Types of Pokie Players You Can Find at Casinos

What Type of Player Are You?
What Type of Player Are You?

Pokie machines are the most popular casino game, as more people play them than any othergame. Millions of people are drawn to pokie machines yearly for different reasons.

These machines are easy to play with, and there are typically plenty of machines to choose from. Additionally, pokies punters can easily control how much or how little money they decide to put on each spin.

In other words, pokies are great for all types of gamblers, regardless of their income or skill level. If you plan on playing pokies when you go to the casino, it’s important to note what lies in store.

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Here are the types of punters you will surely encounter at the casino.

1. The First-Time Gambler

The First-Time Gambler
The First-Time Gambler

First-time gamblers are often immediately drawn to playing real money poker machines. As you might already know, pokies are the easiest game to play in casinos and are the first machine most gamblers will stumble upon when they walk in.

Not only that, but many pokie machines are visually stimulating, which can capture gambler’s attention. Gambling can be difficult for first-timer gamblers, and pokies offer a perfect escape from the craziness in most casinos.

Because of this, new players are easy to find when strolling through the rows of pokie machines.

Some might take a stab at playing table games like poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette. However, when they realize that these games are slightly demanding, they can scamper back to pokies.

When playing other games, it’s hard to keep your head on straight and keep up with the pace of play. Additionally, it’s hard to play when you feel the eyes of other gamblers on you.

Pokies are a fantastic option if you want to gamble but are scared of playing games with other, more experienced, and even judgemental gamblers.

2. The “Professional” Player

The “Professional” Pokies Player-6 Types of Pokie Players You Can Find at Casinos
The “Professional” Pokies Player

Pokie machines are incredibly polarizing in the gambling community.

Some people tolerate them and acknowledge their place in the world of gambling; others hate them. Some gamblers are passionate about them and consider themselves experts in pokie machines.

However, banking on pokies to pay your bills is an inadvisable strategic approach to gambling, at best. Pokie machines offer some of the worst odds and lowest payout rates in casinos.

They operate to serve the needs of inexperienced amateur gamblers while providing casinos with a great way to boost their profit margins. But that doesn’t stop people from picking pokies as their game of choice.

These “professional” players can spend hours pressing buttons or pulling levers, hoping to hit it big. They often believe they have the games down to a science and know which machines are primed to win.

Nobody knows when a pokie machine will hit the jackpot, as the game is completely luck-based and doesn’t reward skill.

3. The Old Timers

The Old Timers-6 Types of Pokie Players You Can Find at Casinos
The Old Timers

Gamblers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Depending on when you go gamble, a considerable number of machines will be occupied by some of the elderly members of the gambling community.

These players might play pokies for the perks, free drinks, or simply to kill time. They are usually locked in on the machine and play without a carry.

These gamblers stay out of the way and rarely attract much attention. However, they are often great gambling community members and seem to hit big wins more frequently than other demographics.

4. The Pokie Zombie

The Pokie Zombie
The Pokie Zombie

It’s easy to get into a trance in casinos. While playing almost any game, pokie machines can make it easy to lose track of time.

Pokie machines are prevalent in quieter, secluded areas around the casino. Players can easily sneak away to these parts of the gambling hall to get into their gambling zone.

Pokies are repetitive to accompany that phenomenon, as most machines play the same graphics, sound effects, and music sequence.

Because of that, one of the most common types of pokie players is known as pokie zombies. These gamblers sit in front of a machine, seemingly lifeless, only moving to press buttons that read “repeat bet.”

From a distance, you probably couldn’t tell whether they were winning or losing. They handle wins and losses with the same emotionless response.

5. The Machine Hopper

The Machine Hopper
The Machine Hopper

Machine hoppers are arguably the most annoying variety of pokies players in casinos. These gamblers will bounce from machine to machine, somewhat inexplicably, making for an erratic gambling style.

From an outsider’s perspective, it’s impossible to understand the method to their madness. But there’s no denying that it’s hard to watch.

They often roam around the rows of pokie machines, sometimes getting far too close to other gamblers. The worst types of gamblers will wait until you leave a machine and immediately pounce on it.

In their minds, this shift in gamblers somehow increases the likelihood that the machine will produce wins. But you should know that this changes nothing, and all pokies machine results are completely random.

6. Mr Last Ditch Effort

Mr. Last Ditch Effort
Mr Last Ditch Effort

As you leave the casino, the last game you will encounter is a pokie machine. As I said earlier, there are more poker machines than any other type of casino game.

Pokies get a ton of traction from either arriving or departing gamblers. Speaking from experience, pokies get much more enticing the longer you’re in a casino.

They’re particularly enticing those gamblers leaving the casino after being crushed by the house.

Other types of games that offer better odds make it hard to rapidly win a ridiculous amount of money. Take blackjack, for example: if you want to win a great deal of money, you must raise your bet or play the game for an extended period.

However, pokie machines can hit a jackpot at any point. While these massive wins occur randomly and infrequently, there’s always a chance you can win big.

So, as you are leaving the casino, you might slide your last $20 into a machine, hoping to hit it big or recoup some of your losses.

7. The Casual Player

The Casual Player is someone who visits the casino for entertainment and relaxation. They enjoy playing pokies occasionally, without any specific strategy or high stakes.

The Casual Player views gambling as leisure and is content with modest wins or losses. They value the fun and excitement that pokies bring, but they don’t prioritize gambling as a primary activity.

The Casual Player may try out different games and bet sizes, exploring the casino’s diverse offerings while embracing a laid-back approach to gaming. They appreciate the freedom to play at their own pace and the flexibility to engage with pokies as an enjoyable pastime without the pressure of intense gameplay or significant financial investment.

Whether a spontaneous visit or a casual online session, the Casual Player enjoys spinning the reels and relishing the thrill of occasional wins.

8. The High Roller

The High Roller is a player who thrives on risk and places significant bets. They are known for their substantial bankroll and aren’t afraid to wager large amounts of money. The High Roller seeks the thrill of high-stakes pokies, chasing the opportunity for massive wins.

They enjoy the exclusive VIP treatment and are often enticed by special bonuses and rewards reserved for high-rolling players.

The High Roller is a true risk-taker who values the adrenaline rush of placing sizable bets and the potential for substantial returns. They are experienced players willing to invest more in pursuit of greater rewards and the prestige of being a high-stakes gambler.

The High Roller is no stranger to the finer aspects of the casino experience, indulging in luxurious amenities and personalized services that cater to their discerning tastes.

They embrace the excitement and challenge of playing at elevated levels, making calculated moves and leveraging their resources to potentially reap the highest possible rewards in their quest for unforgettable gaming moments.

9. The Strategist

The Strategist approaches pokies with a calculated mindset. They meticulously analyze game mechanics, study paytables, and devise strategies to maximize their chances of winning.

The Strategist may employ betting systems or focus on games with high RTP (Return to Player) percentages. They rely on their knowledge and understanding of the games to make informed decisions, aiming for consistent profits in the long run.

The Strategist sees pokies as a puzzle to be solved, combining logic and strategy to gain an edge over the casino. They are patient and disciplined, carefully managing their bankroll and sticking to their predetermined strategy.

The strategists know that success in pokies requires more than just luck; they invest time and effort to develop their analytical skills and hone their strategies.

With each spin of the reels, the Strategist seeks to unravel the game’s complexities and leverage their expertise to tilt the odds in their favour. They aim for sustained profitability and a sense of accomplishment in their gameplay.

10. The Compulsive Gambler

The Compulsive Gambler is someone who struggles with controlling their gambling impulses. They find it difficult to set limits and frequently chase losses. For them, pokies can become addictive behaviour that negatively impacts their personal and financial well-being.

The Compulsive Gambler may experience intense cravings to play, leading to excessive time and money spent on gambling. The Compulsive Gambler needs to seek support and resources to address their gambling addiction and regain control over their lives. Professional help and treatment can assist in overcoming this challenging condition.

The Compulsive Gambler’s journey involves acknowledging the issue, seeking assistance from support groups or counsellors, and adopting strategies to manage triggers and urges.

By developing healthier coping mechanisms and embracing a balanced approach to gambling, the Compulsive Gambler can break free from the cycle of compulsive behaviour and find a path towards recovery and a healthier relationship with pokies.

11. The Social Gambler

The Social Gambler sees pokies as a way to socialize and connect. They enjoy the lively atmosphere of the casino and often play in groups or with friends.

For them, the focus is on the social aspect rather than solely winning. The Social Gambler values the shared experience and the thrill of celebrating wins together, making the casino visit an enjoyable social outing.

They may engage in conversations with fellow players, share tips and strategies, or enjoy the camaraderie that comes with a shared passion for pokies. The Social Gambler finds joy in the interactions and connections formed at the casino, cherishing the memories created while spinning the reels.

It’s not just about the individual gameplay; it’s about the bonds forged and the sense of belonging within a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

The Social Gambler’s love for pokies goes beyond the game itself and extends to the connections made and the vibrant social environment surrounding it.

12. The Jackpot Hunter

Experienced Player
Experienced Player

The Jackpot Hunter is an avid pokies player on a quest for life-changing wins. They are drawn to progressive jackpot games, where the potential for massive payouts excites them. The Jackpot Hunter understands that hitting the elusive jackpot requires persistence and luck.

They are willing to invest time and resources in pursuing the dream of landing that monumental prize. The Jackpot Hunter keeps a keen eye on the jackpot meters, monitoring their growth and strategically choosing the opportune moment to place their bets.

They may have their preferred jackpot games or explore various options, always keeping their sights on that ultimate jackpot win. The Jackpot Hunter embraces the thrill of chasing the dream, fueled by the hope of joining the ranks of lucky jackpot winners who have transformed their lives through a single spin of the reels.

With each wager, they’re fueled by anticipation, excitement, and the tantalizing prospect of becoming the next big jackpot success story.

13. The Experienced Player

The Experienced Player has honed their skills and knowledge through years of playing pokies. They have developed a deep understanding of different game features, bonus rounds, and betting strategies. The Experienced Player knows how to read the game dynamics and make calculated decisions.

They have likely encountered various pokie variations and can adapt their approach to different games, maximizing their chances of success. With their experience, Experienced Players can quickly identify high-value opportunities and avoid common pitfalls, making them formidable forces at the casino.

14. The Escape Seeker

The Escape Seeker views pokies as a temporary escape from daily life stresses. When playing pokies, they seek relaxation, entertainment, and a break from routine.

The Escape Seeker enjoys the immersive experience, captivating themes, and engaging gameplay. The casino environment provides a momentary getaway where they can indulge in excitement and temporarily disconnect from everyday responsibilities.

The Escape Seeker may appreciate the immersive graphics and sound effects of pokies, finding solace and a sense of adventure within the virtual world of the casino.


There are different types of gamblers, especially pokie players. While the game is somewhat simple compared to other games, it attracts a random selection of gamblers.

New gamblers love playing pokies because the game is easy and out of the way of other players’ judgmental glances.

On the other hand, some players could be considered “professionals.” While it’s incredibly challenging to win money playing pokies consistently, they insist it’s possible.

However, these redundancies can easily put players into a trance. The musical notes, sound effects, and graphics might make players lose track of time and turn them into zombies.

The worst type of pokie player is the machine hopper, who bounces from machine to machine. You might notice these players peering over your shoulder, hoping to pounce on a machine and hit the jackpot.

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