How To Play Online Pokies With PayId?

Online Pokies with PayId
Online Pokies with PayId

PayID has significantly simplified the process of handling payments for online pokies in New Zealand. It works by linking a unique code to your bank account, which allows you to use easily recognizable identifiers like your phone number or email address to receive payments.

This eliminates the need to share your BSB and account numbers, streamlining online casinos’ deposit and withdrawal process. The system is supported by over 100 financial institutions in New Zealand and is used for approximately 20% of all payments in the country.

As of May 2023, there are about 15 million registered PayID users, indicating a rapidly growing acceptance among consumers. This method is particularly popular on Kiwi online pokies sites due to its convenience, speed, and enhanced security features, making it a preferred option for casino transactions.

What is PayId?

what is payid
What Is PayId

PayID has revolutionized how we handle payments for online pokies in New Zealand. It is a unique code that connects directly to your bank account, enabling you to receive payments using easily identifiable information such as your phone number or email address. With PayID, there’s no need to share your BSB and account number anymore – provide your PayID, and you’re good to go!

  • Convenient and hassle-free payment method
  • No need to disclose traditional banking details
  • Widely supported by over 100 financial institutions in New Zealand
  • Approximately 20% of all payments in New Zealand use PayID
  • Rapidly growing user base with 15 million registrations by May 2023
  • Widely accepted in Kiwi’s online pokies sites
  • The preferred option for casino deposits and online casino PayID withdrawals
  • Offers convenience, speed, and enhanced security

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How Does PayId Work?

how payid works
How PayId Works?

PayID simplifies receiving fast payments by allowing you to use easily recognizable identifiers such as a mobile number, email address, ABN (Australian Business Number), or Organisation Identifier. Here’s how PayID works:

  1. Check PayID Availability—Your financial institution will inform you about the available PayID types. Depending on your bank, you can register a PayID using your mobile number, email address, ABN, or Organisation Identifier.
  2. Register Your PayID – Once you know which PayID types are available, you can register your preferred PayID within your online banking portal or banking app. Follow the instructions provided by your bank to complete the registration process.
  3. Linking PayID to Bank Account – After registering your PayID, you can link it to your preferred bank account. This ensures that when someone pays to your PayID, the funds are directed to your chosen bank account.
  4. Multiple PayIDs – PayID allows multiple PayIDs to be linked to different bank accounts. This means you can have separate PayIDs for different purposes, such as one for personal transactions and another for business-related payments.
  5. Receiving Payments – When someone wants to send you money, they only need your registered PayID. They can initiate a payment by entering your PayID into their banking app or online banking platform. The payment will be processed and transferred to your linked bank account, usually in real-time.

By leveraging PayID, you can enjoy the benefits of receiving fast payments using recognizable identifiers. Registering and linking your PayID to your bank account is a simple process within your online banking platform.

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Considerations While Using PayId

When utilizing PayID for your payment needs, there are some important considerations to remember to ensure a smooth and secure experience. Here are the key tips to remember:

  1. Multiple PayIDs for Multiple Bank Accounts—Take advantage of PayID’s flexibility and create separate PayID accounts for each bank account. This allows for easy identification and management of funds when transferring between different accounts. Using PayID for each account also avoids the hassle of remembering multiple account numbers.
  2. Updating PayID Information – If you experience any changes in your contact details, such as getting a new phone number or changing your email address, remember to update your PayID information accordingly. Keeping your PayID up-to-date ensures you can continue receiving payments without disruptions.
  3. There is no need to Change PayID when Switching Banks. You don’t have to set up a new PayID. Link your existing PayID to your new bank account. It’s essential to note that the process involves rigorous identity verification by the banks to ensure the correct association.
  4. Keep Bank Accounts Separate—Use a unique PayID for each account to keep them separate and easily distinguishable. This practice helps maintain clarity and organization when managing your finances.
  5. Protect Your PayID – Treat your PayID information with the same level of security as your banking credentials. Safeguard your PayID and avoid sharing it with unauthorized individuals to prevent potential misuse or unauthorized transactions.
  6. Verify Payment Recipients – Before initiating a payment using someone’s PayID, ensure that you have the correct PayID and verify the recipient’s identity. PayID provides convenience, but it’s crucial to exercise caution to avoid sending funds to the wrong person.
  7. Check Payment Limits – Familiarize yourself with the payment limits associated with your PayID and banking institution. Some banks may have specific limits on the amount you can receive or send using PayID, which can vary depending on daily or transactional limits.

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PayId Registration Process

The PayID registration is a straightforward and convenient way to activate this payment solution. To get started, visit the official PayID website, where you’ll find a list of participating banks that offer PayID. You can search for a specific bank using the search bar or browse the list on the website’s homepage.

Once you have identified a bank that suits your needs, click on its logo, which redirects you to the dedicated PayID page on its website. From there, you must log in to your bank account using the required credentials. This step ensures the security and verification of your identity.

After logging in, follow the instructions provided by your bank to connect your bank account to your PayID. The process may vary slightly depending on the bank, but typically, you will be guided through the necessary steps to complete the registration.

During the registration process, you can choose and link your PayID to your preferred identifier, such as your phone number or email address. This allows you to send and receive payments using these convenient and recognizable identifiers instead of traditional banking details.

By following the bank’s instructions and linking your account to your PayID, you will complete the PayID registration process. Once registered, you can enjoy the benefits of streamlined and secure payments using your chosen PayID identifier.

How To Use PayID To Play Online Pokies At NZ Casinos?

how to use payid
How To Use PayId

To use PayID as a payment method for playing online pokies at NZ casinos, follow these steps:

  1. Register PayID with Your Bank:
    • Check if your bank supports PayID as a payment option.
    • Contact your bank or visit their website for PayID registration information.
    • Follow the instructions provided by your bank to link your PayID to your bank account.
    • Verify your identity as required by your bank.
  2. Depositing Funds:
    • Log in to your online pokies or casino account.
    • Go to the deposit or cashier section of the platform.
    • Choose PayID as your preferred payment method.
    • Enter your PayID identifier (e.g., email address or mobile phone number) when prompted.
    • Specify the deposit amount, ensuring it meets the casino’s minimum requirements.
    • Follow the instructions provided by the platform to complete the transaction. (Guide to Open Online Casino Account)
  3. Playing Online Pokies:
    • Once the funds are credited to your casino account, explore the available online pokies.
    • Select your favorite games and start playing with real money.
  4. Withdrawing Winnings:
    • When you wish to withdraw your winnings, access the withdrawal or cashier section of the platform.
    • Choose PayID as your withdrawal method.
    • Enter your PayID identifier associated with your bank account.
    • Specify the amount you want to withdraw and follow any additional instructions or verification processes required by the platform.
    • The funds should be transferred to your bank account linked to your PayID within a reasonable timeframe, per the casino’s processing times.

Remember to keep your PayID information secure and update it if you experience any changes, such as getting a new phone number or email address. PayID allows you to enjoy the convenience and security of seamless transactions while playing online pokies at NZ casinos.

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Casinos That Have Online Pokies With PayId

Some of the top casinos accept PayId as a safe and secure payment method are mentioned below

Spin Casino

Spin Casino
Spin Casino

Spin Casino is a popular online casino that offers a wide selection of pokies and supports PayID as a payment method. Its sleek and user-friendly interface provides a seamless gaming experience. Players can enjoy a wide array of pokies from leading software providers and enticing bonuses and promotions.

Party Casino

party casino nz
Party Casino NZ

Party Casino is known for its vibrant and entertaining atmosphere. It offers a collection of online pokies. PayID is accepted, allowing players to make convenient deposits and withdrawals. The casino features a diverse range of pokies, including progressive jackpots and popular titles, as well as an extensive selection of table games and live dealer options.

Casumo Casino

casumo casino

Casumo Casino is an award-winning online casino that combines a modern interface with a vast selection of online pokies. With PayID as a supported payment method, players can enjoy seamless transactions. It offers a unique gamified experience, rewarding players with achievements and bonuses as they explore a vast library of pokies from top-notch software providers.

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Benefits of PayId Casinos

payid benefits

PayID offers numerous advantages when used as a payment method in online casinos. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Convenience and Efficiency: PayID provides online casino players a seamless and convenient payment experience. Players can easily make deposits and withdrawals without remembering or sharing complex banking details by using familiar identifiers like phone numbers or email addresses.
  2. Enhanced Security: PayID adds an extra layer of security to online casino transactions. Instead of exposing sensitive banking information, players can utilize PayID, which helps reduce the risk of fraud or unauthorized access to their financial accounts.
  3. Faster Transactions: PayID enables instant deposits and withdrawals, allowing players to access their funds immediately. Compared to traditional payment methods like bank transfers, which can take several business days to process, PayID ensures quicker and more efficient transactions.
  4. Anonymity and Privacy: PayID helps maintain players’ personal and financial information privacy. Players can make transactions without revealing their real identities by using identifiers like phone numbers or email addresses, adding a level of anonymity.
  5. Versatility and Accessibility: PayID is supported by many financial institutions, making it accessible to many players. Whether players have accounts with major banks or smaller institutions, the availability of PayID ensures a versatile payment option for online casino gaming.
  6. Streamlined Account Management: With PayID, players can link multiple PayIDs to different bank accounts, streamlining their account management. This allows for easy tracking of deposits and withdrawals, especially for players with dedicated gaming accounts.
  7. Reduced Fees: Many online casinos offer special bonuses or promotions for using PayID as a payment method. These incentives may include lower or waived transaction fees, providing players with cost-saving benefits when funding their casino accounts.
Payment MethodSpeedEase of UseSecurity Level
Bank transfer1-5 business daysRequires banking detailsHigh
Credit/Debit card3-5 business daysRequires card informationMedium
E-walletInstantNeed to create an accountMedium
Comparing PayID with Other Payment Methods

Alternative Payment Methods


Is PayID secure?

Absolutely. PayID transactions are as secure as regular bank transactions since they are linked to your bank account. However, PayID offers an extra layer of security by eliminating the need to share your bank account or BSB details with online casinos, further protecting your sensitive information.

Can I use PayID to make withdrawals from online casinos?

Certainly! As long as the online casino supports PayID withdrawals, you can use it to withdraw your funds conveniently and securely.

Are there any transaction fees associated with PayID?

No, you typically won’t encounter additional payment fees when using PayID for deposits or withdrawals at online casinos. This can save you money and make your gaming experience more cost-effective.

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PayID offers many benefits for online casino withdrawals, making it an excellent choice for players worldwide. The convenience, security, and easy integration of PayID provide a seamless withdrawal experience, eliminating the need for lengthy delays or sharing sensitive banking details.

With its user-friendly interface and straightforward registration process, PayID caters to new and experienced players, enhancing their gaming experience.

PayID allows players to enjoy instant withdrawals, saving time and ensuring quick access to their winnings. PayID’s widespread success and reliability for online casino withdrawals solidify its position as a trusted and effective payment method.

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