11 Things to Avoid that can Ruin your Casino Trip

11 Things that can Ruin your Casino Trip
11 Things that can Ruin your Casino Trip

A trip to the casino is always to be fun. Most people gamble as a form of entertainment. It’s bad enough when you have an unlucky trip and you leave with less money than you started with. But that’s not the only way for a casino visit to go bad. Here are 11 things to avoid that can ruin your casino trip.

Of course, the nice thing about gambling is sometimes you have a lucky day and win some money. But even this can get fouled up if you’re not cautious.

11 things that can wreck any casino trip

1 – Forgot your Wallet

Forgot your Wallet
Forgot your Wallet

You’ve been planning your trip to the casino for weeks and think you’ve planned for anything. This is what you’ve been waiting for and looking forward to. A chance to relax and try to hit a big win is there in your mind. This is one of the 11 things to avoid that can ruin your casino trip.

You walk in the front of the casino and head straight to your favorite pokie machine or table game, start to pull some money out to play, and find that you forgot to bring your cash/wallet.

Does this sound like something like a nightmare?

You must make a list of everything you need for a trip and at the top of every list is cash. If you forget something small you know if you have the cash you can pick up what you need, but if you forget the cash the entire trip is ruined.

It might seem crazy to you if you’ve never left the house without money, but it’s so important that it’s the number one way to ruin your trip.

2 – Missed picking the Plane Tickets or ID

Missed picking the Plain Tickets or ID
Missed picking the Plain Tickets or ID

With the way, air travel is these days you usually have to arrive at the airport hours before your flight, get pawed on and glared at by security staff, and herded like a bunch of cattle around the terminal. This is one of the 11 things to avoid that can ruin your casino trip.

Often you end up hurrying around trying to remember everything and get to the airport on time. This can make us forget important things.

It can be an issue if you get to the airport and find you’ve forgotten your tickets or identification. Of course, you can go to the counter of the airline you’re flying, if you forget your tickets or possibly pull them up on your phone.

But if you forget your ID the odds of getting on your flight are slim. This stands a good chance of ruining your entire casino trip before it starts.

3 – Forget to Make Hotel Reservations

Forget to Make Hotel Reservations
Forget to Make Hotel Reservations

You’ve planned your trip, made your flight, have your cash, and stroll up to the casino hotel check-in desk and realize you forgot to make reservations.

If you’re lucky they have a room, but if a convention is in town or it’s a busy weekend you may be denied.

This can go worse if you’re visiting a casino that’s isolated from the rest of the world. Many Indian casinos are by themselves so you won’t be able to find a room for miles.

If you’re in Las Vegas or another large gambling destination you have a much better chance of finding a room somewhere in the city, but it still is a devastating way to start your trip.

4 – Lose Too Much

 Lose Too Much
Lose Too Much

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and gamble more than you expect to. You might be on a cold streak and start chasing your losses trying to get back close to even. Or you might not be paying close attention and end up playing longer than you intended.

It doesn’t matter how it happens, but if you lose too much it can ruin your trip.

Better you split your bankroll into equal parts for each day of the trip and never gamble more than the current day’s budget. That way you never lose too much.

You can add whatever is left from one day to the rest of the trip or you can put it in your pocket to guarantee you don’t go home broke.

5 – Drink Excessively

Drink Excessively
Drink Excessively

Everyone has a different level of drinking where it crosses the line from where everything is good and where you’ve drank too much. When you cross the line it can ruin your entire trip.

Problems from drinking too much range from getting sick to losing more money than you budgeted to ending up in jail.

You should enjoy your casino trip and if you enjoy drinking you should be able to do so. But if you go overboard it can quickly turn from enjoyment to misery. Plan ahead and make sure you know where your line is so you can stop before you reach it.

6 – Missed Your Strategy Cards

Missed Your Strategy Cards
Missed Your Strategy Cards

If you play video poker or blackjack it’s important to use the best possible strategy. When you use proper strategy it lowers the percentage of every dollar you wager that the casino keeps.

This helps strengthen your bankroll to last longer and gives you the best chance to have a winning day.

While some people have the best strategy memorized, it’s easier to use a strategy card to help you with tough decisions. If you forget to bring your strategy cards it can be difficult to remember all the best ways to play.

The good news is many casino gift shops sell strategy cards, so if you forget to bring yours stop in to see if they have what you need.

The other option is to find a chart online and print it out if the hotel has a printer you can use.

7 – Forget to Make Dinner Reservations

Forget to Make Dinner Reservations
Forget to Make Dinner Reservations

This might not ruin your entire casino trip, but I almost had a trip ruined once because of this.

Often the restaurant at the casino where you stay might need reservations. Thus it may ruin your trip in a way as you need to go out to find food.

Often, where you stay at the hotel attached to the casino, you may get last-minute reservations, saving my hide.

This is just one more thing to make sure you’ve checked your list before you head to the casino.

8 – Fall Ill

Fall Ill
Fall Ill

It’s never good to get sick, but when you get sick on vacation it’s even worse.

Of course, you never plan to get sick, but you can take a few steps to help improve your odds before heading to the casino. Make sure you’ve been drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and try to eat as healthy as possible before your trip.

Keep washing your hand often and don’t touch your eyes. Rubbing your eyes with dirty hands is one of the worst things you can do. This is like a direct route for germs to get into your system.

It’s also a good idea to pack some of the normal medicine you keep around the house like painkillers something for an upset stomach.

9 – Forget Your Player’s Club Card

Forget Your Player’s Club Card
Forget Your Player’s Club Card

Every time you play a casino game you can earn comps if you’re a member of the player’s club or pokie’s club. But if you don’t have your card you won’t get credit for your play.

If you happen to forget your card stop at the club headquarters in the casino and see if they can provide you with a replacement.

10 – Get Kicked Out Of the Casino

Get Kicked Out Of the Casino
Get Kicked Out Of the Casino

Any time you’re dealing with people there’s a small chance things can go wrong.

When you add in the emotional drive that sometimes comes with winning and losing while gambling, things can often get heated.

Keep your emotions in check, especially when dealing with casino personnel because getting kicked out of the casino can quickly ruin your trip.

11 – Take the Wrong Companion

Take the Wrong Companion
Take the Wrong Companion

It turned into a nightmare and can ruin your entire trip if you happen to get the wrong company.

It’s fun to gamble with people you know, but taking someone on a trip that you haven’t known for a long time may be a bad idea.

If the situation comes up the best bet may be to simply plan to meet up with them at the spot but to keep all of your travel plans, flights, and rooms separate.


The next time you plan a trip to the casino start by making a thorough checklist of everything you need to take and do before leaving. Check your list often so you can make sure to avoid the above 11 things to ruin any casino trip.

The one thing to remember is if you have enough cash and/or credit you can pick up or replace many things once you get there. So put the cash at the top of the list.