Is There a Casino in Norsewood?

Is There a Casino in Norsewood?
Is There a Casino in Norsewood?

Norsewood is a small town located in the Tararua District of the Manawatu-Wanganui region on the North Island of New Zealand. Let’s find out – is there a casino in Norsewood?

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Is there a casino in Norsewood?

No, there is no casino in Norsewood. Although if you are looking for some entertainment you can visit nearby pubs and taverns.

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About Norsewood

About Norsewood
About Norsewood

The town has a population of a few hundred people and is known for its Scandinavian heritage. The name “Norsewood” reflects the town’s connection to Norse (Scandinavian) culture.

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Casino Website

Norsewood website
Norsewood website

Norsewood has an online casino site ( where you can play casino games and find different casinos online. You can also find some useful information and news about the casino industry.

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Nearby Casinos

Nearby Casinos
Nearby Casinos

Here are some casinos near Norsewood:

CasinoDistance (km)
from Norsewood
Cosmo Casino WT Empire94.7 km
SkyCity casino Te Ika-a-Māui 221 km
Whanganui Cosmo Casino149 km
Cosmo Casino WT Paradise205 km
casinos near Norsewood

All the above casinos are not that popular but you can spend some time having fun here.

Nearby Taverns

Nearby Taverns
Nearby Taverns

Here are some pubs and taverns in Norsewood:

RestaurantRatingAddressOpening Hours
Norsewood Crown Hotel Restaurant & Takeaways4 Stars21 Coronation Street, Norsewood 4974, New ZealandOpen all day
The Norseman Blacksmith5 Stars75/79 Hovding Street, Norsewood 4974, New ZealandToday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Café Norsewood4.7 StarsCoronation Street, Norsewood 4974, New ZealandToday: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
pubs and taverns in Norsewood

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Visit Wellington Casino from Norsewood

Visit Wellington Casino from Norsewood
Visit Wellington Casino from Norsewood

The most popular full-fledged casino close to Norsewood is Wellington Casino. It is 224 km away and should take approximately 2 hours 57 mins by car.

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Unfortunately, Norsewood itself doesn’t have any casinos. The closest options are located several kilometers away, with the nearest being Cosmo Casino WT Empire in Napier at 113 km.

If you’re looking for a closer option, you might consider pubs or taverns in Norsewood like the Norsewood Crown Hotel or The Norseman Blacksmith for a different kind of atmosphere.

The nearest popular casino to Norsewood is Wellington Casino, which is 3 hours away. If you have time you can visit Wellington and have fun while visiting Norsewood.


1. Is there a casino in Norsewood?

There are no operational casinos within the town limits of Norsewood.

2. Are there alternative gambling options available in Norsewood?

Lottery tickets: State-run lottery tickets might be available for purchase at convenience stores or gas stations in Norsewood.

Charitable gaming events: Local organizations like community centers or sports clubs may occasionally host fundraising events offering bingo, raffles, or card games.

Online gambling: Online gambling platforms might be accessible from Norsewood. 

3. Are there any plans to build a casino in Norsewood?

Currently, there are no publicly announced plans or proposals for building a casino in Norsewood.

The local government and community haven’t actively discussed casino development as a potential initiative.

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