What Is CasinoCoin And How It Works?

What Is CasinoCoin?
What Is CasinoCoin?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how they have the potential to revolutionize several important industries. Let’s find out What Is CasinoCoin?

From payments and data storage to casino games and peer-to-peer sports betting, crypto companies are building on blockchains and shaking up the existing order. Here we would particularly talk about how they might affect online gambling.

While scanning the crypto news headlines recently, you will find CasinoCoin, an intriguing project focused solely on the online gambling industry.

While this wasn’t the first crypto project with a focus on online gambling, we decided to do a little digging and see what CasinoCoin was all about. Here are the details about CasinoCoin.

What is CasinoCoin and What Does It Do?

What is CasinoCoin and What Does It Do?
What is CasinoCoin and What Does It Do?

Unlike general-purpose cryptos like Bitcoin, which are used to buy/sell anything, this one is used only for casino gaming online.

It has the following features:

  • It was built using a fork of the Ripple blockchain and can manage up to 1,000 transactions per second. While Visa can do 56,000 per second, CasinoCoin will never have to handle that sort of volume.
  • It is designed for the regulated online gambling markets.
  • Transaction fees will cost less than one penny. Yes, you read that right, one red penny maximum. Transactions are also confirmed in under five seconds worldwide.
  • It will have its own wallet app called the Bankroll Manager. This will comply with all KYC and Anti-Money Laundering checks and will have features to help you manage your spending. There’s much to disclose here about what this means for players.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a decentralized and transparent digital ledger that records and verifies transactions across multiple computers or nodes. It operates on a peer-to-peer network and uses cryptography to secure data and ensure its integrity. Each transaction is stored in a block, which is linked to previous blocks, creating an immutable chain of information. Blockchain technology has gained popularity due to its potential to revolutionize various industries by offering transparency, security, and efficiency.

CasinoCoin’s Dedicated Blockchain Platform

CasinoCoin is a digital currency designed specifically for the regulated online gaming industry. It utilizes its own dedicated blockchain platform, which is tailored to meet the unique requirements of the casino and gaming sector. This dedicated blockchain allows for faster transaction speeds, improved scalability, and increased security compared to traditional blockchain networks.

Key Features of CasinoCoin

  1. Fast and Efficient Transactions – CasinoCoin’s blockchain platform enables fast and efficient transactions, ensuring seamless and timely processing of payments within the gaming industry. This is crucial for online casinos, where quick and secure transactions are essential for providing a smooth gaming experience.
  2. Enhanced Security – The dedicated blockchain platform of CasinoCoin incorporates robust security measures to protect user data and transactions. With the use of cryptographic algorithms, the platform ensures the integrity and privacy of sensitive information, making it highly secure against fraud and unauthorized access.
  3. Regulatory Compliance – CasinoCoin’s blockchain platform is designed to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the online gaming industry. It provides built-in compliance features, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols, to facilitate responsible and regulated online gambling operations.
  4. Loyalty and Rewards Programs – The CasinoCoin blockchain platform offers advanced features for loyalty and rewards programs within the gaming industry. It enables seamless integration of loyalty programs, allowing players to earn and redeem rewards across multiple platforms and casinos.
  5. Seamless Integration – CasinoCoin’s dedicated blockchain platform is built with interoperability in mind. It allows for seamless integration with existing gaming systems, making it easier for online casinos and gaming platforms to adopt and incorporate the benefits of blockchain technology without disrupting their current operations.
  6. Transparency and Auditability – Blockchain technology inherently provides transparency and immutability of transaction records. By leveraging the CasinoCoin blockchain, online casinos can offer their players a transparent and auditable gaming experience, ensuring fairness and trustworthiness.

Functionality and Use Cases

Digital Wallets

One of the key functionalities of CasinoCoin is its digital wallet, which allows users to store and manage their CasinoCoin holdings. Digital wallets provide a secure and convenient way for users to store their digital assets. Users can access their wallets through various devices, such as smartphones or computers, and have control over their funds. CasinoCoin’s digital wallet enables users to easily send, receive, and store their coins, providing a user-friendly interface for managing their CasinoCoin holdings.

Gambling Platforms

CasinoCoin can be seamlessly integrated into online gambling platforms, providing users with a convenient and secure method for making deposits, withdrawals, and wagering. By leveraging CasinoCoin, gambling platforms can offer their users an alternative payment option that is fast, efficient, and transparent. Users can deposit their CasinoCoins into their gambling accounts and use them for placing bets and participating in various casino games. Withdrawals can also be made directly to the user’s digital wallet, providing quick access to their funds.

Loyalty Programs

CasinoCoin’s blockchain platform enables the implementation of loyalty programs within the gambling industry. By utilizing CasinoCoin as a digital currency, online casinos can create and manage loyalty programs that reward players for their continued patronage. Users can earn casino coins based on their betting activities and loyalty to the platform. These CasinoCoins can then be redeemed for various rewards, such as bonus funds, free spins, merchandise, or exclusive experiences. The transparency and security provided by CasinoCoin’s blockchain ensure the integrity of the loyalty program, fostering trust and engagement between the platform and its players.

Benefits of CasinoCoin for Players

As you might expect, it seems the creators of CasinoCoin have done their homework. If it works, they’ll have managed to solve several problems for both players and casino operators. Here’re the benefits:

1. It’s Built on the Ripple Blockchain

It’s Built on the Ripple Blockchain
It’s Built on the Ripple Blockchain

This blockchain is highly secure and is one of the fastest in existence when it comes to transaction times. While Bitcoin proponents fight over how to get its blockchain to be able to manage a few hundred more transactions per second, the Ripple blockchain has solved that issue and is capable of handling a whopping 1,000 transactions per second. It will likely be able to handle more in the future.

That’s exactly what the casino industry requires. With millions of people logging in to play around the world each day (although not all at the same time), a highly scalable blockchain is the only kind that’ll work if CasinoCoin is to become popular. The final thing is a backlog as thousands of people try to make deposits and withdrawals at once.

You’ll still have to find casinos that process withdrawals quickly, but it’s good to know that once it’s approved by the cashier, your money will be there before you can say, “Where the heck is the jackpot that I won at this casino?”

The Ripple blockchain is also entirely transparent. You can view and verify every single transaction ever made on it. Never again will a casino be able to claim you didn’t make a deposit or lie that it already sent you payment. It will be instantly verifiable right there on the public ledger.

This transparency is true of majority of blockchains, so it isn’t unique to CasinoCoin. However, combined with the lightning-fast speed of transactions on this one, and the virtually non-existent fees, CasinoCoin could not have picked a better blockchain. It’s a double win for us as casino players.

2. It’s Designed for the Regulated Online Gambling Market

CasinoCoin Designed for the Regulated Online Gambling Market
CasinoCoin Designed for the Regulated Online Gambling Market

CasinoCoin has a strong chance of being adopted by big-name brands with valid online gambling licenses.

Brands like Bet365 and 32Red accept Bitcoin and other cryptos because of the lack of regulatory clarity. These brands have hard-won gaming licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and others. They have to comply with strict KYC and Anti-Money Laundering laws, and they’re cannot risk accepting cryptocurrencies from unknown origins.

CasinoCoin has clearly thought this out and has built-in workarounds to ensure compliance. It’s still early, so the details on what these compliance measures might rely on are sparse, but it’s encouraging to know that we might be able to use CasinoCoin at some of the biggest, most trusted names in online casino gaming.

This also means that CasinoCoin probably won’t be developing its own online casino, but rather that it will work with existing regulated operators.

3. Transaction Fees Will Cost Less Than a Penny

You can also use XRP, which is the cryptocurrency that Ripple uses on its blockchain. When they say less than a penny, they mean it. You usually pay fees more in the ballpark of 1/10th of a penny for a transaction of a few hundred bucks.

4. It Will Have Its Own Bankroll Manager App

A cryptocurrency wallet is a piece of hardware or software that can hold your coins. Each wallet will have a private key, and only you will know what that key is. Therefore, only you can access the wallet. Your CasinoCoins will sit in your wallet until you are ready to deposit them, and that’s also where you’ll store them when you withdraw.

The CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager will have:

  • Tools to comply with all KYC and Anti-Money Laundering laws
  • Tools to help you manage your bankroll and spending

If CasinoCoin can verify who you are at the wallet level, it might remove the need for you to verify your account at every casino you play at. It would certainly solve a major pain in the neck for players and would save lots of time for operators.

When it comes to the second point, the wallet sets a hard cap on how much you can deposit, or at least made you aware that you are going over the pre-defined limit or perhaps forced some sort of time-out or cool-down period after an agreed limit was reached. The Bankroll Manager app has not been released yet, but we will keep an eye on it and will update you when it materializes.

Comparison to Other Cryptocurrencies

CasinoCoin distinguishes itself from other digital currencies by focusing specifically on the gambling industry. While many cryptocurrencies serve as general-purpose digital assets, CasinoCoin is designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of online casinos and gambling platforms. This specialization allows CasinoCoin to provide tailored solutions and benefits that are specifically relevant to the gambling industry.

Unique Features and Benefits of Using CasinoCoin in the Gambling Industry

  1. Compliance – CasinoCoin’s blockchain platform incorporates built-in compliance features, such as KYC and AML protocols, to ensure regulatory compliance within the gambling industry. This is essential for online casinos and gambling platforms that must adhere to strict regulatory standards.
  2. Speed and Efficiency – CasinoCoin’s dedicated blockchain platform enables fast and efficient transactions, providing seamless deposit and withdrawal experiences for users. The high transaction speeds are crucial in the fast-paced environment of online gambling.
  3. Enhanced Security – CasinoCoin employs advanced cryptographic algorithms to ensure the security and integrity of transactions and user data. The robust security measures protect against fraud and unauthorized access, enhancing the trust and confidence of users and gambling operators.
  4. Loyalty Programs and Rewards – CasinoCoin offers features that enable the integration of loyalty programs within the gambling industry. Users can earn CasinoCoins through their betting activities and loyalty to gambling platforms, allowing them to access exclusive rewards and incentives.

Future Developments

CasinoCoin continues to evolve and develop its platform to enhance its capabilities and provide even greater value to the gambling industry. Some potential future developments include:

  1. Expansion of Partnerships – CasinoCoin may establish partnerships with more online casinos and gambling platforms, broadening its adoption and usage within the industry. This expansion would create more opportunities for users to utilize CasinoCoin and benefit from its features.
  2. Integration with New Technologies – CasinoCoin may explore integration with emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to enhance the immersive gambling experience. These advancements could revolutionize the way users interact with online casinos and further differentiate CasinoCoin within the industry.
  3. Continual Improvement of Platform – CasinoCoin will likely focus on continually improving its dedicated blockchain platform, optimizing transaction speeds, scalability, and security. Ongoing development efforts will aim to provide an even more seamless and efficient experience for users and gambling operators.

How Far Along Is CasinoCoin and Can You Use It Now?

How Far Along Is CasinoCoin and Can You Use It Now?
How Far Along Is CasinoCoin and Can You Use It Now?

This is not a pre-concept project, though. You can download CasinoCoin wallets for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android devices now. You can also buy CasinoCoins on several cryptocurrency exchanges. If demand for these grows and supply is limited to just under 40 billion coins, it’s possible that they could appreciate in value.

CasinoCoin also seems to have made at least one noteworthy partnership. It recently announced that Cammegh Gaming, the world’s biggest supplier of roulette wheels, will issue a token on its blockchain and transmit data on it. This is not quite a casino accepting CasinoCoin, but it’s a start, and it means the project is moving in the right direction, making high-level connections, etc.


Gambling with cryptocurrencies is not for everyone. This is a project with serious potential to transform our industry. If the CasinoCoin development team delivers on its promises, the future of online gambling could get a whole lot brighter.


4. Is CasinoCoin a cryptocurrency?

Yes, CasinoCoin is a cryptocurrency, but it’s designed specifically for use within the online gambling industry, making it distinct from general-purpose cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

5. How can I acquire CasinoCoins?

You can acquire CasinoCoins by purchasing them from cryptocurrency exchanges that list CSC (CasinoCoin’s token symbol). Additionally, some online casinos and gambling platforms may offer CasinoCoins as part of their promotions or loyalty programs.

6. Can I use CasinoCoins at any online casino?

CasinoCoin’s adoption is not as widespread as traditional payment methods or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, it is accepted at select online casinos and gambling platforms that have integrated it into their payment systems.

7. What advantages does CasinoCoin offer to online gamblers?

CasinoCoin offers advantages such as faster transaction processing times, lower transaction fees, increased security, and the potential for greater transparency in gambling activities. It also promotes responsible gambling practices.

8. Is CasinoCoin regulated like traditional online gambling currencies?

CasinoCoin takes regulatory compliance seriously and offers tools to help operators meet legal requirements. However, regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and their use in online gambling vary by jurisdiction.

9. Can I convert CasinoCoins back to traditional currencies?

Yes, you can typically convert CasinoCoins back to traditional currencies like USD or EUR by using cryptocurrency exchanges that support CSC. The availability of exchange options may vary.

10. How does CasinoCoin promote responsible gambling?

CasinoCoin includes features and tools designed to support responsible gambling, such as the ability to set limits on deposits, losses, and playtime. These features aim to provide a safer and more enjoyable gambling experience.

11. Is CasinoCoin secure?

Yes, CasinoCoin uses blockchain technology, which is known for its security features. Transactions are recorded on a decentralized ledger, making it difficult for malicious actors to manipulate the system.

12. Where can I find more information about CasinoCoin and its partners?

You can find more information about CasinoCoin, its partners, and the latest updates on the official CasinoCoin website and through reputable cryptocurrency news sources.

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