Pokie Machines 5 Reels vs 7 Reels – Which One To Play?

Pokie Machines 5 Reels vs 7 Reels - Which One To Play?
Pokie Machines 5 Reels vs 7 Reels – Which One To Play?

Pokie machines are popular gambling devices found in casinos, pubs, and online gaming platforms.

They feature spinning reels with various symbols, and players wager money to align these symbols in specific patterns to win prizes.

Pokie machines can have multiple reels, like 3 reels, 5 reels, 7 reels, or rarely, 9 reels.

5 Reels and 7 Reels are the most common ones worldwide players play.

Features5-Reel Machines7-Reel Machines
SymbolLimited variety of symbols due to fewer reels.Expanded the number of pay lines, providing more ways to win.
PaylinesTypically offer multiple paylines, often adjustable.RTP may vary, competing with 5-reel machines and offering fair returns to players.
GameplayIt has simpler gameplay, which is best for beginners.Complex gameplay, appealing to experienced players.
BonusStandard bonus rounds like free spins and multipliers.More elaborate bonus features with interactive elements and higher payouts.
Risk vs. RewardLower risk with lower payouts.Higher risk with larger rewards.
AvailabilityAvailable in casinos and online platforms.Less common than 5-reel machines
Player PreferencesPreferred by beginnersSuitable for experienced players
Budget ConsiderationsWide range of betting options suitable for various budgets.Higher minimum bet requirements are suitable for high-rollers.
VolatilityLower volatility, offering more frequent but smaller wins.Higher volatility with fewer larger wins
RTPHigh RTP ranging from 90% to 98%.RTP may vary, competitive with 5-reel machines, offering fair returns to players.

Understanding Pokie Machines

Understanding Pokie Machines
Understanding Pokie Machines

Pokies work on a random number generator (RNG) system, ensuring each spin is independent and unpredictable.

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ReelsCylindrical drums contain symbols that spin and determine outcomes.
SymbolsVarious icons are arranged on the reels, and play a role in winning combinations.
PaylinesPatterns along which winning combinations occur, with multiple options for players to adjust.
Control PanelVarious icons are arranged on the reels and play a role in winning combinations.
Display ScreenInterface for players to adjust settings, i.e. bet size and paylines.

5 Reels Vs 7 Reels Pokies

5 Reels Vs 7 Reels Pokies
5 Reels Vs 7 Reels Pokies

Each type of pokie offers a unique gaming experience with specific benefits and drawbacks.

5-Reel Pokie Machines:

  • 5-reel pokie machines feature five spinning reels containing various symbols.
  • These machines are the most common in casinos, pubs, and online gaming platforms.

Benefits of Playing on 5-Reel Machines:

  • Common Type: 5-reel machines are easily available in various locations.
  • Simple Gameplay: 5-reel pokies are easy to learn and play, making them suitable for beginners and experienced players.
  • Themes and Features: A wide range of themes and feature sets

In summary, 5-reel pokie machines are easily found, easy to learn and play with wide range of themes and features.

7 Reels Pokie Machine:

  • 7-reel pokie machines have seven spinning reels, offering an extended gameplay experience compared to 5-reel machines.
  • less common than 5-reel machines, 7-reel pokies are gaining popularity for their complexity and rewards.

Advantages of Playing on 7-Reel Machines:

  • Enhanced Gameplay with Additional Reels: The extra reels provide more opportunities for creating winning combinations, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay.
  • More Winning Combinations: With more reels and symbols, 7-reel machines offer more potential winning combinations, increasing the likelihood of landing a payout.
  • Higher Payouts: Due to the increased number of winning combinations, 7-reel machines may offer larger payouts compared to their 5-reel counterparts, attracting players seeking bigger rewards.

7-reel pokie machines are known for increased gameplay with additional reels, increased winning combinations, and the chances for higher payouts.

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How to Choose the Right Pokie Machine?

How to Choose the Right Pokie Machine?
How to Choose the Right Pokie Machine?

Here are the tips for choosing the right machine:

1. Check RTPHigher RTP means better long-term payouts.
Look for machines with RTP above 95%.
2. Know VolatilityLook for volatility based on your preference.
Low volatility for frequent wins.
High volatility for bigger wins less often.
3. Set BudgetStick to a budget.
Only play with money you can afford to lose.
4. Check BonusLook for machines with bonus round.
Or free spins.
5. Read ReviewsRead player reviews to know how often it pays.
6. Try Demo VersionsTest games for free to know features and learning.
7. Learn House EdgeA lower house edge means a better chance of winning.
Choose lower house edge machines for better chances of winning.
8. Bet ResponsiblyPlace bets within your limits.
Do not chase losses.
9. Study PaytableGet familiar with the paytable.
It helps to know winning combinations and payouts.

Choosing the right pokie machine involves considering your personal preferences, implementing effective bankroll management strategies, and experimenting with different machines to find the one that best suits your gaming style and goals.

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Finally, choosing between 5-reel and 7-reel pokie machines is a personal decision.

Some players may prefer the simplicity of 5-reel machines, while others may enjoy the complexity and potential rewards of 7-reel machines.

It’s necessary to consider gameplay style, budget, and volatility to find the machine that best suits your preferences and objectives.


1. Do 7-reel pokie machines have a higher house edge than 5-reel ones?

The house edge is determined by game’s design, RTP, and the casino’s policies. Not just by the number of reels.

You should check the details of each game to understand its house edge.

2. Do 7-reel pokie machines have different bonus features than 5-reel machines?

Yes, 7-reel machines may have different bonuses to adjust with additional reels.

These might include wild symbols, cascading reels, or multi-level bonus rounds.

3. Can I find progressive jackpots on 7-reel pokie machines?

While progressive jackpots are mostly with 5-reel machines, some 7-reel games may also feature progressive jackpots.

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4. Can I find 7-reel pokie machines in land-based casinos, or are they primarily available online?

While 5-reel machines are mostly found in most land-based casinos, some may offer a selection of 7-reel machines.

5. Are 7-reel pokie machines more likely to feature innovative gameplay mechanics than 5-reel machines?

Due to additional reels and complex gameplay, 7-reel machines may offer unique and innovative mechanics not commonly found in traditional 5-reel games.

This could include unconventional reel layouts, interactive bonus rounds, or dynamic symbols that change during gameplay.

6. How can I compare and contrast different 5-reel and 7-reel pokies before playing?

Look for reviews, demos, or information about RTP (Return to Player) and volatility.

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