What a Lottery Wheel is and How does it Work?

What is Lottery Wheel and How it Works
What a Lottery Wheel is and How does it Work?

Many lottery experts have made a profession by marketing their own lotto systems that are supposed to guarantee big wins. One of the most enduring methods is lottery wheeling. In this article, we’re going to know what a lottery wheel is and how does it work?

The dream of hitting the lottery is shared by many. Lotteries are run all around the world and New Zealand is no different. There are several different games that people can play and they all offer a chance to win some big jackpots. All that a person has to do is risk a small amount and hope they become a big winner.

While the chances of walking away with the big jackpot are generally very slim, there are other ways that people can win when they play the lottery in New Zealand. They may match some of the numbers and win a smaller amount. Another way they can win is through the winning wheel. If a person has never played the lotto before they may not realize what the winning wheel is and how it works.

What is Lottery Wheeling?

What is Lottery Wheeling?
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Lottery wheeling is a process of buying lotto tickets where the player opts for a subset of numbers and buys multiple combinations of those numbers. This system is supposed to enhance the odds of winning the lottery. The reason behind lottery wheeling is that the player is guaranteed a winning ticket if the draw falls within a specific range of numbers.

There are three things to lottery wheels:

  • the guarantee
  • the amount of numbers drawn that have to within the set of numbers chosen to ensure a win
  • the number of different selected numbers in the wheel

Why use a Lottery Wheel?

Why use a Lottery Wheel?
Why use a Lottery Wheel?

The secret to winning more lottery prizes is to use systems and strategies that lower the odds against you. Scientific number selection is very important, but lottery wheeling forms mathematical combinations that give the most efficient coverage from your chosen numbers, making it easier to trap the winning numbers as you play with a larger group of numbers. The more numbers you wheel, the greater your chances of winning. If you were to take a group of Lotto Plus or Cash Pot numbers and create your own sets of five numbers in the same number of ticket combinations, you would not achieve the most efficient coverage, and although you may still win a prize, there is no win guarantee, which a lottery wheeling system can offer.

Often, players like too many numbers, and can’t make up their minds which numbers to throw out. With Lottery Wheeling, they don’t have to. Just wheel them all, combining all the numbers you like into several tickets to guarantee a minimum win once a certain number of the winning numbers drawn fall within your group of chosen numbers. How often have you had all the winning Lotto or Cash Pot numbers on your tickets, but the winning numbers just did not come together in a single ticket to give a prize? Using a Lottery Wheeling system guarantees that once you chose some or all of the winning numbers, they will always come together on a single ticket for a specific minimum win guarantee.

How do lottery wheels work?

How do lottery wheels work?
How do lottery wheels work?

To build a lottery wheel, you need to decide which type of drawing you’re going to play. You then have to determine which numbers you want to focus on in your subset. Then you write down all of the possible combinations of those numbers.

The lottery wheeling works best with pick-3 and pick-4 lotteries. Lottery wheeling requires buying a lot of tickets to cover all of your possible combinations and increase your odds of winning lower-tier prizes. However, there are three different kinds of wheels you can play with, each offering a different set of coverage.

Full wheels cover every possible combination of the chosen set of numbers. This type of wheel guarantees that you will win multiple prizes if three or more of the winning numbers are in your collection of numbers.

Unfortunately, full wheels are quite costly, as you must buy many tickets to cover all possible combinations. Therefore, they may be more suitable for many people who are purchasing tickets together, rather than individuals.

Abbreviated wheels do not cover all combinations, but guarantee at least one winner if a specific amount of the winning numbers fall within your set. This wheel type is a good compromise for affordability while also covering a range of numbers. They are more suitable than full wheels for individual players.

Key wheels are similar to an abbreviated wheel except you choose a key number that you include in all your tickets. If you feel confident that a specific number will be part of the winning numbers, then this is the best type of wheel for you.

Famous examples of Lottery Wheeling

There have been a few examples of people gaining a lot of success and recognition from using lottery wheeling systems. Gail Howard became known as a lottery expert due to her Smart Luck system for choosing lottery numbers. This system is based primarily on lottery wheels. She wrote numerous books explaining the concept of wheeling. There have been over 108 documented winners of first-place prizes that attribute their wins to Howard’s lottery wheeling system.

Another popular example of a person using lottery wheeling to win big is the story of Stefan Klincewicz. The Polish-Irish businessman bought 80% of 1,947,792 possible combinations in the Irish Lottery. The cost to do this was large, and Klincewicz and his associates spent just under 1 million Irish pounds to purchase the tickets.

The price paid off, though, as the group won the 1.7-million-pound jackpot. However, they had to divide the prize three ways, as there were two other people with winning tickets. Klincewicz and his associates still took home a small profit thanks to the Match 4 and Match 5 prizes the tickets also won.

Do Lottery Wheels increase your chance of winning?

Do Lottery Wheels increase your chance of winning?
Do Lottery Wheels increase your chance of winning?

Lottery wheeling aims to ensure a minimum amount of wins per wheel. However, that guarantee depends on whether or not the winning numbers contain at least one of the numbers chosen in the subset. Technically, lottery wheeling does not have an impact on the expected value of your tickets. However, it does reduce the variance in all tickets of the payout compared to random number selections.

One way in which lottery wheeling does increase your odds of winning is in the fact that players who wheel are buying many tickets. Like with lottery syndicates and lottery pools, this means that they have more chances of winning.

How do you know if you have won?

How do you know if you have won?
How do you know if you have won?

It is up to the player to check the results of the Winning Wheel drawing and to check their tickets to see if they have won. If they do match the serial number they can contact the lottery commission to claim their prize. The winning numbers are published on the lottery’s website and on many other websites. Tickets can also be checked at the authorized dealers to see if they are a winner.

The winning wheel has been paying out prizes for over ten years. The winners have bused the money for many different things and all feel like they are definitely one of the lucky ones. Winning Wheel gives 52 people a year the chance to win a big prize that could change their life.


Lottery wheeling is a famous system of selecting numbers for the lottery. It requires that players buy multiple tickets to cover various combinations of a selected set of numbers. While there have been many instances of players winning big and attributing the win to lottery wheeling, there have also been many people who won by using their own lucky numbers or even Quick Pick numbers.

Ultimately, the best way to increase your chances of winning is to buy more tickets to a particular draw and the best way of doing that without breaking the bank is to play through a lottery syndicate, but lottery wheeling does allow you to choose your numbers in a systematic manner.


1. Do lottery wheels really work?

Lottery wheeling systems provide a scientific approach to assembling lotto tickets. These systems actually work as they deliver what’s promised. If you meet the minimum guarantee requirement, you’ll have a winning ticket.

2. Can wheeling systems guarantee a lottery win?

You’ll have come across a term called a “minimum win guarantee” when playing lottery wheels. This guarantee means you’ll have at least a single winning ticket. However, it is important to guess a certain amount of numbers that will be drawn from the pot. That means just using this method doesn’t guarantee a win. No strategy can guarantee you a prize in the lottery. However, lottery wheeling can play to your advantage if you are lucky enough to pick the right numbers.

3. What are the best lotteries for playing lottery wheeling systems?

Lottery wheels work for any lotto game. However, the number of combinations in a system varies. If you want an economical wheel, lottery-like Texas Cash Five is the best fit. That’s because it only has 35 numbers in the pot, and it’s a pick-5 game. If you choose Germany Lotto or another pick-6 game, you’ll need to cover more combinations.

4. Are lottery wheeling systems expensive to play?

It depends on the lotto wheel you choose to play. If there are six combinations in the wheeling pool, it’ll require buying six tickets. But if the wheel has 30 combinations, you’ll have to purchase 30 tickets. That indicates lottery wheels can be expensive, but it all depends on your selection.