Pub With Pokies Near Me

Pub With Pokies Near Me
Pub With Pokies Near Me

If you are a pokie freak, you might be fretting about where to find your pokies paradise. Let us be your guide!

Well, fret no more; we will help you find the nearest pub with pokies. No more aimlessly wandering down cobbled streets, squinting at sun-bleached pub signs, or crossing your fingers for the twinkle of pokies lights.

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So, grab your thirst and lucky charm because the Pokie finder is on your side. Just tell me where you’re calling home today, whether it’s the bustling streets of Auckland, the rugged shores of Dunedin, or somewhere in between, and I’ll find out the closest pokies paradise fit for a Kiwi pokies pro like yourself.

Remember, gamble responsibly and always prioritize fun over fortune. Now, let’s get this pokies party started!

Let’s Find Your Closest Pub With Pokies

Let's Find Your Closest Kiwi Pub
Let’s Find Your Closest Kiwi Pub

Hold on, pokies players! Before whisking you away to your jackpot delight, we must know where to start. Think of it like setting the compass for you. The closer we know you are, the faster you spin reels and sip suds.

Here are a few ways to point us in the right direction:

  • Maps: If you are a technology nerd, use Google Maps integration to pinpoint your location with a click. Let the little blue dot be your guide!
  • Pick Your Location: Not feeling the tech vibes? Never mind. Choose your city or region from the handy dropdown menu, and you will cover all the major Kiwi spots.
  • Get Specific: Know exactly where you’re setting out. Type your suburb or address in the nifty text box, and watch as your local pokies pub magically appears.

Don’t fret if you’re unsure or want to change your mind – you can switch between these options like a master pokies player switching machines.

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Top Pubs Near You in NZ

Alright, pokies pro, location locked in for the Land of the Long White Cloud! Now, let’s unveil your pokies paradise with tempting options: you’ll hit that “spin” button faster than ever chasing a frisbee.

Best 3 picks:

1. The Lucky Shamrock:

The Lucky Shamrock
The Lucky Shamrock
  • Vibe: This Irish-themed gem is known for its warmth, charm, staff, and lively atmosphere. It is perfect for a post-work unwind or a weekend pokies session with mates.
  • Pokies Playground: There are over 30 machines to choose from, including classic reelers, flashy pokies, and even a few progressive jackpots. Get ready to chase your dream.
  • Specials & Events: Watch for their “Shamrock Shuffle” Wednesdays, free nibbles and bonus spins, or their weekend “Pot O’ Gold” jackpot draws.
  • Bonus: They’ve got a killer bonus on tap and a menu packed with hearty pub fare.

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Check them out:

2. The Rusty Pelican:

The Rusty Pelican
The Rusty Pelican
  • Vibe: This nautical-themed beauty has a relaxed, coastal vibe, perfect for soaking up the sun with a cold one and a few spins. They even have a deck for those balmy Kiwi evenings.
  • Pokies Bounty boasts a diverse selection of around 25 machines, catering to all tastes. Think classic fruit machines, ocean-themed video pokies, and a high-roller VIP lounge.
  • Specials & Events: Tuesdays are “Twoonie Tuesdays” with double loyalty points, while Fridays bring happy hour with discounted drinks and bar bites.
  • Bonus: Their seafood chowder is legendary, and they often have live music nights to crank up the fun factor.

Dive in:

3. Taupo Lucky Lizard

Taupo Lucky Lizard
Taupo Lucky Lizard
  1. Vibe: Taupo Lucky Lizard: local charm meets Vegas buzz, laughter flows, pokies clink, and a welcome awaits.
  2. Pokies: 40+ machines from classic bandits to dazzling video, progressive jackpots whisper jackpot dreams.
  3. Events: Happy Hour Hijinks, Spin-tastic Sundays, Board Game Bonanza, Brewhouse Brunch, fuel your pokies fun.
  4. Bonus: Pool table challenges, juicy burgers, in-house craft beers, board game breaks, and more will help you unwind in style.

Get Lively:

Remember, this is just a taste of the pokies paradise that awaits in New Zealand! With so many options, you will find the perfect pub to match your mood and pokies preferences.

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Please note that gambling laws and regulations vary in different regions. Always gamble responsibly and within your limits.

Tips for a Top-Tier Kiwi Pub Adventure

Tips for a Top-Tier Kiwi Pub Adventure
Tips for a Top-Tier Kiwi Pub Adventure

Before diving into that spin-based paradise, let’s discuss some bonus tips! Pokies are best enjoyed responsibly and with a healthy, fun dose.

So, buckle up for some wisdom to make your Kiwi pub adventure truly epic:

1. Spin Smart, Play Safe:

  • Set a budget and stick to it: Treat your pokies session like any other night out. Decide how much you’re comfortable spending beforehand and stick to it religiously. No chasing losses, no impulsive splurges – just responsible fun.
  • Time flies when you win: Set a time limit for your pokies session and stick to it. Use alarms, phone reminders, or even a pokies-pal to nudge you out the door when the time’s up. Remember, time lost in the pokies world can’t be rewound.
  • Know your limits: Don’t be afraid to walk away if things aren’t going your way. It’s perfectly okay to call it a night and come back another day with fresh eyes. Responsible gambling is about knowing when to fold, not just when to hold.

2. Kiwi Pokie Play by the Rules:

  • 18+ only: In New Zealand, pokies are strictly for adults. You must be 18 or older to step foot in a pub with pokies machines. So, keep your ID handy and don’t try your luck if you’re not of age.
  • Photo ID, please: Don’t be surprised if you’re asked for a photo ID at the pub, even if you look older than Methuselah. It’s just the responsible thing to do, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your pokies fun because of a forgotten ID.
  • Know the machine limits: Each pokies machine has its betting limits, so check before you start spinning. This way, you won’t get any nasty surprises regarding budgeting or wagering.

3. Pub Fun for Everyone:

  • Not everyone’s a pokies pro: If you’re with friends who aren’t into pokies, fear not! Most pubs have plenty of other ways to entertain yourselves. Challenge your mates to a game of pool, sing your hearts out at karaoke, or catch up over some delicious pub grub and frosty beverages.
  • Explore the pub: Don’t just be glued to the pokies screen. Take a moment to soak in the atmosphere. Check out the pub’s decor, chat with the staff, or discover hidden nooks and crannies for a change of scenery. You might be surprised at what you find!
  • Embrace the outdoors: Enjoy the fresh Kiwi air if the weather’s nice. Many pubs have outdoor patios or beer gardens where you can relax, chat, and soak up the sunshine. It’s a way to unwind after (or before) your pokies session.

Remember, playing responsibly, being aware of the local regulations, and embracing all the other fun activities pubs offer, you’re guaranteed a top-tier Kiwi pokies adventure! So, set your limits and spin your way to a memorable pub night filled with laughter, camaraderie, and maybe even some pokies luck. Cheers!

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Remember, the real treasure isn’t just the clinking of coins or the spin. It’s the laughter shared with mates, the warm pub atmosphere, and the memories forged over frosty beverages.


1. How do I find the pub closest to me with pokies?

You can find the closest pub to play pokies near you by using maps:

Location services: Use apps like Google Maps, Foursquare, or specific pokies apps to automatically locate nearby pubs with pokies based on your current location.

Search engines: Google is your friend! Search for “pubs with pokies near me” or refine your search by adding your city or neighbourhood.

Local knowledge: Ask friends, family, or locals for recommendations. Word-of-mouth can be a way to discover hidden gems.

2. What about age restrictions and ID checks?

Remember, pokies are strictly for adults in New Zealand! You must be 18 or older to step foot in a pub with pokies machines.

Always carry your ID: Don’t risk missing out on the pokies fun – have your photo ID readily available for any potential checks.

3. How do I choose the right pub for me?

Consider the vibe: Do you prefer a lively sports bar, a cozy neighbourhood hangout, or a modern lounge? Check out pub photos and reviews to get a feel for the atmosphere.

Pokies preferences: What kind of pokies do you enjoy? Classic reels, video slots, or something in between? Many pubs list their machine types online.

Special offers and events: Look for pubs with happy hours, pokies tournaments, or other perks that add to the fun.

4. Are there any responsible gambling resources available?

Absolutely! The Department of Internal Affairs provides valuable resources on responsible gambling practices and support services. You can visit their website or call their Helpline at 0800 654 655.

Always set limits and stick to them! Decide how much you’re comfortable spending, and never chase losses. Remember, pokies are for entertainment, not a quick way to wealth.

5. What can I do besides pokies at the pub?

Pubs offer more than spinning reels! You can enjoy live music, sports screenings, pool tables, board games, delicious food, and refreshing drinks.

Many pubs also host trivia nights, open mic nights, and other fun events.

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