The Best 6 Pubs to Play Pokies in Nelson City

The Best 6 Places to Play Pokies in Nelson City
The Best 6 Pubs to Play Pokies in Nelson City

Nelson is the second oldest city in New Zealand and the oldest in the South Island. Nelson is situated in a province often known as Nelson Tasman or the “Top of the South.” It is actually slightly north of the capital city of Wellington. Here are the best 6 places to play pokies in Nelson City.

Here you can find many pokies lovers. If you are one of them or have plans to visit this wonderful city, here is the list of the top 6 pokies in Nelson City to visit and have fun.  

Top 6 pokies Lounges In Nelson City

1. Little Rock Nightclub & Taylor’s Bar Nelson

Little Rock Nightclub & Taylor’s Bar Nelson
Little Rock Nightclub & Taylor’s Bar Nelson

This bar opened on July 10, 2002, and since then it has remained popular as a bar and nightclub. Located at 132 Bridge Street in Nelson, it is close to the Matai river and Selwyn Place. Other streets in the vicinity of the nightclub which can be used to reach it are Trafalgar, Nile, Hardy, Halifax East, Tory, Grove and Bridge Street.

The nightclub and bar open from 7 pm to 3 are from Wednesday to Saturday. It is closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. As a customer, you can use your LM wallet to make purchases and save money. Pool lovers can enjoy a free pool at 7 pm. Pool lovers can make some money by taking part in the pool competition held every Thursday from 9.30 pm onwards.

You will have to pay a $5 entry fee for this competition and the prize for this competition is $100 cash. The runner-up is also winning $50 in the form of a venue voucher, and a raffle is also held for all those who participate, with the winner getting a $50 venue voucher.

Pokies and Games at Little Rock Nightclub & Taylor’s Bar

Here you will find about 8 pokies machines to enjoy, it’s a good late-night venue in Nelson city to play the pokies in the wee hours of the day.

2. Hardy’s Bar and TAB Nelson

Hardy’s Bar and TAB Nelson
Hardy’s Bar and TAB Nelson

This TAB Nelson is one of the more popular sports bars in Nelson since it is centrally located and has full TAB and pokies facilities. Located at 135 Hardy Street in Nelson, New Zealand. The bar is opposite Montgomery Square where the Farmers Market is held on Saturday and Sunday.

It is also nearby the Atkins Gallery, Nelsons Provincial Museum, Nelsons Central School, and Saltwater creek. Some of the streets in the vicinity of the sports bar are Rutherford, Kerr, Trafalgar, Nile, Bridge, Collingwood, Hardy, Kerr, Donnett, St. Vincents street. It’s just an 8-minute walk to Queens Park also, so a decent place for drinks or eats before or after a visit to the park.

Pokies and TAB at Hardy’s Bar

The gaming lounge facility is quite popular among locals, and there are a total of eighteen gaming machines installed.

As a gambler, you can play your favorite casino games on the pokies machines. The gaming machines are located in a separate room so that players can gamble without being disturbed by others and vice versa.

The gaming lounge features a blue sofa where gamblers can relax in comfort. The bar is popular for its sports betting and is the best TAB in Nelson. It has a self-service TAB where gamblers can place their bets and win a few bucks well hopefully.

3. Ocean Lodge Nelson Bar & Restaurant

Ocean Lodge Nelson Bar & Restaurant
Ocean Lodge Nelson Bar & Restaurant

Here you will find the best of times. This Ocean Lodge Nelson Bar & Restaurant is a welcoming place. Situated at 33 Beach Road, Tahunanui, Nelson 7011. The venue provides tantalizing meals in the restaurant section and a range of beverages in the bar.

You will find many forms of entertainment which include big-screen TVs which dot the establishment. Furthermore, you can bet on your favorite teams or players at the self-service TAB. Should you fancy a flutter, the venue also contains a collection of pokies gaming machines. If you want to extend your stay, the establishment provides ample accommodation.

Great local pokies in Tahunanui, Nelson

Local pokies punters in the Tahunanui area highly rate this bar as the place to be for some excitement. It features 18 slot machines and a great little TAB area.

Function hosting

Not only does the Ocean Lodge Nelson Bar & Restaurant provide ample dining and cool refreshments, but it also hosts many functions for its guests. You can have a private party here and feel free to get the dining and entertainment benefits. Some examples of the functions that can be held here include engagement parties, work do’s, Christmas parties, anniversaries, and weddings.

Nelson is a great little city on the eastern shores of Tasman Bay right on the top north-west coast of the New Zealand South Island. It is quite popular for its bustling local arts and crafts scene. You can also enjoy wine factories, kayaking, beer craft breweries, fishing, and kitesurfing. Its proximity to many National Parks and great beach’s make it a very popular place to visit.

With novelty attractions like Bucky the Bucking Bull as well as the mechanical surfboard, Ocean Lodge Nelson Bar & Restaurant is always a place with loads of fun. The venue serves great food and cool drinks. Furthermore, an impressive itinerary of events keeps the venue buzzing with excitement.

4. About The 623 Cafe, Bar, and Restaurant 

About The 623 Cafe, Bar, and Restaurant
About The 623 Cafe, Bar, and Restaurant

In this Cafe, Bar, and Restaurant, you can enjoy meals like Crispy Chicken Strips, the 300-gram Porterhouse Steak, Chunky Fries, and the must-try 400-gram Pork Ribeye Steak or the great Moroccan Lamb Salad. There are sides such as Onion Rings and Coleslaw available for you as well.

Apart from this, the venue offers a collection of drinks such as Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc, Heineken Premium Beer, Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider, and the must-try Monkey Business smoothie.

Nelson City Area’s Best Pokies

The 623 Cafe, Bar, and Restaurant has 18 of the most modern and greatest slot machines in one of the best pokies gaming lounges in the Nelson CBD area.

This is warm, friendly, cool, and chic, the 623 Cafe, Bar, and Restaurant is always ready to provide urban hospitality. Visitors and locals turn into regulars after a drink or a meal here.

5. New Street Steakhouse Restaurant and Bar 

New Street Steakhouse Restaurant and Bar
New Street Steakhouse Restaurant and Bar

Menu & Pokies @ New Street Steakhouse Restaurant & Bar

At the New Street Steakhouse Restaurant and Bar, you can have a number of amenities. In this Garden Bar, 85 persons can sit comfortably at a time. For your complete comfort, it is fitted with some overhead shade which offers a cool atmosphere to complement your drinks.

Elegant, spacious, and tastefully decorated, the indoor dining area provides an excellent setting for cool dining. The meals are delicious and the furniture plush. As such, it is a fabulous spot to have a date.

You can also organize a private function as it has a private bar upstairs. Here, you can have up to 50 guests for your party. It is ideal for events such as birthdays, wedding parties, work do’s, buck’s nights, and bachelorette parties. In addition to that, you can get access to your own bar. As such, the venue is fully prepared to host your event.

Great Local Pokies in Nelson

The New Street Steakhouse Restaurant and Bar have a nice little gaming lounge featuring 9 pokies machines. Player’s in Nelson have made this one of their favorite pokie clubs in the area. This is one of the best 6 pubs to play pokies in Nelson City.


You can also have some of the finest beers, ales, and ciders from New Zealand and beyond in the Private Bar. There are also wines, spirits, and soft drinks on offer. In addition, you can also have some quick bites as the bar serves snacks such as wedges upon request. Always lively with entertainment, the bar section at the New Street Steakhouse Restaurant and Bar is a must-visit spot, especially on the weekends.

This New Street Steakhouse Restaurant and Bar offer its guests some urban wining and dining. Here, you can enjoy the best of modern Kiwi hospitality in a cool atmosphere. There is something for everyone in this venue.

6. Wakatu Hotel

Wakatu Hotel

For Wakatu locals and visitors, the Wakatu Hotel has a welcoming pub with an iconic colonial atmosphere. The venue is ideal for families, a bunch of friends, office colleagues, and couples too. It makes for an ideal base location for you to explore the many exciting attractions in Nelson. As the city is adjacent to three of the best national parks in New Zealand, you can explore their flora and fauna while staying at this hotel in absolute comfort.

In addition, you can involve in outdoor activities such as swimming, trekking, fishing, diving, yachting, and mountain biking too in this area. In addition to drinks and meals, the pub also offers accommodation at great rates. The rooms are well-appointed, clean, and deliver great value for your money. The staff also strives to make them as homely as possible for guests’ comfort.

With superior rooms at super rates, a great dining section, a sports bar, and pokies gaming facilities, the Wakatu Hotel delivers all you need just under one roof. It’s a great central point for visiting three of New Zealand’s best National Parks and local Nelson attractions.

As a guest, you can select to dine at the Sports Bar or the resident restaurant. The Sports Bar provides an exciting venue where fans can watch their favorite players and teams on big screen TVs.

Pokies gaming

As a pokies lover, you can have 18 of the greatest pokies machines that are sure to put a smile on your dial. This is one of the best 6 vip lounges to play pokies in Nelson City.

With amazing rooms at super rates, a terrific dining section, a sports bar, and pokies gaming facilities, the Wakatu Hotel delivers all you need to be located under one roof. It’s a great central point for visiting three of New Zealand’s best National Parks and local Nelson attractions.


In the charming city of Nelson, known for its historical significance as the second oldest in New Zealand, there are several inviting places to indulge in pokies entertainment. From vibrant nightclubs to cozy bars, these venues offer a variety of gaming experiences for both locals and visitors alike. The options range from modern gaming lounges with an array of pokie machines to taverns that provide a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation and gaming. With additional offerings such as TAB facilities, private event hosting, and delicious dining options, these top 6 pokies lounges in Nelson City promise an enjoyable and diverse gaming adventure in this picturesque corner of the South Island.


1. What makes Nelson City a popular destination for pokies enthusiasts?

Nelson City boasts a selection of top-notch pokies lounges that cater to both locals and tourists. These venues offer a diverse range of gaming experiences, making it a desirable location for those looking for entertainment and excitement.

2. What types of venues are included in the list of top 6 pokies lounges?

The list includes a variety of venues, such as nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels, each with its unique atmosphere and offerings for pokies enthusiasts.

3. Are these pokies lounges suitable for different types of visitors, including families?

Yes, many of these venues are family-friendly and cater to a diverse audience. Some offer dining options, private event hosting, and even accommodation, making them suitable for families, friends, couples, and colleagues.

4. What gaming options can visitors expect at these pokies lounges?

Visitors can enjoy a selection of modern pokie machines at these lounges, ranging from 8 to 18 machines per venue. These gaming machines offer various themes, features, and chances to win prizes.

5. Are there any additional attractions or amenities at these venues?

Yes, some of these venues offer more than just pokies gaming. Many provide TAB facilities for sports betting, big-screen TVs for entertainment, and private event hosting for special occasions.

6. Are these pokies lounges conveniently located within Nelson City?

Absolutely, these lounges are strategically located in the heart of Nelson City, making them easily accessible to both locals and tourists. They are often in proximity to popular attractions and landmarks.

7. Are there any specific events or promotions at these venues?

Yes, some venues host events like pool competitions, and others offer promotions like loyalty programs or special competitions with cash prizes, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

8. Can visitors enjoy dining options at these pokies lounges?

Definitely, most of these venues offer dining options that range from casual snacks to full-course meals, providing a well-rounded experience for visitors seeking both gaming and culinary delights.

9. Do these pokies lounges cater to a variety of preferences in terms of ambiance?

Yes, the pokies lounges vary in terms of ambiance, from lively nightclubs to relaxed bars and restaurants, ensuring that visitors can find a setting that suits their mood and preferences.

10. What makes Nelson City a desirable destination beyond pokies entertainment?

Nelson City offers a lot more than just pokies lounges. With its historical significance, proximity to national parks, outdoor activities, and local arts and crafts scene, it’s a well-rounded destination for exploration and enjoyment.