SkyCity Casino Auckland

skycity casino auckland

SkyCity Casino Auckland is a large casino complex that is open all day. Whether you want a morning flutter or an evening out, SkyCity Casino Auckland has it all.

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In addition to SkyCity Casino, Auckland is also a metropolis of restaurants, bars, hotels, and more, making it a holiday destination in its own right.

Quick Facts

LocationAuckland, New Zealand
Opening Year1996
Gaming Options2100+ pokies, 150 table games, and poker tournaments
Dining ExperiencesFine dining restaurants, casual eateries, and international cuisine options
Entertainment and EventsLive performances, concerts, comedy shows, and theater productions
AccommodationsThe Grand by SkyCity, SkyCity Hotel
Iconic LandmarkSky Tower, Observation deck, Sky Walk, SkyJump
SkyCity Casino Auckland

Features of SkyCity Casino Auckland

Gaming room

The gaming room is a hive of activity with a colossal 2100 gaming machines to choose from all backed up with over one hundred and fifty tables with roulette, money wheel, poker, blackjack, and more to choose from.


Skycity Auckland provides a separate Baccarat room. With the help of an escalator, you can move up from the main casino floor to level three and start playing Baccarat. With over 20 Baccarat tables available, the Baccarat Room has a vibrant atmosphere and other facilities. All are welcome to play and enjoy the exclusive Baccarat Room promotions, dedicated bar, smoking balcony, and cashiers.

With 24-hour premium gaming facilities, you need not have any dress code to follow here.

In addition, you will also find No Limit Games, which means they have no limit on the number of raises permitted and no limit on the amount a player can wager. A player can wager all the chips before them, commonly known as going ‘All In’. SkyCity Casino in NZ offers ‘No Limit’ games with varying ‘Minimum and Maximum Buy-In’ amounts. These two buy-in amounts are the “Table Limits” and are available on the Table Limit sign at the relevant table, e.g. ‘$50 minimum $150 maximum buy-in’.

Then there are Pot Limits. Games like Omaha games usually have a ‘Pot Limit’, with no limit on the number of raises and a maximum amount you can wager, limited to no more than the pot.

The casino offers pot-limit games with varying Minimum and Maximum Buy-In amounts. These two buy-in amounts are the ‘Table Limits’; you can see them on the Table Limit sign at the relevant table, e.g., ‘$300 minimum-$500 maximum buy-in’.

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This e-sports studio delivers live 4K and HD broadcasts, allowing LPLM to film live esports events at SKYCITY Theatre and the New Zealand International Convention Centre Theatre. Dedicated PC and console booths within the studio host esports competitions and live streams to a giant external LED screen for esports fans to enjoy the action in the SKYCITY Plaza at the base of the Sky Tower.

LPLM will continue to develop and promote amateur and professional esports tournaments. Special family-based events are held at SKYCITY sites in New Zealand and Australia.

Esports is a truly global sport with an estimated viewership of 385 million. Compared to rugby, New Zealand’s national sport, esports commands impressive numbers with a participation rate six times larger.



It’s a common saying that nobody delivers poker quite like Skycity Casino Auckland in New Zealand. It has a dedicated Poker Room on level two where Poker players can enjoy exclusive tournaments, a private bar, and exclusive food offers. On offer to Poker are weekly tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $75 to $175. They also offer a Deep Stack Main Event tournament at the end of every month.

There are five types of poker at Skycity Auckland Casino: Classic Poker, Three-card poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Caribbean stud poker, and Lunar poker.

Skycity Auckland Poker’s Opening hours are Monday through Friday, 5 pm to late, and Saturday through Sunday, noon to late.

Dress code

The dress code at Skycity Casino Auckland is quite relaxed overall, although a few regulations need to be followed. The following are not permitted at Skycity Auckland.

  • Torn or damaged clothing (except fashionable distressed items)
  • Dirty clothes or footwear
  • Safety or trade clothing (e.g., safety vests)
  • Sleeveless tops on men
  • Jandals or flip flops from 9 pm to 5 am
  • Gang patches or other insignia
  • Hats or caps (except for religious or medical reasons or within the Poker Zone)
  • Sunglasses (except within the Poker Zone)

If someone is seen under the influence of liquor, abusive, threatening, or causing conflict with staff or other customers, Skycity Auckland takes appropriate steps to stop the behaviour. This includes, in appropriate circumstances, having the customer escorted from the premises. Also, patrons detected loan sharking or begging will be required to leave the casino.

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Accommodation & hotel

Accommodation & hotel
Accommodation & hotel

There are two hotels on-site: the Skycity Hotel and, for the more affluent, the Skycity Grand Hotel.

The Skycity Hotel offers king, twin, and suite rooms that satisfy even the hardest-to-please guests. In the Skycity hotel rooms, you can enjoy everything from the ensuite bathroom to the air conditioning and television. There are two types of rooms: Premium Room (one-day stay costs start from $299) and Premium Suite (costs $399 onwards).

The Skycity Grand Hotel offers the luxuries of the Skycity Hotel and delivers more space and amenity to create the perfect base for those looking for a lovely time. There is also a spa within the hotel. This hotel has four types of rooms: a premium luxury room, a luxury harbour view room, a luxury king suite (with various costs), and a Grand presidential suite(this costs $1929 and above).

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The Skycity complex offers a massive 25 restaurants, cafes, and bars. There is something for everyone and many options to choose from. A theatre also offers many brilliant shows. On selected evenings, visitors can go to the iconic Sky Tower and enjoy live entertainment for free.


Many jobs are available for those wishing to work at Skycity Auckland. The business offers a brilliant package for employees. Above all, you will also find a careers website for jobs at Skycity Auckland.


There is a massive car park offering just fewer than 2,000 parking spaces. The Skycity car park is the largest in Auckland and is accessible from three entries. It offers convenient motorway access, full time security and surveillance, and well-lit maintained facilities.  There is also a range of options available to suit your needs:

  • Valet parking – Rock up in style and let the valet service do all the work.
  • Super Saver Parking – Available to eligible skycity members, this parking offer is value for money.
  • Casual Parking – Come and go with the casual parking rates.

How do you play at Sky City Auckland?

How to play at Sky City Auckland
How to play at Sky City Auckland

You need to be a member to play and enjoy at Sky City Auckland, plus 20 or over of age to play the games.

Then, you can get Premier Rewards and earn Premier Points from gaming machine play, table game play, hotel stays, and dining at selected restaurants and bars at the Skycity casino. Premier Points are automatically credited to a Premier Rewards membership account and are valid for six months from the issue date. 100 Premier Points = $1 in gaming credits.

Premier Bonus Dollars are credits you will get if you are a Premier Rewards member by Skycity. They will be credited to a member’s account and are valid for three months from the issue date. 1 Premier Bonus Dollar = $1 in gaming credits.

Both Premier Points and Premier Bonus Dollars can be redeemed. These are subject to daily limits. Gaming credits can be used to play on Gaming Machines at Skycity Auckland, or Bonus Play Chips can be used to play some Table Games, excluding Poker, Rapid Baccarat, and Rapid Roulette.

Insert your Premier Rewards card into the card reader on any Gaming Machine, touch the ‘MY BALANCE’ icon, and follow the on-screen instructions to turn your premier points or bonus dollars into play.

You can ask the Casino staff to assist you with other bonus offers.

Safety and Security At SkyCity Casino Auckland

Safety and security are paramount at SkyCity Casino Auckland, as guests’ well-being is a top priority. The casino operates under a valid license from the New Zealand government, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations and standards. Excellent surveillance systems, including strategically placed CCTV cameras, monitor the premises to maintain a safe environment.

Trained security personnel are present at night to address security concerns and provide assistance when needed. The casino also promotes responsible gambling, offering resources and support for those facing gambling-related issues. Stringent age verification measures are implemented to ensure that only individuals of legal gambling age are granted access.

SkyCity Casino Auckland prioritizes the security of financial transactions, employing robust encryption technology to protect customers’ personal and banking information. Additionally, the casino upholds comprehensive health and safety protocols, including temperature checks, sanitization stations, and social distancing guidelines.

With these measures in place, SkyCity Casino Auckland strives to create a safe and secure atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy their gaming experience with peace of mind.

Anti-Money Laundering

SkyCity Casino is strongly committed to combating money laundering and upholding strict anti-money laundering (AML) practices. The casino operates within a regulated framework and complies with all relevant laws and regulations related to AML.

  • SkyCity Casino prioritizes anti-money laundering (AML) practices to prevent illicit financial activities.
  • The casino operates within a regulated framework and complies with relevant AML laws and regulations.
  • Thorough customer due diligence procedures are in place to verify the identity of customers and assess any potential risks.
  • Transaction monitoring systems are utilized to detect suspicious financial transactions and patterns.
  • A dedicated AML team is responsible for continuously monitoring and assessing customer activities.
  • SkyCity Casino collaborates closely with regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies to exchange information and address AML concerns.
  • Staff members undergo comprehensive AML training to enhance their knowledge and awareness of AML regulations and best practices.
  • These stringent AML measures create a secure and transparent environment, ensuring the integrity of the casino industry and fighting against money laundering activities.

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SkyCity Online Casino

SkyCity introduced SkyCity Online Casino, the first online casino in New Zealand, in 2019. The casino operates from Malta, which ensures its complete legality and exemption from New Zealand’s jurisdictional laws.

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  1. Games—Many games, including pokies, blackjack and roulette, live dealer games, and specialty games.
  2. Mobile-centric Platform – SkyCity Online Casino is designed to be mobile-compatible.
  3. Bonuses and Promotions—Welcome bonuses for new players, regular promotions, loyalty rewards, and exclusive offers.

These features draw Kiwis towards themselves and allow them to enjoy online pokies from the comfort of their own home. Visit and play online.

Join now and play games from your comfort.


Corner Victoria and Federal Streets
New Zealand
Phone: 0800 SKYCITY (08007592489) – this is toll-free within NZ.
Or: +64 9 363 6000
Fax: +64 9 363 6383


SkyCity Casino Auckland is a premier destination for entertainment, gaming, dining, and accommodation in New Zealand. Visitors can indulge in gaming experiences with many poker machines and tournaments. The casino’s fine dining restaurants, diverse cuisine options, and iconic Sky Tower observation deck add to the allure.

The luxurious accommodations of SkyCity Hotel and SkyCity Grand Hotel provide a comfortable stay for guests. Whether it’s live performances, concerts, or theatre shows, the entertainment offerings at SkyCity Casino Auckland are unparalleled. With its commitment to safety, security, and responsible gambling, SkyCity Casino Auckland continues to captivate visitors with an unforgettable experience.

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Can I play casino games at SkyCity Casino Auckland Online?

SkyCity Casino Auckland offers a physical casino experience in Auckland, New Zealand. However, it also has an online platform, SkyCity Online Casino, where you can play casino games remotely.

What are the age restrictions for entering SkyCity Casino Auckland?

The minimum age to enter SkyCity Casino Auckland is 20. Upon entry, you must present valid identification, such as a passport or driver’s license.

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Can I stay overnight at SkyCity Auckland Casino?

Yes, SkyCity Casino Auckland provides two luxurious hotels, SkyCity Hotel and SkyCity Grand Hotel, where guests can stay overnight. These hotels offer comfortable accommodations and convenient access to the casino and other entertainment facilities.

Who owns Skycity Casino in Auckland, New Zealand?

SkyCity Casino in Auckland, New Zealand, is owned and operated by SkyCity Entertainment Group, a prominent and well-established company in the entertainment and gaming industry. With its focus on providing exceptional experiences to guests, SkyCity Entertainment Group has positioned itself as a leading player in the casino and hospitality sector.

Are there any entertainment events or shows at SkyCity Casino Auckland?

SkyCity Casino Auckland hosts a range of live performances, concerts, comedy shows, and theatre productions throughout the year. Guests can check the casino’s events calendar or website for upcoming shows and book tickets in advance.

What time does SkyCity casino close?

SkyCity Casino in Auckland, New Zealand, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for Christmas Day, Good Friday, and between 3 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Anzac Day.

Who owns Skycity Casino?

SkyCity Entertainment Group owns SkyCity Casino and other properties under the SkyCity brand. SkyCity Entertainment Group is a New Zealand-based company that operates several casinos and entertainment complexes in New Zealand and Australia.

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