5 Board Games That Every Kiwi Must Try In NZ

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5 Best Board Games You Must Try

In the past decade, several board games in NZ have been introduced to online casino games in various guises. Of course, while some retain their original format, others have had to be more innovative to make them playable for real money.

With so many choices, picking your next tabletop investment can be daunting. To help you find your next game night mainstay, we’ve developed a list of the best board games available to buy and play.

Regardless of the count of players, genre, theme, or mechanics, these are the best board games in NZ that we think deserve a spot on anyone’s shelf. You might have a preference when it comes to the specifics.

Not everyone likes board games about worldwide disease outbreaks, but there’s sure to be something that interests you here.

From co-op games that bring players together for a shared goal to party games that infuse some energy into a gathering to more profound experiences that test the mind, our picks of the top board games contain a suitable title for any number of situations.

Many themes are accounted for, too, with board games based on high-fantasy adventure, space exploration, espionage, cosmic horror, and birdwatching—to name but a few.

Whenever you get stuck on a chilling day and have no friends to play poker with, try out these five board games worth a wager.

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5 Best Board Games You Must Try at Least Once

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1. Home board games NZ

Home Board Games

In this conventional game, you can convert the scoring system into real money by controlling the risks and stakes. For instance, in the Monopoly board game, each player gets an initial bank of 1500.

You can adjust the game by scaling down everything to your level, like cutting down the initial bank by 100% to 10, meaning Park Lane’s price would drop from 350 to 3.50.

2. Backgammon


This is one of the world’s most delicate conventional board games, delivering a unique blend of entertainment, skill, strategy, and gambling potential. In many ways, the features of Backgammon are similar to those of online poker. However, poker, primarily online, isn’t played on a board, whereas backgammon is.

This board game has gained much traction in online casinos as it requires real strategy and skill. In addition, different types of online backgammon exist, including playing against the computer, backgammon tournaments, and gaming 1-1 against other players.

Features of Backgammon

Backgammon is also termed Narde, tavla, Tavli, or Tabula. It is a two-player board game that involves a combination of strategy and luck due to rolling dice. The objective of this game is to remove all of one’s playing pieces from the board before the opponent can do the same. While the dice can ascertain a single game’s outcome, the strategy separates the good and the better players over a series of games.

Learning the ropes, working on your tactics, and unlocking extraordinary achievements is better. Experience the matches through global online matchmaking or hone your skills against the computer.

Challenge your friends and family members offline or online, regardless of their phone or operating system. You can play with multiplayer modes—as long as the game is available on their phone, you can play together!

Why Kiwis Choose Backgammon?

  • Rich history—Backgammon has a fascinating history that spans over 5,000 years. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans played it, making it a game with a deep cultural heritage.
  • Strategic gameplay – Backgammon requires players to employ strategic thinking and planning. It involves making calculated decisions on how to move the checkers on the board, when to hit or block the opponent’s pieces, and how to maximize the use of available resources.
  • Element of luck – While strategy plays a significant role, Backgammon also incorporates an element of chance through the dice roll. The randomness of the dice adds an unpredictable aspect to the game, creating opportunities for unexpected turnarounds and comebacks.
  • Versatile game – Backgammon offers a versatile gaming experience suitable for players of all skill levels. Backgammon can be enjoyed at various skill levels.

Play Backgammon now for free!

With the right strategy, tactics, and observation skills, you will eventually join the top players of the LITE Games community and earn a spot on the global leaderboards. Can you make it?

The Backgammon board game is offered in high-quality localization in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish & Russian.

The game is perfect for Checkers, Othello, or Mills fans and offers a strategic challenge for beginners and experienced veterans.

3. Mahjong


This ancient game of Mahjong has been in vogue for thousands of years, reaching out to the West from its origins in the Far East. If you can’t visit the best casino in Macau to experience it in person, you can easily play it at home.

The fantastic pleasure of free Mahjong board games can be enjoyed in several online casinos. Many versions let you play solo or participate in multiplayer games and competitions.

Mahjong is an enormously popular Chinese strategy, skill, and summation game. The classic game version uses 136 tiles and requires you to make identical sets from these tiles.

Gameplay Mechanics of Mahjong

  • Four players – Mahjong is played with four players, creating an engaging social experience.
  • 144 tiles – The game requires a set of 144 tiles featuring different characters, symbols, and numbers.
  • Two dice – Two dice are used to determine the starting point and order of play.
  • Matching sets and pairs – Mahjong aims to create matching sets and pairs with the tiles.
    • Sets – A set consists of three or four identical or three consecutive tiles called “melds.” It can be formed using tiles from your hand or by claiming discarded tiles from other players.
    • Pairs – A pair is formed by having two identical tiles, often called “eyes.” Pairs cannot be claimed from other players’ discards.
  • Winning condition – To win the game, a player must form four sets and one pair, known as a complete hand. Once a player has a full hand, they can declare “mahjong!” to indicate victory.
  • Shouting “Mahjong!” – When players know they have a winning hand, they can shout “Mahjong!” to announce their victory. This adds anticipation to the game.
  • Variations in rules – It’s important to note variations in how mahjong is played across different countries and regions. Rules regarding scoring, tile matching, and unique hands may differ, adding depth and diversity to the game.

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Top Tips to Play Online Mahjong Games

Concentration is necessary while playing Mahjong online. Here are top tips that will help you make better decisions, score more points, and finish your games faster:

  • Always try to match tiles that will reveal the most hidden titles
  • Horizontal tiles are tough to remove
  • If you have three of the same tiles, match the two that unveil the most.
  • If you get into a situation you can’t solve, then shuffle the tiles.

The free online Mahjong games are strategic matching games. Remove all tiles from the board before time runs out to play Mahjong.

The game aims to select tiles from those dealt face-down on the board to make full-suit hands. Many online casinos allow you to play Mahjong for free in the demo version, which is perfect for getting to grips with the rules.

4. Monopoly


This game has been a huge hit since it was released as a board game in the 1900s. Although this traditional game can’t be played in online casinos, you can find a range of Monopoly pokie machines that resemble the original game.

It includes the Monopoly Pokie and Monopoly Legends video Pokies. Software developer IGT recently released Super Monopoly Money, a pokie with an innovative Paris backdrop that shifts the game away from its London origins.

This video pokie game has 20 paylines, 5 reels, a return-to-player level of 95.76% and a coin size of 0.01 to 10.00. The features of these pokies are known to be the replication of the chance cards, which are seen on the authentic board as the Free Parking Bonus.

It is triggered when the car symbol lands on the reels in the correct configuration. You can then pick a car to win wild bonuses and payouts. Roulette varieties of Monopoly have also been released along similar lines, offering a nostalgic hit of the classic board game.


  • Fast-paced property trading – Engage in a fast-dealing game where players buy, sell, and trade properties in a lively and dynamic setting.
  • Strategic buying and selling – Use your strategic skills to make smart property investments and negotiate deals with other players to maximize wealth.
  • Build houses and hotels. As you accumulate properties, you can increase your rental income and make them more valuable.
  • Chance and Community Chest cards—Experience twists of fate with Chance and Community Chest cards, which can change your fortunes and provide unexpected opportunities or challenges.
  • Bankrupt opponents to win – The ultimate objective is to bankrupt your opponents by collecting rent and making shrewd property transactions. The last player standing with financial dominance wins the game.
  • Suitable for various ages – The game is ideal for players aged 8 and up, making it a fun and engaging experience for kids and adults.
  • Multiplayer gameplay: To enjoy the game, gather a group of 2 to 8 players, fostering competition and interactive gameplay among friends and family.

How to play

You can roll the dice and buy, sell, build, and scheme your way to becoming a wealthy landlord in MONOPOLY. Over a billion people in cities and countries worldwide admire this Hasbro board game and family classic.

One of the most classic and best board games you know and love is available now on mobile and tablets and is playable offline and online!

MONOPOLY, by Marmalade Game Studio on Android, brings the board to life with a universe. It includes a beautiful, animated, designed 3D city board with hotels and houses.

ONE OF THE BEST BOARD GAMES—Play the Hasbro classic on mobile or tablets alone or with your family and friends!
– A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE – No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups, no risk, approved by Hasbro
– HOUSE RULES – Play with the most common house rules
– QUICK MODE – Finish the Hasbro board game faster than ever
– SINGLE-PLAYER – Play against our challenging AI. No need for friends or family
– OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER – Play together and pass the phone between turns
– ONLINE MULTIPLAYER—Play MONOPOLY online with people from all over the world, in a different city or country, or create private multiplayer games to play with your friends and family without any risk.

Don’t get bored and challenge up to FOUR PLAYERS on one mobile in multiplayer!

5. Cluedo


In every occasion, weather, and place, Cluedo is an iconic board game that has been going strong since its introduction in 1949. Many online pokie developers have created ‘spin-offs’ of the board game, such as Party Gaming’s Cluedo and Clue Spinning Detective by WMS Gaming.

If you search for online casinos, you will find a range of games based on the original characters, rooms, and features.


  • Updated classic mystery game – Cluedo, the beloved mystery game, has received a modern update featuring new graphics, a detailed board with additional rooms, and hidden clues.
  • Solve the Murder in the Mansion – Immerse yourself in the suspenseful challenge of solving a murder that has taken place in the mansion. Use your detective skills to uncover the truth.
  • New weapons and guests – Explore a variety of new weapons and suspect guests, adding an extra layer of intrigue and complexity to the game.
  • Deck of intrigue cards – Experience heightened suspense with the inclusion of intrigue cards, which introduce unexpected twists and turns to the classic mystery gameplay.
  • Eliminate suspects and discover ‘whodunit’ – Use deduction and careful investigation to eliminate suspects, weapons, and possible murder locations until you uncover the truth behind the crime.
  • Contents – The game includes a game board, character tokens, miniature weapons, game cards (character, weapon, room, and clue cards), a Case File envelope, a pad of Detective Notebook sheets, dice, and a game guide.

Party Gaming’s version has multiple symbols like Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, and Peacock, with highly animated fun when you hit the winning combinations. This pokie machine gives you the feeling of a board game, even if solving the mystery is more about luck.

With Cluedo, you can enter a stake of 1.00, and the winner takes the pot. Usually, most board games are free based on luck, so it’s not a good idea to pile in and opt for big stakes, but it can increase fun and competitiveness when you plan to put a few pennies into the mix.

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Final Thoughts

Board games continue to captivate players of all ages with their diverse themes, engaging mechanics, and social interaction. Whether it’s the excitement of strategic battles, solving mysteries, or the joy of cooperative teamwork, board games offer various experiences to suit different preferences. They allow us to unplug, bond with friends and family, and exercise our cognitive abilities.

From classic favourites to modern innovations, board games have stood the test of time as a source of entertainment, fostering memorable moments and creating lasting connections.


Q. What to Consider When Shopping for the Best Board Games?

Ans – When shopping for the best board games in New Zealand, consider the number of players, age appropriateness, gameplay duration, complexity level, theme, and availability in local stores or online retailers.

Look for games that cater to the interests and preferences of the intended players, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for everyone in the Kiwi gaming community.

Q. Are board games only suitable for children?

Ans—No, individuals of all ages like playing kids’ board games. Some are made especially for kids, while others are aimed at adults and teens. Board games are available with a wide range of themes and complexity to appeal to various interests and ability levels.

Q. How long do board games usually take to play?

Ans – Board games vary. While some games may be finished in 15 to 30 minutes, others may take many hours. Before beginning a game, it’s necessary to consider the expected playtime indicated in the game’s instructions or on the box.

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