Are Land-based Casinos Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Are Land-based Casinos Becoming a Thing of Past?
Are Land-based Casinos Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Casinos have existed for many years in the traditional sense, and public areas used for gambling have existed for millennia. Could that all change within the next few decades? Everything from buying a home to getting a college degree can now be accomplished from home.

With that being said, it’s difficult to imagine car dealerships or university campuses disappearing. While in gambling, there’s a real question to be asked about whether or not a casino is necessary. Are Land-based Casinos Becoming a Thing of the Past? In this post, you will see land-based casinos become a thing of the past.

Are Land-based Casinos Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Hello, fellow Kiwi players! While online gambling has been growing rapidly in popularity, land-based casinos still have a significant presence in New Zealand. However, the pandemic has substantially impacted the industry, and land-based casino news suggests that many have struggled to stay afloat.

Nevertheless, offline casino machines and land are still popular options for those who prefer the traditional casino experience. So, while land-based casinos may face challenges, it seems they are not yet becoming a thing of the past.

1 – It’s Convenient to Gamble from Home

It’s Convenient to Gamble from Home
It’s Convenient to Gamble from Home

Today, people prefer doing things from the comfort of their own spaces. Whether ordering groceries, buying clothes, banking, or even doing their full-time jobs. It is true what they say: There’s no place like home.

Regarding other games like Pokies, there are plenty of digital alternatives to the “real thing.” There’s an argument to be made that it’s the smart thing to do to play online since the odds will usually be better than you’ll find in any casino.

It is a fact operating an online casino is much, much less expensive than keeping a brick-and-mortar gambling establishment running. For that reason, online casinos can offer better odds to players and acquire some gamblers who would have previously jumped in the car and headed downtown to the casino.

Although personal preference differs, when it comes to the matchup between online gambling and physical casinos, online platforms have the edge in both their convenience and the odds they present to players.

2 – Some people don’t want to be home

Some people don’t want to be home
Some people don’t want to be home

It is not like some people who go to casinos are trying to get away from something at home, but sometimes, they might long for another environment and a space to be alone. If a player likes gambling more for social interaction or considers it to be a mini “vacation,”; the online alternatives are just not going to cut it.

Of course, people visit casinos in their own towns;4 but it’s hard to imagine the locals supporting a place like Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Gambling is an exciting activity that is meant for vacations. Even those who don’t gamble can see the appeal in trying their luck at the casino located within the resort they’re staying at for the weekend.

Although there are many different things, you can do at home that you traditionally could not do in the past. But keep in mind that there are still stores people visit to shop physically. There are still movie theatres and many other examples that every “in-person” experience has not been replaced.

Now, the real question is – how much demand will there be for in-person casinos in the future? The idea that nobody would like to go to a casino if they can gamble online seems, at best, unrealistic.

3 – Hybrid models exist already

Hybrid models exists already
Hybrid models exist already.

Casinos have never been hesitant about embracing new technology. More casinos offer digital gaming options than ever before. Whether you’re playing poker, blackjack, roulette, or any other game you can think of, there’s a video option on the gaming floor.

Today, casinos have recognized that although they may cost more initially, not having to pay a dealer or croupier to operate the games has a financial benefit. Nobody wants to take jobs away from the casino staff, but when automation dominates all types of industries, casinos are no exception.

You might be asking, “Why would I want to go to the casino to play a game I could easily play at home?” The answer goes back to the number one reason why I think casinos will always be around in the future in some capacity. It’s a unique environment with its own quirks and entertainment value.

People will always want to gamble whether it’s legalized sports betting, video game opportunities, or traditional casino favourites. Just as people like to drink at bars instead of at home, they want to gamble at a casino rather than at home.

The future of casinos is still uncertain, but it is interesting to see what solutions industry experts will come up with to counter the rise of at-home gambling.

4 – Casinos can adjust

Casinos can adjust
Casinos can adjust

All industries have had to embrace and evolve strategies to fit today’s online-first economy. Casinos have done this by shifting more of their business online. Some of the biggest digital gambling platforms are run by the same companies operating big, luxurious brick-and-mortar locations in several different towns worldwide.

Casinos are at a turning point. It seems logical that those determining what goes out on the gaming floor would ask, “Do we really need all those blackjack tables?” Or better yet, “Would the space that those roulette tables occupy be better used with something else in their place?” The best part about the business model for casinos is that they’re not just in the gambling business, but they’re also in the “entertainment” business.

That means concerts, ostentatious, acrobatic shows, and plenty of conventions are all held at the casino. Even if more people are gambling online for real money, it’s hard to imagine a world where a live show online is going to become the public’s preference.

It’s not easy to predict the future of entertainment, but as it evolves, I would be surprised if casinos don’t evolve with it. It has been proven that venues will always be in demand, and casinos are one of the venue types that have persisted for hundreds of years. They may look a little different in the future, but then again, they look different today than they did 100 years ago.

Challenges Faced by Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos have long been a popular destination for gambling enthusiasts seeking the excitement of the casino experience. However, the industry faces several challenges, including competition from online casinos, economic pressures, social concerns, and regulatory hurdles. Let’s take a closer look at these challenges and how they affect the traditional casino industry.

  1. Competition from Online Casinos – The simplicity of playing casino games from home and a wide selection of games and bonuses has boosted competition for traditional casinos. Players can access online casinos around the clock without incurring travel, lodging, or other costs connected with playing offline casino slots.
  2. Economic Challenges – With costs like labour, utilities, and maintenance, running a physical casino is expensive. Revenue has been significantly impacted by closures and reduced capacity caused by the pandemic. Due to financial difficulties, many casinos had to decrease their staff or close entirely.
  3. Social Challenges – Casinos with physical locations have come under fire for encouraging gambling addiction and other societal problems. Due to increased regulation and public scrutiny, it is now harder to draw in new clients and uphold a good reputation.
  4. Regulatory Challenges – Numerous rules for casinos can change depending on the jurisdiction. These rules can be time and money-consuming to comply with, necessitating continuing investments in employee training and other resources.

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While land-based casinos have been a staple of the gambling industry for many years, they are not without their challenges. From the rise of online casinos to increased regulations and societal pressures, the traditional casino experience is facing significant headwinds.

Despite this, many casinos have demonstrated resilience, finding ways to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. As the industry evolves, it will be fascinating to see how land-based casinos continue to innovate and stay relevant to the next generation of players.

Future of Land-Based Casinos

The future of land-based casinos is an exciting topic, with new technologies and trends transforming the traditional gambling experience. From the integration with online casinos to the expansion into developing countries, let’s explore some of the ways that land-based casinos are adapting to stay relevant in a changing industry.

Innovations in Technology

To improve the gaming experience, land-based casinos are investing in cutting-edge technology. These technological advancements, which range from facial recognition and biometric sensors to virtual reality and augmented reality, are made to increase security, customise player experiences, and produce immersive gaming environments.

Emphasis on Entertainment

Land-based casinos are putting more of an emphasis on entertainment as online casinos’ competition increases. This includes emphasising live music, celebrity appearances, and other entertainment options that appeal to a wider demographic than just gamblers.

Expansion in Developing Countries

With the gambling industry becoming more competitive, many land-based casinos are seeking new opportunities for growth. One potential avenue is expansion into developing countries, where there is significant potential for tapping into new markets and attracting a younger generation of players. By investing in these regions, casinos can not only grow their customer base but also create new jobs and stimulate local economies. However, expansion into developing countries also presents challenges such as navigating unfamiliar regulations and cultural differences. Despite these challenges, many casinos see the potential rewards as too great to ignore and are pursuing expansion into these markets.

Integration with Online Casinos

Some land-based casinos are welcoming the trend and attempting to combine their operations with online platforms rather than seeing online casinos as a threat. To provide players with the best of both worlds, this can involve collaborations with online casinos as well as the creation of their own online gaming platforms.


Q. How are land-based casinos adapting to stay relevant?

Ans – Land-based casinos are growing into developing markets, putting an emphasis on entertainment, investing in new technologies, and collaborating with internet casinos. These tactics aim to improve the overall gaming experience and draw in new players.

Q. Are land-based casinos still worth visiting?

Ans – Yes, a lot of people still like the thrill and companionship of going to a physical casino. Online casinos are practical, but they lack the excitement of being at a real-world casino.

Q. What does the future hold for land-based casinos?

Ans – Due to the way that new developments and innovations are altering the traditional gaming experience, there is a significant discussion surrounding the future of land-based casinos. The future success of land-based casinos is anticipated to depend heavily on their ability to expand into emerging regions, integrate with online casinos, and prioritise entertainment.

Q. How can land-based casinos attract younger generations of players?

Ans – To offer immersive gaming experiences, land-based casinos are investing in cutting-edge technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Younger players might also be drawn in by emphasising fun and social activities like live music and events.


It is a fact, physical casinos are going to go the way of the dodo bird. It’s a near certainty that the growth of online gaming platforms is only going to increase in the near future. As gambling laws become more lenient, the potential for growth is endless.

Experts will say that beat the experience of going to the casino to gamble, but future generations may not feel the same. It’s stored in the future, but it is prediction is that casinos will have to reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

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