SkyCity Casino Higher Roller Suites

Sky City Casino
SkyCity Casino Higher Roller Suites

We all love to go to New Zealand casinos, such as Sky City Casino, but how many of us have the money to plough into pokies galore just for fun without worrying about the financial consequences?

The truth is that not many of us, but a special breed of affluent gamblers at SkyCity, will now enjoy a type of treatment when they visit this massive and enjoyable casino. This unique treatment is invite-only in the new SkyCity high roller suites.

These suites are extra special because they cannot be booked. Only high rollers who meet certain spending criteria will get to enjoy them. So what can these big high rollers playing the pokies and card tables get from these high roller suites?

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Enjoy the Benefits of High Roller Suites

Enjoy the Benefits of High Roller Suites
Enjoy the Benefits of High Roller Suites

Well, before they even step into the suites, they can use the Swarovski Crystal doorknobs; once inside, they will enjoy the best Italian chandeliers offset by a Ralph Lauren table lamp, solid oak table, and touch panel lighting.

The room service is nothing to be sniffed at; drinks, food, and flowers are set out to the requirements of the high roller staying in the suite, giving them that extra royal treatment.

A $30 million development geared towards the many rich people from Asia who are known to blow $4 million in an evening and spend over $100,000 a hand without batting an eyelid.

For this reason, SkyCity has spent swathes of cash to ensure their high rollers get the best comfort outside the casino while resting from gaming.

SkyCity Entertainment Group is an entertainment and gaming business that owns and operates casinos in New Zealand, including those in Auckland, Hamilton, and Queenstown. 

Casinos are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for non-stop fun and excitement, offering you the world’s most popular casino games, fantastic live entertainment, and great food and bar offerings.

High Roller Casinos of SkyCity

1. SkyCity Auckland

Sky City Auckland
Sky City Auckland

The facility includes the 328-meter-tall Sky Tower, two hotels, a convention centre, a 700-seat theatre, and more than 20 restaurants and bars with regular live bands, DJs, and other entertainment. It opened on 2 February 1996. By 2017, it will also house a convention centre catering for up to 3500 guests, costing $402 million.

If you visit Sky City Auckland, you will find 1700 gaming machines with 130 table games for every level of excitement.

For the latest updates on facilities and services, visit SkyCity Auckland.

2. SkyCity Hamilton

Sky City Hamilton - Sky City Casino Higher Roller Suites
Sky City Hamilton

Skycity Hamilton is a casino in Hamilton, New Zealand, that opened in September 2002. It has 339 gaming machines and 23 tables, a restaurant, and a bar, with live music and other performers on Friday and Saturday nights.

It is part of the Riverside Centre on the Waikato River, which includes bars, restaurants, and ten-pin bowling operated by SkyCity Hamilton.

For the latest updates on facilities and services, visit SkyCity Hamilton.

3. SkyCity Queenstown

Sky city Queenstown
Sky city Queenstown

SkyCity Queenstown opened in December 2000. It has 160 gaming machines and 18 gaming tables.

As a high-roller player, you are a valued customer and deserve the best Premier Rewards, Platinum, and VIP Black programs. These programs provide two of Australasia’s most exclusive and rewarding VIP Gaming programs.

For the latest updates on facilities and services, visit SkyCity Queenstown.

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Types of Suits for High Rollers

1. Eight program suites for high rollers

Eight Program

The eighth program is primarily for VIP table game players. It’s an exclusive and private club for high-value Table Game players. Combining a luxurious gaming facility with a dedicated personal host service, EIGHT offers the VIP Table Games experience.

Eight program promises you the VIP Table Gaming experience. It is available exclusively for our Premier Rewards Platinum and VIP Black Table Game cardholders. The high-roller player gets 24-hour access to eight hosted services, a free exclusive parking area, 24 hours per day, a private smoking balcony, and private cashiering services.

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Also, get a fully stocked and licensed bar with 24-hour complimentary buffet service and extensive a la carte offerings with invitations to functions, events, offers, and promotions exclusive to Skycity Premier Rewards Platinum and VIP Black Table Games cardholders.

For Eight High Roller suite contact by Phone: +64 9 363 7162 or Email:

2. The Platinum suite for high rollers

Platinum suite - Sky City Casino Higher Roller Suites
Platinum suite

The platinum suite at Skycity Casino offers VIP gaming machines for high-roller players. Combining a luxurious gaming facility with a dedicated host service, Platinum provides the complete VIP Gaming Machine experience. Membership is by invitation only. This is based on several criteria as determined by Premier Rewards Management.

High rollers can play and relax in complete comfort and privacy. It has over 300 of its favourite gaming machines that are available 24 hours a day with a personal hosted service.

Also, get a free, exclusive parking area 24 hours per day, a private smoking balcony, and private cashiering services. Enjoy drinks at a fully stocked and licensed bar. Receive invitations to exclusive functions, events, and Platinum-only special offers and promotions.

Contact  Platinum Suite at Phone: +64 9 363 7045 or Email:

3. The Black Suite for high rollers

Black suite Sky City Casino Higher Roller Suites
Black Suite

The black suit for high rollers is for those members who have reached VIP black status. The high rollers get a private lounge area with 24-hour service with a private smoking balcony. It also has premium gaming facilities.

You also get an additional selection of complimentary beverages. It has exclusive invites to VIP Black-only events and functions with specific promotions and offers. For program information or to contact the International VIP Team, email

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SkyCity offers exclusive invite-only high roller suites to affluent gamblers. These suites cannot be booked and are reserved for high rollers who meet certain spending criteria.

The suites boast luxurious amenities such as Swarovski Crystal doorknobs, Italian chandeliers, and Ralph Lauren table lamps. High rollers in these suites receive room service tailored to their preferences.

This $30 million development targets wealthy individuals, particularly those from Asia, who are known to spend millions in a single evening at the casino. The SkyCity Entertainment Group operates three high-roller casinos in New Zealand: SkyCity Auckland, SkyCity Hamilton, and SkyCity Queenstown.

High Roller casinos offer popular games in a high-end setting, as well as live entertainment and dining options. SkyCity provides exclusive programs for high rollers, such as the Eight program suite, the Platinum suite, and the Black Suite, which offer VIP gaming experiences and privileges.

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