Dunedin Casino

In 1999 the Dunedin Casino was born. After taking an old hotel from the nineteenth century and developing it into a world-class casino that you see today.

Dunedin Casino is a stand-alone casino located in New Zealand which remains open all 7 days of the week! If you are living close to NZ, why would you visit Las Vegas for gambling? There is a much better option of Dunedin Casino in NZ than to visit Las Vegas if you are a gambling freak. This casino is a great place of high rollers and also for low rollers. In case you are here not to play, there are plenty of other options and events that can keep you entertained like eating the most happening café at the property.

The Dunedin Casino is classed as a boutique casino as it is not as big as its competitors, but what it lacks in size it makes up in personality and entertainment.

Let’s find out 8 features of Dunedin Casino that you must know before you visit this wonderful casino at NZ.

1. Gaming room

Gaming Room

The gaming room offers a wide variety of casino games including 12 gaming tables and 180 electronic gaming machines. You can enjoy everything from Baccarat and Blackjack to Poker and Roulette, oh and don’t forget the hundreds of pokies on offer to play too.

2. Poker


It is one of the main games that bring players to the Dunedin Casino as the tables offer a place for all skill levels of poker players a place to enjoy their table games.

The Dunedin Casino offers weekly cash poker tournaments that players can buy into. To buy into a Dunedin Casino poker tournament costs around $35 and the winning amount is dependent on the number of tournament entrants. An example would be 20 players in the tournament deliver the first prize of $300.

3. Dress code

The dress code at the Dunedin Casino is smart casual, this means no sports clothing, headwear, or torn clothes, but it also means you can wear your favorite smart clothes without having to don your suit.

4. Accommodation & Hotel

Accommodation & Hotel

The Dunedin Casino also offers the hotel called the Scenic Hotel Southern Cross where there are a total of one hundred and seventy-eight hotel suites and rooms. These hotels are managed by the Scenic Hotels group and offer the best in luxury that Dunedin has to offer.

5. Food


Of course, when you play games, you get hungry! You can have a bite at Dunedin Casino’s Grand Bar. They offer an extensive menu (a-la-carte). Starting from the traditional Steak, you can fix your hunger pangs deliciously. At a decent price, the food wouldn’t be a big deal. You must have a sweet tooth as they offer something special for you for desserts!

I would suggest not to miss out on the Fish and Chip Fridays. The Panko chicken is also quite delicious and is easy in the pockets. Both the dishes are accompanied by French fries and the yummiest dip. The ambiance and the service will make you feel like a king at the restaurant. You can enjoy a fulfilling dinner in this restaurant!

6. Entertainment


There is a popular bar called the Grand Bar and Cafe at the Dunedin Casino. Here you can enjoy fine wines and alcoholic beverages or simply a coffee or tea in between your gaming experience.

The cafe doubles up as a wonderful restaurant where you can enjoy some amazing dishes from the menu on offer which covers everything from seafood and meat dishes to salads and more.

7. Jobs


The Dunedin Casino clearly respects its employees and says “We value our employees and recognize the vital role they play in our continuing success.”

There are brilliant benefits for working at the Dunedin Casino including career progression to help people develop their skills.

8. Parking


The Dunedin Casino offers secure parking for 24 hours of the day at $1 per hour, the price can also be paid for by bonus points.

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