What Do Lines Mean In Pokies?

What Do Lines Mean In Pokies?
What Do Lines Mean In Pokies?

Pokie machines, also known as pokies, are like spinning reels and symbols. But a hidden secret lies amidst the twinkling lights and catchy tunes: lines. These aren’t just decorative stripes, they’re the invisible pathways to potential jackpots!

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Imagine the reels as colourful wheels filled with cheeky monkeys, glittering gems, and maybe even some lucky sevens. Now, picture invisible lines crisscrossing the screen, like roads connecting the symbols.

When you spin the reels, symbols dance and shift, and if they land in the right combinations on lines, boom! You’ve hit a win!

Mastering the art of lines is key to unlocking the pokies’ true treasures. Explore the different line patterns, and watch your next spin light up with the magic of winning combinations.

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Types of Pokie Lines

Types of Pokie Lines
Types of Pokie Lines

1. Classic Lines

Remember the old-school charm of three horizontal lines running across the reels? That’s where it all began! These classic lines are the OG’s, the tried-and-true pathways to fruity wins.

Line up those cherries, lemons, and lucky sevens on one of these lines, and you’re a pokie pioneer! Simple, straightforward, and oh-so-satisfying.

2. Multi-Line

But hold on, the pokie manufacturers love to innovate! Multi-lines, where lines zig-zag, dip diagonally, and crisscross like a dazzling spiderweb.

Think 20, 50, or even hundreds of winning paths! It’s a symphony of symbols where combinations can send your payout skyrocketing. Embrace the complexity, explore the patterns, and watch the wins tumble like a colourful avalanche!

3. Beyond the Lines

Who says winning has to follow a straight line? Some pokies throw the rulebook out the window with innovative win conditions like “win anywhere” and “cluster pays.” In these free-spirited lines, symbols don’t need to be on a predefined line as long as they cluster together in specific patterns.

It’s like a kaleidoscope of possibilities, where any corner of the screen holds the potential for a sparkling win! So, ditch the rigid lines and embrace the freeform fun!

Remember, navigating the world of lines is your key to mastering the pokies. Choose your style, activate your pathways, and get ready to paint the screens with winning combinations!

What Do Lines Mean In Pokies and How Lines Affect Your Bet

How Lines Affect Your Bet
How Lines Affect Your Bet

1. Activating Your Adventure

Before spinning, you can choose which lines to activate. Most pokies offer buttons or options for selecting your desired lines.

Remember: Each active line increases your bet size. So, activating 10 lines means your bet will be 10 times the base bet per line.

2. The All-In Strategy vs. Selective Play

  • Playing All Lines: This approach activates every possible winning path, maximizing your chances of hitting a win on any spin. It’s the ultimate strategy but comes with a higher price tag.
  • Playing Selected Lines: This strategy involves choosing specific lines based on your budget or preferred patterns. It allows for more control over your bet size but might limit your winning potential.

3. Bonus Bonanza

Some lines hold hidden powers! Specific line combinations can trigger bonus rounds, free spins, or special features like multipliers and wilds. These bonus features can inject fun and potential for bigger wins into your pokie adventure.

Advanced Line Strategies

Advanced Line Strategies
Advanced Line Strategies

Finding the right line strategy is a personal quest. It’s about striking a balance between your budget, risk tolerance, and winning goals. Experiment with different approaches, observe how lines influence your wins, and discover the strategy that aligns with your unique pokie journey!

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Ready to take your pokie game to the next level? Buckle up, adventurer, because we’re exploring advanced line strategies!

1. Volatility and Payout

Remember, not all lines are created equal. Here’s how their configurations impact your gameplay:

  • High-Line Pokie Playgrounds: These games boast numerous lines (think hundreds!), offering many winning paths. While wins might be frequent, they tend to be smaller. Perfect for players who love the constant action!
  • Low-Line Lazy Lounges: Would you prefer a chill pokie session with higher payout potential? Opt for games with fewer lines. Wins might be less frequent, but they can be much bigger when they hit. It is ideal for cautious players who like to savour the anticipation.

2. Cracking the Paytable Code

  • Every pokie holds a secret treasure map: the paytable. This document reveals the payouts associated with each symbol combination on different lines. Don’t underestimate its power!
  • Analyze the Pay Lines: See how much each symbol pays when it lands on specific lines. This helps you understand which lines offer the biggest potential payouts.
  • Bonus Trigger Secrets: Discover which line combinations unlock bonus rounds and special features. Knowing this allows you to strategize your line selection for maximum bonus action!

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3. Finding Your Perfect Pokie

With countless pokies out there, choosing the right one is key. Here’s how to match your style with the perfect line setup:

  • Big Budget Bonanza: If you’re a high roller seeking adrenaline, high-volatility pokies with massive line configurations are your playground. Just remember, prepare for a roller coaster ride!
  • Budget-Conscious Champion: Craving fun without breaking the bank? Low-volatility games with fewer lines offer smaller but steadier wins. Perfect for stretching your pokie budget!
  • Bonus Round Buffs: Do you live for the bonus rounds? Seek out pokies with lines that frequently trigger your favourite features. It’s all about maximizing your bonus bonanza!

Remember, the pokie world is your oyster. Experiment with different line configurations, decode the paytable secrets and choose games that sync with your playstyle and budget. With these advanced strategies in your arsenal, you’ll navigate the maze of lines like a seasoned pokie champion!

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The lines in pokie machines aren’t just visual decorations but the invisible pathways to glittering wins. Understanding them is the difference between a casual spin and an adventure.


  • Lines dictate your winning possibilities, influencing the frequency and size of payouts.
  • Choosing the right lines balances your budget, risk tolerance, and winning aspirations.
  • Decoding the paytable and exploring different line configurations empowers you to make informed decisions.

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How many lines should I activate on a pokie machine?

It depends on your budget and preferred playstyle. Playing all lines maximizes your winning chances but increases your bet size.

For a more controlled experience, choose specific lines based on their payout potential and bonus triggers.

Do all lines offer the same payouts?

Payouts vary depending on the symbol combination and the specific line it lands on. Consult the paytable to understand which lines offer bigger rewards.

What are “win anywhere” and “cluster pays” pokies?

These pokies offer alternative win conditions where symbols don’t need to fall on specific lines. In “win anywhere” games, they must be adjacent on the reels. In “cluster pays,” they must form clusters of specific shapes.

How do lines trigger bonus rounds and special features?

Certain line combinations can activate bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, and other features. Check the paytable and game information to see which lines unlock these extras.

Are there pokies with diagonal or zig-zag lines?

Yes! Many modern pokies feature complex line patterns that go beyond traditional horizontal lines. Explore different games to discover unique line configurations that suit your taste.

I’m a beginner. What type of pokie would you recommend based on lines?

For starters, try a low-volatility pokie with fewer lines. This offers smaller but steadier wins, allowing you to get comfortable with the game mechanics before diving into high-risk, high-reward games with numerous lines.

Is there a strategy for playing pokies based on lines?

Yes, understanding line configurations and payouts can inform your betting decisions. Analyze the payables, choose lines based on your budget and goals, and experiment with different strategies to find what works best.

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