Best Casino Games to Play at Home

Best casinos to play at home

Casino games to play at home is the new tradition being adopted by many punters of New Zealand. Staying at home is not boring if you know how to utilize your time and spend it with your family. If you want you can work from home, listen to music, be involved in a virtual chat with your neighbor or friends at distance, or even play games. Many are bored at home and want to spend time playing games. Fortunately, Kiwis are strong and are intelligent enough to know which games to enjoy.

Various Pokies types

More popular casino games to play are obviously pokies be it 3 reel, 5 reel, or any video pokies to spin.  Then there are table games of different variations as well as live tables at live casinos played against live dealers. Here you feel like you are playing at a real land casino right at your home. So that’s more fun and more winning chances for playing the best casino games to play at home. Besides you can also play specialty games like Craps or Sic Bo as well as Keno or Bingo games.

Let’s first get a bit of understanding about these best casino games to play at home. Before you begin to remember it’s your individual choice to play these best casino games free or play with real money with real NZD. Also, many games can be played offline too. You can play these best casino games to play at home instantly on your mobile or PC or play with the download option or with an app.

Best casino games to play at home

1. Pokies Games

Pokies Games
Pokies Games

There are hundreds of awesome pokies games at online casinos that are most popular to play and give you more fun. Among the video pokies, you will find a variety of reels to spin, 3 reels, 5 reels, or more. Many pokies like progressive pokies can even make you a millionaire sitting at home. Many penny pokies though cost only less than $1 to spin though have short payouts gives you more chances to win as wins are frequent. The higher payout pokies are also wonderful and even high rollers can punt the highest like even $100 or more to win more.

The pokies games are powered by top-notch gaming brands like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, RTG, Betsoft, Playn Go, and others.

These pokies games are computer animated and have an appealing soundtrack. The gameplay is determined by an algorithm and dependent on which game you choose it feels like you win more or less. This is called the variance of the game:

  • Low variance pokies – In these pokies, you will win little by little almost every spin, but you can’t win big wins. This type of casino game is best for beginners.
  • Higher payout pokies – In these pokies. For long periods you win nothing but then all a sudden you win BIG. Higher payout pokies can quickly burn your bankroll and is, therefore, best for experienced players.

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2. Roulette


It is a board game and just like pokies, it is the best casino game to play at home and easiest to play. Roulette originally originates from Europe and the goal is to bet on one or several outcomes. A ball is placed on a spinning wheel and will land at any number between 0-36. American variant has a double 0 and therefore is less beneficial for you as a player since you will statistically win less money.

There are several other versions apart from European roulette & American Roulette, such as Double Ball Roulette, Speed Roulette and Lightning Roulette available at online casinos.

The real-time streaming of a live Roulette dealer is done from a Live Studio somewhere in the world. You can chat with the dealer, or with the other gamblers if you want that. All streamed in 1080p HD and you only need a 4G connection and a mobile from 2017 or later to utilize the casino game to the fullest. Understanding the bets in this casino game will make you more money.

3. Blackjack


It is the most popular casino game and the best card game ever.  You have more fun in this table game. With many Blackjack variants at online casinos, you will also find this game at live casinos and you can play against a live dealer. The concept is the same as any other live game whereas you can chat with the dealer and the other players.

Compared to Live Roulette which has unlimited seats at a table Blackjack has a limit of 8 seats. But with the Live-streamed version, you can now ‘bet behind’. Betting behind means you bet on another player which is on a hot streak winning many hands in a row. This feature has long been exclusive for land-based casinos.

Before you jump to play Blackjack first know and understand the game and play for fun before you indulge in real money.

4. Baccarat


It is another card game that is a very popular casino game. It goes fast to learn how to play since you only bet on three outcomes; either win for the Player or the Banker, or it can end in a tie.

Before you start to play Baccarat you need to know the rules and play the game for free before you sign up at an online casino to play with real NZD.

5. Craps


It is a real money dice game that you can play with your friends or with a live dealer. This game comes under specialty games. Specialty games are the inclusion of games of chance that have been adapted to play and bet on at the online casino.

Many of these new games typically gained popularity in an offline setting. For example, games like Scratch Cards, Bingo, Lotto, Wheel of Fortune, and Keno, for instance, have a significant fan base in many places and are ideally suited for inclusion at the online casino.

To play Craps for real money you only need two dice. Some bets require certain roles before they can become winning or losing bets, so they need a strategy to play the game. Craps is one out of a few casino games where you can become friends with your opponents because you can choose to play with or against your opponents.

6. Video Poker

Video Poker
Video Poker

It is an electronic version of five-card draw Poker, but where you play against an AI. The game was invented in the 1970s when the first computers came around but have evolved a lot since then.

Like pokies, games video poker also has different variations which can make you win more or less. Like Jacks or Better has an RTP (Return To Player) of 99.54% meanwhile Deuces Wild has 96.7%

7. Sic Bo

Sic Bo
Sic Bo

This game is originally a Chinese dice game which is also a popular casino game. The dealer tosses three dices and you bet on the results. There are many different betting options whereas each bet has a different payout. Just like in Roulette, you can place as many bets as you like.

Learning the betting strategies is essential in Sic Bo, especially since Sic Bo is one of the highest paying casino games with 180 to 1 in the payout.

Sic Bo is just like Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack also available in Live Casino and at an online casino without a live dealer.

7. Keno and Bingo


Keno and Bingo also come under the best casino games to play at home as they are instant games to win. These short-timed lotto-type games are easily played at online casinos and are more fun to play. These games don’t cost much and offer more chances to win. There are many popular instant scratchies also to play right now in video format and win.

The best casino game to play

The best casino game to play among the above are online pokies and live Blackjack. Because you can maintain the balance between the game of chance ie. Pokies and games of strategy i.e., Blackjack.

Choosing a game where you can provoke the outcome such as Blackjack, Poker is always advisable if you want to win real money playing casino games online. If you win, the legit highest payout casinos offer cashouts in minutes though the time is taken on the type of withdrawal method you choose to cash out.

Finally, join any NZ-friendly online casino and play these best casino games. As said above play for free or play with real money. What’s more you play at your own convenience even on mobile.