantages to doing so, particularly if you enjoy different forms of gambling. 

“Diversify your gaming arenas; each site has its own treasure to offer.”

For example, you may find that one site is perfect for all your sports betting needs, but it doesn’t have a great selection of casino games or, maybe your preferred poker site doesn’t offer sports betting at all.

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With this in mind, you might want to consider using different sites for all the different gambling activities you enjoy. We know this is something that a lot of people do, which is why we rank the top sites for each of the most popular forms of gambling. These rankings can be found on the following pages.

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5. Remember to Withdraw

Remember to Withdraw
Remember to Withdraw

Unless you’re unlucky, there are likely to be plenty of times when you do manage to win some money. Most gamblers get their fair share of wins, but most of them also end up giving their winnings straight back to the casino. This is something you want to avoid, which can be done by withdrawing at least some of the times you do win.

“Wins are truly sweet when they’re in your bank, not just on the screen.”

This takes a lot of discipline, particularly if you feel like you’re in the middle of a winning streak. You don’t have to stop completely when things are going well, but you should withdraw some of your money so that you’ve at least got something to show for your good luck.

And if you have a particularly big win, consider treating yourself or a loved one to something special. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve used your winnings for a good reason.

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6. Experiment


You probably have your favourite forms of gambling, as most people do, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing things up occasionally. They say that variety is the spice of life, and we wholeheartedly agree. If you tend to play pokies, why not give roulette a shot? Or if you mostly play poker, how about trying some sports betting?

“Variety spices up gambling. Don’t be afraid to try new games and strategies.”

One of the great things about gambling online is that there are all kinds of opportunities to try new things, and doing so can be a lot of fun. You won’t necessarily enjoy everything of course, but it doesn’t hurt to try something new.

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7. Know When to Take a Break

Know When to Take a Break
Know When to Take a Break

“Wisdom in gambling isn’t just about playing but knowing when to pause.”

Hours and hours can pass by in what seems like no time at all when betting or gaming online, as it’s effortless to lose track of time. This can have a detrimental effect on other aspects of a person’s life. It’s also quite possible for online gambling to become something of an obsession for some people, where it takes over their lives. This can lead to several problems, the most obvious being that they would spend far too much money.

When having a long session online, please remember to take regular breaks. It doesn’t hurt to go a few days without gambling from time to time either. You should take an extended break or even stop altogether if you ever feel like your gambling might be getting out of control.

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8. Play for a Big Jackpot Often

Play for a Big Jackpot Often
Play for a Big Jackpot Often

Winning a big jackpot is most gamblers’ dream. When gambling online, the chances of winning a jackpot are greater than you might think. There are loads of jackpots available, and some of them can be life-changing sums of money.

“Aim for the stars. Even if you miss, you might land on a big win.”

The Mega Moolah pokie game has a progressive jackpot which is regularly several million dollars.

We’re not suggesting that you should get your hopes up too much, as it still takes a great deal of good fortune to land one of these big prizes. With so many available, though, it must be worth trying your luck occasionally. Just playing for the chance of winning a jackpot can be a thrilling experience in itself.

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9. Be Aware of the Risks of Addiction

Be Aware of the Risks of Addiction
Be Aware of the Risks of Addiction

Gambling can be an exciting and entertaining activity, but it’s important to be aware of the risks of addiction. Just like any other addictive behaviour, gambling can release dopamine in the brain, creating a pleasurable sensation that you’ll want to chase. This can lead to compulsive gambling, where you can’t control the urge to gamble, even when it’s causing negative consequences in your life.

If you think you might have a gambling problem, there are resources available to help you. You can contact a gambling helpline or visit a gambling treatment centre. Remember, gambling should always be fun, not something that controls your life.

10. Have Fun

Have Fun -Top 10 Tips: Safely & Smartly Gambling Online NZ
Have Fun

We started these tips with a piece of advice that we feel is especially important. We will finish with another point that we can’t stress enough. In our opinion, gambling should ALWAYS be fun. Whether you’re an occasional gambler or a frequent gambler, a regular winner or a serial loser, what’s the point of doing it if you’re not enjoying yourself?

“At the end of the day, it’s a game. Revel in the joy of playing.”

It doesn’t have to be just about the money, and indeed it really shouldn’t be. That’s just one part of gambling, albeit a vital one. We think gambling is all about entertainment. If you gamble responsibly and focus on the fun factor, you’re guaranteed a great time.

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It’s essential to keep our top tips in mind, ensuring you play responsibly and smartly. Whether you’re placing that first bet or going for that elusive jackpot, always remember to prioritize your well-being.

Stick to your budget, enjoy the variety offered by multiple sites, and don’t forget to cash out those winnings! But above all, remember that the core of gambling is entertainment. So, embrace the experience, enjoy the ride, and always play with a smile.


1. Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?

Yes, online gambling is legal in NZ for licensed operators. Choose sites with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) Gambling Commission logo.

2. How do I know if an online casino is safe?

Look for the DIA logo, check independent reviews, and ensure the site uses secure payment methods and data encryption.

3. What are some responsible gambling tips?

Set limits for deposits, losses, and playtime.
Stick to your budget and avoid chasing losses.
Take breaks regularly, especially after big wins or losses.
Gamble for fun, not as a source of income.
Learn game rules and odds before playing.
Recognize signs of gambling addiction and seek help if needed.

4. Where can I get help with gambling addiction?

The Gambling Helpline (0800 654 675) offers free and confidential support 24/7. Other resources include the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand and your local GP.

5. What are some safe payment methods for online gambling?

Use secure methods like e-wallets, prepaid cards, or credit cards with deposit limits. Avoid bank transfers or methods without buyer protection.

6. Can I claim my online gambling losses on my tax return?

No, you cannot claim losses from online gambling in NZ.

7. What happens if I win big online?

Large winnings may require documentation and verification. Some casinos have withdrawal limits, so check withdrawal terms before playing.

8. Are there any bonuses or promotions I can use?

Many online casinos offer welcome bonuses and other promotions. Read the terms and conditions carefully before claiming any offer.

9. What if I have a dispute with an online casino?

Contact the casino’s customer support first. If unresolved, you can lodge a complaint with the Department of Internal Affairs.

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