Aristocrat Pokies Lightning Link

lightning link aristocrat online pokies
Aristocrat Pokies Lightning Link

Lightning Link by Aristocrat is a standout online pokie, boasting an innovative set of linked games with progressive jackpots. Its acclaim isn’t limited to just one region; from New Zealand and Australia to North America, Europe, Latin America, and even Macau, players worldwide have been captivated by its exciting gameplay.

Credit for this masterfully designed game goes to Scott Live, who crafted it to cater to everyone – whether you’re a low-stakes beginner, a high roller, or just playing casually. With its intuitive interface and thrilling features, it promises to keep players engrossed from start to finish.

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Lightening Link
Lightening link

Versatility and Accessibility: The Aristocrat Pokies Experience for NZ Players

Online pokies lightning link is a unique pokies game with multi-denominations, a multi-format jackpot offering that combines both link and SAP jackpots, an excellent mix of games that attract a wide range of players, and a patented new jackpot mechanic for innovative gameplay and trigger methodology. You can play this pokies game even with your smartphone be it iPhone or iPad.

Lightening Link Pokies
Lightening link

Although Aristocrat is an Australian company born and bred, players in this region are not allowed to enjoy the real money versions of all the exciting entertainment on offer, however, NZ players are not bound by any of these restrictions. You can enjoy legal real money pokies play whenever you desire, and with the jackpots and potential payouts on offer, Aristocrat pokies are easily the superior choice.

Bet as little or as large as you like and there are even progressive pokie games that payout enormous jackpots almost at random. You can change your life in a single spin with these accumulative Aristocrat pokies games, or you can reap the rewards of the multiple bonus rounds offered by many top titles.

Historical Performance

Since its inception, Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies has seen exponential growth in popularity. Within its first year of release, the game was already accounting for an impressive 15% of all pokies plays in New Zealand. By its third year, this number soared to 35%, marking its dominance in the market.

The game wasn’t just a hit in New Zealand; it became a global sensation. By 2020, it was estimated that over 10 million players worldwide had tried their hand at Lightning Link.

Its accolades are a testament to its excellence. The game bagged the prestigious ‘Best Slot Game’ at the Global Gaming Awards in 2019 and again in 2021. These awards were not just for its engaging gameplay but also for its innovative approach to integrating linked games with progressive jackpots.

Beyond these notable milestones, the game’s community-driven approach, frequent updates, and player-centric features have sustained its position as a fan-favorite for years.

Lightening link- Pokies games to play
Games to play with Lightning Link Pokies

You can play lightning link pokies online for free with various Aristocrat apps or at online casinos. This generous progressive pokies offers players four different progressive jackpots where you can win hundreds of thousands of dollars with also smaller jackpots that you can win worth hundreds of prizes and cash too. There are four different themes or pokies that you can choose from Happy Lantern, High Stakes, Magic Pearl, and Sahara Gold. You can either go on playing sequence-wise or can try whichever game you wish to play first.

Understanding the Game: All four base games of the Lightning Link pokie themes function similarly to any standard pokie. You’ll aim to align three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line. While each game might feature different symbols, the two main bonus features remain consistent across the board.

Strategies for Success: Winning at Lightning Link pokies isn’t just about understanding the basics; it’s also about employing smart strategies to maximize your chances:

  • Opt for High Payout Machines: Seek out machines with a payout rate of 96% or higher. This information is usually available in the paytable or through online research.
  • Bet Wisely: The bigger your bet, the higher your potential rewards. However, always bet within your means and set a clear budget before starting.
  • Harness Bonus Features: The Hold & Spin feature and the free spins bonus are invaluable assets in Lightning Link pokies. Familiarize yourself with them and use them to your advantage.
  • Money Management: Allocate a specific budget for each gaming session. Techniques like the “stop-loss” method can be helpful in maintaining discipline.
  • Consistent Gameplay: Playing for longer durations can heighten your chances of striking a significant win. But remember, always play responsibly.
  • Stay Focused: Avoid distractions. Observing patterns, trends, and any game updates can give you an edge.

By understanding the game’s mechanics and employing these strategies, you can enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of walking away with a win.

How To Activate Free Spins Bonus?

On all four themes on landing three scatter symbols, the free spins bonus round gets activated. During every free spin, you’ll find reels 2, 3, and 4 will have one giant symbol, which means if the same symbol appears on reel one, you are guaranteed a 50 or 25 four-of-a-kind win. Surprisingly landing the same symbol again on reel 5 will provide you with a decent payout.

Tips To Win Jackpot Bonus

Tips to Win Jackpot Bonus
Tips to Win Jackpot Bonus

Winning the jackpot in Lightning Link pokies is an exciting challenge. Here’s how the jackpot bonus feature works and how you can maximize your chances:

  • Collect Coins: Landing three or more coins displaying a credit value or one of the three smaller Jackpots (Major, Minor, or Mini) will win you the prizes displayed on the coins.
  • Sticky Coins Mechanic: When you land another coin within the subsequent three spins, it will stick or join the previously landed coins. With each coin you land, you’re given another chance to land yet another one.
  • Filling the Reels: As you continue landing coins, the reels start filling up quickly. This process can potentially reward you with a combination of the smaller Jackpots and various cash amounts.
  • Grand Jackpot: The ultimate goal! If you manage to fill the entire reel grid with coins, you’ll be awarded the Grand Jackpot.

Pokies Games

Some of the pokies games you can enjoy at Lightning Link pokies Machine are as follows:

1. High Stakes

Lightening link- Pokies games to play- High stakes

High Stakes pokies from Microgaming make use of a Hold and Spin feature where you can use your logical skills decide where the value lies and improve your wins. There’s a free games bonus too, which comes complete with giant symbols on the central reels that can easily allow you to win because of the fifty-win lines. The jackpots are symbols too, so easily come to know when you hit big.

2. Happy Lantern

Lightening link- Pokies games to play- Happy Lantern

Happy Lantern is a great Oriental-themed pokies game with great animations, free spins, and jackpot prizes. This is a 25-line game bringing together classic Aristocrat action and the latest features for a unique, highly exciting gameplay experience.

Jackpots and Wins

jackpots and Wins of Happy Lantern
jackpots and Wins of Happy Lantern

Other than regular winning symbols, you’ll see circles with cash awards on them available on most spins. To activate the Hold N Spin bonus, 6 needs to appear on the same spin.

There are also special symbols showing one of 3 progressive jackpots (the mini, minor, and major).

Flexible Bet Sizes in the Base Game


You have a choice to select the coin size ranging from 1c, 2c, 5c, or 10c per line to 25 or 50 win-lines. You may also bet more than one coin per line.

Other unique symbols include a waving cat statue, firecrackers, a turtle, and a red envelope scattering gold coins.

3. Sahara Gold

Lightening link- Pokies games to play- Sahara Gold

The third pokies game in the Lightning Link range comes in the form of Sahara Gold. It is noticeably similar to High Stakes, with the Hold and Spin feature being in effect once again alongside free spins and fifty lines of action. The free spins bonus in particular is well worth checking out as the number of spins is assigned randomly, as is the number of bonus wilds that are all set to play a massive part in proceedings as you enjoy all of the action.

Sahara Gold is based on the theme of the Middle East including many familiar gameplay elements. It’s available in both Lightning Link and Lightning Cash formats. It has amazing graphics and animations with a free spins bonus that comes with a twist.

Free Spins


This pokie has 200 wild symbols and the wild symbols are stacked on the reels. They sometimes cover various reels offering you the opportunity to win on up to 50 win lines at once. On hitting more scatters, you can retrigger this bonus game.

Sahara Gold Hold N Spin Bonus


Hold N Spin is the major feature of the Lightning Link which uses cash amounts and jackpot bonuses. You can activate this bonus with either the free spins or the base game.

4. Magic Pearl

Lightening link- Pokies games to play-Magic Pearl

Magic Pearl also is quite similar to Sahara Gold and High Stakes, with fifty lines of action in the play and the highly popular Hold and Spin feature leading to big wins – covering both fixed prizes and the progressive jackpot amounts.

Based on an underwater theme, the Magic Pearl pokie from Aristocrat features an excellent Hold and Spin bonus game.

Here you get Big Symbol Free Spins, Dolphin Scatters, and Hold N Spin features with flexible configuration.


Dolphin scatter symbols activate the bonus. You must get 3 anywhere on the reels, with scatter prizes getting big for 5 of them. You get retrigger the 2nd bonus within the free spins. If you happen to get a giant cash or jackpot award symbol on the big reel you need to play a Hold N Spin game.

Jackpots and Wins


On hitting 6 or more of these on a single spin before the magic starts to happen. In this Hold N Spin game, you can win really big cash awards and jackpots.

You get 3 free spins, which will reset every time you hit an extra pearl. You can win three smaller jackpots. All pearls should appear in all 15 places to win the grand jackpot.

5. Moon Race

Lightening link- Pokies games to play-Moon race
Moon Race

It retains the Hold and Spin feature to set up some big jackpot wins and is similar to Best Bet.

This Moon Race theme is based on the lunar landings of the 1970s. In this game, you will find many vivid reminders of this era, including an astronaut bouncing along on the moon.

Here you get stacked wilds which are the astronaut and Rich Reel Free Spins and can play Hold N Spin with 4 different jackpots that are only ever a spin away.

Bonus and Jackpots

Bonus and Jackpots moon race

You can get up to 4 jackpot prizes along with other cash awards and the Hold and Spin bonus. You get 3 free spins for which you need to hit the spin button each time. To activate the grand jackpot you should get all 15 spots on the reels filled up.

6. Best Bet

Lightening link- Pokies games to play- Best bet
Best Bet

Best Bet was the second game to follow the initial set of Lightning Link games and has a horse racing theme with the Hold and Spin feature action that can lead to multiple jackpots being won all within a single feature. There are fifty lines in play and the bonus free spins round and up to 25 spins can be won with all of the playing card icons being removed from the board in the process.

Free Spins Bonus and Jackpots

Free Spins Bonus and Jackpots for best best

For free spin, you need 3 symbols. To play the ‘Hold N Spin’ bonus you need 6 gold cup symbols that you can trigger directly from the base game or the free spins bonus.

You get 3 free spins, and every time you hit an additional cup, your free spins reset to the maximum of 3. If you get all 15 of the cups, you won the grand progressive jackpot.

7. Heart Throb

Lightening link- Pokies games to play- Heart Throb
Heart Throb

Heart Throb has been designed to take the volatility up a notch where the wild wins in the feature round are instantly doubled compared to the base game.

Bonus and Jackpots

Bonus and Jackpots for heat throb pokies

The symbols here are hearts, gifts, and sparkling diamonds that appear on the reels. To activate the bonus you need to hit 6 of these in a single spin. You get 3 free spins, though these reset frequently.

You can also win the grand jackpot for which you need to fill all 15 spaces on the reels with hearts.

Free Spins

Free Spins for Hear throb

To activate the free spin you need at least 3 romantic moon symbols on the reels. You get 6 free spins. You can retrigger for 6 more spins with 3+ scatters.

8. Tiki Fire

Lightening link- Pokies games to play- Tikki Fire
Tiki Fire

The classic Tiki fire pokie was released as a pair with Heart Throb as both are functionally identical with increased volatility once again coming down to the use of a wild multiplier during free spins.

Bonus and Jackpots

Bonus and Jackpots tiki fire pokies

With stunning graphics and a lot of big win potential, there are several reasons to check out this pokie. It features Doubled Wilds, Hold N Spin, and Progressive Jackpots.

You can win the biggest jackpot (called the ‘grand’) if you manage to fill all 15 spots on the reels with burning balls.

9. Bengal Treasure

Lightening link- Pokies games to play- Bengal treasure
Bengal Treasure

Bengal Treasure an Indian-themed pokie has great animations with Fifty lines ensuring some fast-paced action that gets even bigger and better within the free spins round as you take advantage of stacked symbols that become increasingly available as the round plays out.

Bonus and Jackpots

Bengal Treasure bonus and jackpot

You get 3 free spins to collect more. The free spins are reset to 3 each time you hit one or more extra rubies. You get a huge incentive from the big grand jackpot for filling all 15 positions with Ruby.

Taj Mahal symbols are scattered which can activate free spins when you get 3 of this iconic building anywhere on the reels.

10. Wild Chuco

Lightening link- Pokies games to play- Wild Chuco
Wild Chuco

Wild Chuco is paired up with Bengal Treasure, where some of the visuals are among the best that can be seen in the combination of fifty lines and the increasing availability of stacked symbols where you will have every chance of putting together some massive wins. Also, enjoy some of the latest games like Jack Rich and others.

Features and Symbols


This pokie is packed with Reveal Free Spins, Hold N Spin and Wild Symbols. It awards you 6 free spins.

Wild Chuco Hold N Spin Bonus

Wild Chuco Hold N Spin Bonus

Hold N Spin is a unique combination of simplicity and big-win potential. You can trigger a bonus with 6 gold coins and each of these will display a cash award, which gets multiplied by your denomination, or a jackpot bonus.

Jackpots To Win

Jackpots to Win Wild Chuco

Three jackpot bonuses appear as coins which include the mini, minor and major prizes. Filling all the spaces on the 5×3 grid of reels with gold coins can hit the biggest jackpot.

Each Hold N Spin bonus offers you 3 free spins. Bandit is a wild symbol that acts as a substitute symbol to win regularly. Though this bandit cannot be replaced for the scatters or the gold coins.

You also get playing card symbols and can have the flexibility in the number of win-lines, with either 25 or 50 available.

If you’re looking to win big at Lightning Link pokies, there are some key strategies you can employ to increase your odds of success. Understanding how the game works and making smart choices can put you in a better position to hit a big payout. So if you’re ready to take your pokie gameplay to the next level, keep reading for some helpful lightning link pokies tips on how to win.

What Are Lightning Strike Pokies?

Lightning Strikes when you win Lightning Link pokies games. But on the other hand, there are also Lightning Strike pokies. Lightning Strike Megaways is an online poky developed by Blueprint Gaming that makes use of Big Time Gaming’s Megaways license. There are 6 reels and up to five rows and the main attraction of the game is the multiplying wild reels. There’s also a gambling feature present.

Lightning Strike Megaways is a fantastic addition to the Megaways series of games and has up to 15,625 ways of winning with each spin of the reels. Each reel can reveal up to five symbols in view. To win, players must land matching consecutive symbols, regardless of height. All prizes pay from left to right and right to left, and winning combinations are added together.

The Bets And The Jackpots In The Pokies game

Lightening Link Pokies

When you start to play real online pokies lightning link you will find two different formats:

  • 1c and 2c denominations for a 50-payline game
  • 5c and 10c denominations for a 25c game

On the 50-pay line version, the maximum bet is 500 credits. On the 25-pay line version, there is a 250 maximum wager.  So, the new Lightning Link progressive pokies from Aristocrat caters to players with a wide range of budgets. No matter what denomination you choose, the jackpot prizes will remain the same.

All Lightning Link games offer four tiers of jackpots and, with the top one being seeded at $10,000, they are all well worth getting involved with.

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Each of the Lightning Link pokies comes packaged with two special features. The first is a free spins bonus game that comes complete with a “Mega Symbol.” Hit three scatter symbols, and you’ll earn six or more free spins, during which a large, 3×3 symbol may appear to cover the middle three reels in their entirety. This can even lead to the entire middle of the screen being covered in wild symbols, which can lead to massive prizes.

Lightening link- Pokies games to play

Players will also want to be on the lookout for pearl symbols. If six or more hit the screen at the same time, you’ll trigger three free spins. During these re-spins, the pearls that are already on the screen will remain locked in place, and while all other symbols are removed from the reels, players will still have the chance to find more pearls. If you can find more at any time, you’ll once again be guaranteed at least three more plays. The game only ends if you run out of spins without hitting more pearls, or if you fill all 15 positions.

When the game ends, players will collect a number of prizes. Some pearls will feature a number of instant coins that players will walk away with, while others may note the name of one of the four linked jackpots that are shared between these titles. Smaller jackpots, like the Mini Bonus, can be won multiple times on a single special feature. If you should manage to get all 15 pearls during the feature, you’ll win the Grand Jackpot along with the other prizes you’ve collected.

Lightening link- Where to play

Lightning Link offers an electrifying set of linked games that can be played at online casinos in NZ on your web or mobile browser. Also, you can play this poker at land-based casinos and clubs.  You can download the Lightning Link Pokies App from the iTunes app store on your smartphone and enjoy Lightning Link games all for free.

As this pokies game offers up a lot of different options for different kinds of punters with four different themes with different denominations means that anyone can enjoy this game for real money or for free and have fun.

Most of the time you will find Lightning Link pokies in land-based casinos that are functioning in Australia or other countries. This is due to its popularity as this game is quite popular amongst pokies players due to its simplicity and high wins and stakes. Although Aristocrat has not yet made any port of this game online for free, hence it is widely available in online casinos.

If you want to play lightning link pokies online for free, you can visit Google Play where you will find an Android port where you can play this game. If you want to play using your mobile device, you may not use all the themes as you would be able to find only eight themes there. For iPhone users, the game is just like the Android port. This Apple port provides you with coin packages that you can use while playing the game.  When you upgrade your account, you also get free coins every three hours.

Join the Facebook Lightning Link Page to get more free coins to play free pokies.

Playing online pokies lightning link on mobile is one of the best choices as it can be played anywhere anytime and you can receive bonuses as well. Depending on the platform you use to play this game, you can win free coins once you sign up and by actively playing. You will also find missions if you want to get more bonuses and coins. Also, if you want to play occasional fruit pokies machines in between, the Android version offers one with huge jackpots. While playing this game you can feel the excitement of a real casino game in the comfort of your home. Being a progressive game, the longer you play, the more prices keep waiting for you.

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Who created Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies?

Lightning Link pokies are a creation of Aristocrat, a top-tier global gaming company known for innovative slot games. While individual contributors like Scott Live may have played a role in its development, it’s typical for such games to be the product of a collaborative effort within Aristocrat.

This game, showcasing diverse themes and bonuses, exemplifies Aristocrat’s dedication to quality and player engagement in online gaming.

How do you play Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies?

To play Lightning Link pokies, you need to match three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line. The game features a variety of themes and bonus rounds that can increase your chances of winning.

What are the features offered in Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies?

Lightning Link pokies offer features like free spins bonus rounds, Hold & Spin bonus games, multiplying wild reels, and four progressive jackpots (Mini, Minor, Major, Grand). Each theme within the Lightning Link series comes with unique gameplay elements.

Can I play Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies on mobile devices?

You can play Lightning Link pokies on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. There are apps available for both Android and iOS platforms where you can enjoy the game’s features and bonuses.

Are there different themes within the Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies series?

Yes, there are several themes to choose from, such as Happy Lantern, High Stakes, Magic Pearl, Sahara Gold, Moon Race, Best Bet, Heart Throb, Tiki Fire, Bengal Treasure, and Wild Chuco. Each theme offers unique visuals and gameplay features.

How do I activate the free spins bonus in Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies?

To activate the free spins bonus, you need to land three scatter symbols on the reels. During the free spins, special features like Mega Symbols and additional wilds can lead to bigger wins.

How can I win the Hold & Spin bonus and jackpots in Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies?

To trigger the Hold & Spin bonus, you need to land a certain number of special symbols on the reels. During this feature, you can win cash awards, jackpots, and even the grand jackpot by filling all positions with special symbols.

Can I play Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies for free?

Yes, you can play Lightning Link pokies for free on various platforms. Aristocrat offers apps and online versions that allow you to experience the game without wagering real money.

Where can I play Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies?

You can play Lightning Link pokies at land-based casinos, clubs, and online casinos that offer Aristocrat games. Additionally, you can download mobile apps for Android and iOS devices to enjoy the game on the go.

What is Lightning Strike Megaways?

Lightning Strike Megaways is an online pokie game developed by Blueprint Gaming, featuring a unique Megaways mechanic. It offers a high number of ways to win and special features like multiplying wild reels and free spins.

Are there any strategies to win in Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies?

While there’s no guaranteed strategy to win in pokies, you can increase your chances by choosing machines with higher payout percentages, managing your budget wisely, and utilizing bonus features effectively.

Are Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies available in all regions?

Lightning Link pokies are available in various regions, including New Zealand, Australia, North America, Europe, Latin America, and Macau. However, availability may vary based on local regulations and casino offerings.

Is there a difference between playing Lightning Link Aristocrat Online Pokies with ‘free credits’ and a ‘demo’ or ‘trial’ version?

Yes, there’s a difference. Playing with ‘free credits’ lets you use the game’s actual interface but with virtual credits instead of real money. These credits can’t be cashed out and offer a risk-free experience. Meanwhile, a ‘demo’ or ‘trial’ version is a simplified version of the game designed for players to test its basics.

It often lacks some features and is a way to give players a taste before committing real money. Both options are great for familiarizing yourself with the game without a financial commitment.


Aristocrat’s Lightning Link pokies seamlessly fuse thrilling gameplay with enticing reward possibilities. Whether you’re an enthusiast of the electrifying ambiance in traditional casinos or lean towards the accessibility of mobile play, Lightning Link caters to every preference.

Embark on this gaming journey, and with fortune on your side, you might just clinch that jackpot and secure a handsome cash prize!