Types of Pokies Available in NZ

Types Of Pokies Games
Types of Pokies

If someone in New Zealand is looking for an exciting and engaging way to play and have fun, they do not need to think much. They can feel enthusiastic and excited at the exact moment while playing multiple pokies.

Players are playing online Pokies games, and it offers them hassle-free gameplay and good entertainment time.

It is best to read the following piece to learn more about the history and implementation of pokies. In it, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this fascinating game and all the variations it comes in.

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History Of Pokies

The popular Slot Machines are called Pokies in New Zealand. There is no difference between them. The only difference is that their names are different. The functionality, rules and everything else are the same.

Pokies were legalized in New Zealand in the 1980s, and electronic gaming machines were introduced by 1988 to all Kiwis.

Early games had a few reel pokies that were entertaining and intriguing at the time, and they were generally simpler. While playing online poker, several regulations help them reduce the risk of losing their hard-earned money and practice responsible gambling.

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Kiwis play pokies machines because they have access to so many fun variants, which increases their enthusiasm and excitement.

Today, there are a lot of advancements in technology, and these pokies are not only limited to traditional games but also share multiple different types of pokies games, which allow Kiwi Punters to access a wider variety of games.

So, Kiwis, are you interested in adding more to your gambling and online pokies experience? Then read below to learn about 3 Main types of poker games and start your free online casino journey. Let’s explore more about it.

Different Types Of Pokie Machines

Players in New Zealand have long favoured the world of pokies as a source of amusement. The themes, styles, and gameplay choices available on New Zealand pokies machines are diverse.

The fact that so many pokies are available and cater to a wide range of preferences explains why most New Zealand gamblers adore them.

It offers a variety of pokies, including classic fruit machines and modern video pokies with tonnes of features and graphics.

The 3 main types of pokies games are

  1. Classic Pokies
  2. Modern Video Pokies
  3. Progressive Pokies

There are plenty of choices available in New Zealand for those who enjoy playing pokies, whether they prefer classic three-reel machines or the newest five-reel games with numerous paylines and bonus features.

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1. Classic 3 Reel Pokies

Classic Pokies
Classic Pokies

Classic Pokies are a throwback to the early days, which features simple and exciting gameplay and has a limited number of reels and paylines. Hundreds of participants in New Zealand continue to find its charm and nostalgia appealing.

The exclusive feature of pokies is their simplicity, limited payout and easy-to-understand games.

The symbols used in traditional pokies are also straightforward to understand, with bars and sevens providing higher payouts and cherries, lemons, and other fruit serving as symbols for lower-value payouts.

Even though traditional pokies may appear simple compared to their modern versions, they can still provide engaging gameplay and the possibility of larger payouts.

Examples of Classic Pokies

  1. Queen of the Nile – Since the 1990s, this poker machine with an ancient Egyptian motif has been around and is still well-liked today.
  2. Lucky 88 – The number 8, fortunate in many cultures, is featured on this Asian-themed slot machine along with other lucky charms.
  3. Double Diamond – This classic pokies machine has been a player favourite for many years. It has standard symbols like cherries, bars, and sevens.

Even though they may not be as flashy or feature-rich as their modern versions, classic pokies continue attracting New Zealand players due to their simplicity and timeless appeal. These pokies offer a budget-friendly alternative for those who gamble without breaking the bank with modern technology.

Benefits of Classic Pokies

Classic pokies offer a simple and enjoyable gaming experience accessible to many online casino players. Some of the exciting benefits are

  1. One of the fun online pokies is classic pokies, which frequently have lower minimum bets than more modern pokie machines and are, therefore, more accessible to a broader range of players.
  2. Traditional symbols like fruits, bars, and sevens, which are easily recognised and add to the nostalgic appeal, are frequently found in classic pokies.
  3. Even though classic pokies might not have as many perks as more recent ones, they still have the potential for large payouts, luring the players.

2. Modern Multiline Pokies

Video pokies
Video pokies

Due to technological developments, the gaming experience has many more variants in pokies. In modern casinos, pokies are the most widely played variety of pokies equipment. These games have five reels or more and cutting-edge animations and visuals.

Bonus rounds and unique elements like free spins are frequently found in pokies.

These pokies games have multiple spinning reels and easy-to-understand pokies machines. New Zealand players can enjoy a more immersive and compelling gaming experience with modern pokies.

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These pokies are computer-generated pokies games that mimic the concept of classic pokies.

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Difference between features of modern video pokies over classic pokies

  • Unlike classic pokies, modern video pokies games are more advanced and contain 5 or more reels.
  • Modern pokies will have hundreds or thousands of paylines.
  • It offers various bonuses and offers that cannot be observed by punters while playing Classic Pokies, which has a traditional gaming format.
  • Most casino games have a theme that appeals to all gamblers. Popular themes include those with an Egyptian theme, an Asian theme, a mediaeval theme, a Western theme, and many others.

Benefits Of Playing Video Pokies

  1. Exciting experience – Modern video pokies offer cutting-edge visuals, animations, and sound effects, making playing them a completely immersive experience. The game becomes more exciting and enjoyable because the audio and visual aspects frequently have a pattern. It also offers various themes, including those found in fairy tales, well-known TV shows, and motion pictures. Thanks to this, Players can select a game that suits their hobbies and preferences.
  2. Multiple Offers & Bonuses – Differentiated from classic pokies, multiline pokies offer great benefits, bonuses, and promotions. Bonus rounds and other unique features are standard in modern pokies, increasing excitement and the chance of large wins. These are a few examples of free spins, multipliers, and bonus games with added rewards.
  3. Compatibility – Everyone loves to have these poker games in their hands, which is why Kiwis are looking for something compatible with their cell phones. The most popular modern video poker is compatible with mobile devices, allowing players to play their favoured games while on the go. This compatibility increases the accessibility of these exciting and intriguing pokies.

3. Progressive Pokies

Progressive Jackpots
Progressive Jackpots

Another important and exciting type of poker machine game is Progressive Pokies. This game is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand for several reasons. All the Kiwis are eagerly trying to play these exciting progressive pokies at winning the jackpot prize.

A progressive jackpot grows every time the game is played. Progressive pokies are poker machines where the jackpot reward rises with each player’s wager.

The jackpot prize in progressive pokies grows until a player gets it, unlike traditional pokies, where the jackpot prize is fixed. Each time a wager is placed, a part of the money goes towards the jackpot pool, which is visible on the screen.

As more players place bets, the reward grows until one fortunate player gets the jackpot and takes home the entire sum of money.

Why Are Progressive Pokies Popular In NZ?

The primary reason for this game’s success is the possibility for players to win money that could change their lives. The size of the jackpot pool grows as a result of users placing smaller wagers. It is one of the many types of multiple pokies games that add fun to the lives of Kiwis.

Another benefit of playing progressive pokies is that it has easy gameplay and requires almost zero or no strategy. Players must only spin the reels and cross their fingers for the ideal combination to win the jackpot.

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Due to its ease of use, it is a preferred option for players looking for a fast and simple way to gamble.

Benefits Of Progressive Pokies

There are several benefits of playing these progressive pokies, which is why it is becoming they have become a popular form of gambling in New Zealand. Some of the multiple benefits of playing progressive pokies include

  1. The jackpot pool is divided among numerous machines because many progressive pokies are connected. It follows that the jackpot pool will increase more quickly and be able to acquire bigger sums of money more quickly.
  2. In addition to the jackpot prize, progressive pokies frequently offer smaller rewards triggered by particular symbol combinations. These extra chances to win cash can raise a player’s chances of winning and make the game more playful.
  3. Playing progressive machines can be a fun way to socialise with other players, mainly if they are connected machines. As a result, the game may become more exciting, and everyone may enjoy themselves more.
  4. Playing progressive pokies gives players various betting options, enjoyable features, accessibility, player reward programmes, and the opportunity to win a random jackpot.

Other Exciting Types of Pokies

The online gambling industry is not limited to these three pokies discussed above but is vast and not limited to what is mentioned. There are more types of pokies available on online casino websites.

Let’s unlock and explore some more types of pokies to make our gaming life more fun and adventurous.

  • Multiplier Pokies – Online pokies games known as “Multiplier Pokies” allow players to win bonus payouts when certain symbols land on the reels. The payout for a winning pay line is multiplied by a certain number when a multiplier symbol shows on that pay line. For instance, if a player gets $10 on a pay line, and the multiplier symbol is 2x, the payout will be $20. Depending on the game, multiplier slots can give payouts that range from 2x to 10x or more.
  • MegaSpin Pokies – Online pokies called Mega Spin Pokies let users play several games simultaneously. Mega Spin pokies allow players to play four, six, or even nine games concurrently on one screen instead of just one game simultaneously. Players can play all or just a select few of them, and each game can be played separately.
  • 3D Pokies – Three-dimensional visuals are used in 3D Pokies, a particular kind of online pokies, to produce an immersive gaming experience. These pokies are offered on a variety of the best online casino sites, and they frequently have distinctive themes and animations that give the games a three-dimensional feel.
  • Multi-Pay Line Pokies – Due to the increased number of potential winning combinations compared to conventional pokies, multi-pay line pokies give players more chances to win. When deciding how many pay lines to bet on, players should take their money into account because betting on more pay lines can also be more expensive.


So, there you have it, folks! We’ve covered the 3 variations of pokies in NZ, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With Mega Spin Pokies, Multiplier Pokies, 3D Pokies, and other exciting variations, there’s no shortage of ways to win big and blast while doing it.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get spinning and start raking in those sweet jackpots!

Remember, the pokies game is constantly evolving, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest and greatest in gaming technology. Who knows, you might be the next big winner! So, get ready to hit the reels and let the good times roll, Kiwis!

Choose the best online casino in NZ and enjoy your life to the fullest!!

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