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gates of olympus pragmatic play
Pragmatic Play Casino Game

Gates of Olympus Pragmatic Play is a great game of pokies in the majestic realm of Zeus. In this 6×5 video pokies, you’ll find 20 paylines and an intriguing feature – symbols cascading down, granting you victories when they group in clusters of at least 8.

But here’s the exciting part: Zeus graces players with extraordinary presents in the shape of four multiplier symbols, each capable of soaring to an impressive 500x!

Pragmatic Play stands out as a well-known game developer with expertise in both pokies games and live dealer experiences. Established in 2015, the company’s headquarters are located in Malta. With a workforce exceeding 200 professionals, Pragmatic Play holds licenses in more than 20 different jurisdictions.

What makes this pokie machine even more thrilling is its fantastic scatter engine. Who doesn’t adore the idea of getting paid without needing those familiar patterns or symbols to align perfectly on adjacent reels? It’s all about embracing the unexpected and enjoying wins in every direction!

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SoftwarePragmatic Play
Release Date13.02.2021
Max Winx5000
Bet Range$0.20 – $100
Number of Reels6
FeaturesAncient, Bonus Buy, Cascading Reels, Gods, Greek, Increasing Multiplier, Mythology, Olympus, Random Multiplier, Retrigger, Scatter Pays
Minimum BetNZ$0.20
Maximum BetNZ$100.00
PaylinesPay Anywhere


gates of olympus symbols
Symbols of the Game

In the mesmerizing world of the Gates of Olympus Pokies, symbols play a pivotal role in shaping your winning destiny. This pokies game offers a unique “pay anywhere” feature, requiring a minimum of eight identical symbols to secure a win.

Let’s delve into the intricate details of these captivating symbols:

Low Paying Symbols:

  • On the reels, you’ll find a dazzling array of gemstones in various hues – red, purple, yellow, and green. While these gems may be low in value, their charm is undeniable.
  • For those lucky enough to land 12 matching low-paying symbols, rewards await. The payouts for these gems range from 2 times to 10 times your initial bet. The red gem stands at 10x, followed by purple at 8x, yellow at 5x, and green at 4x your bet.

High-Paying Symbols:

  • The realm of high-paying symbols boasts opulent treasures, including a golden cup, a gleaming ring, a timeless hourglass, and a majestic crown. These symbols hold the promise of substantial rewards.
  • Achieving the feat of landing 12 or more of these symbols on the reels brings forth impressive payouts. The golden cup rewards with 12x, the ring with 15x, the hourglass with 25x, and the crown with a regal 50x your bet.
  • Zeus, the mighty god of Olympus, takes on a pivotal role as the scatter symbol. While not a traditional wild symbol, Zeus has the power to substitute for all other symbols, amplifying your chances of securing wins. Landing six Zeus symbols can result in a remarkable 200x your initial bet, showcasing Zeus’s benevolence in this game.

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Cascading Reels:

  • The Gates of Olympus pokies introduces the enchanting cascading reels mechanic. When winning combinations form, these symbols disappear, creating space for new symbols to gracefully descend. This feature offers players the thrilling potential to score multiple wins in a single spin.

Multiplier Symbols:

  • Adding to the excitement, the game features four distinct multiplier symbols represented by orbs in green, blue, violet, and red hues. These magical multipliers appear randomly during both the base game and the free spins round.
  • When triggered, the Gates of Olympus real money open wide, revealing the potential for multipliers of up to an astonishing 500x to be applied to subsequent wins. This thrilling feature adds a layer of anticipation to each spin, as the gods of Olympus bestow their generosity upon lucky players.

In summary, the Gates of Olympus Pokird offers a rich tapestry of symbols, each holding the promise of exciting rewards and surprises.

Themes and Graphics

It invites players to venture into the realm of Ancient Greece, where the commanding presence of the God Olympus, Zeus, takes centre stage. This thematic journey is brought to life through stunning graphics featuring intricate details and vibrant colours.

The game’s backdrop showcases a panoramic view of Zeus’s mountaintop abode, creating an immersive atmosphere. Against this majestic backdrop, the reels spin, set against the backdrop of a breathtaking mountain landscape, with this game looming in the distance.

These visuals, coupled with bright symbols including gems and the formidable Zeus, are animated with electrifying effects like lightning bolts, delivering an engaging and visually captivating gaming experience.

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How to Play the Game?

gates of olympus gameplay
How to Play the Game?

Mastering the Gates of Olympus Pokies is a straightforward adventure, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player. Let’s walk through the steps to embark on this mythological journey of online pokies:

  • 1. Choose Your Bet Size: Begin your quest by selecting your preferred bet size. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons thoughtfully positioned at the bottom of the screen. This customization lets you tailor your wager to match your gaming style.
  • 2. Give the Reels a Spin: Once your bet is set, it’s time to unleash the power of the gods. Click the spin button and watch as the reels come alive with anticipation. Your destiny unfolds as symbols tumble into place.
  • 3. Seek Clusters of Symbols: The key to victory in Pragmatic Play Gates of Olympus is to form clusters of at least 8 matching symbols anywhere on the reels. Keep a vigilant eye on the screen for these clusters, as they hold the promise of generous rewards.
  • 4. Explore the Betting Range: It accommodates a wide betting range, ensuring that players of all financial backgrounds can partake in the excitement. You can place bets starting from a minimum of $0.20 and go up to a maximum of $125 per spin.
  • 5. Streamlined Controls: Navigating the game is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly controls. Adjust your stakes effortlessly by using the plus and minus buttons flanking the Spin button.
  • 6. Additional Features: The game offers extra features to enhance your experience. The Autoplay function allows you to set the reels in motion automatically for a specified number of spins. Additionally, the ‘I’ tab opens the paytable, where you can discover symbol values and special features.

This is how you can start by playing this exciting online pokies game in New Zealand by choosing any popular online casino in NZ where you just need to create an account.

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Special Features and Bonuses

When you step into the world of the Pragmatic Play Gates of Olympus, you’ll discover a treasure trove of special features and bonuses designed to boost your winning potential. Let’s take a closer look at what awaits you:

Cascades and Multipliers:

  • Picture cascades as a thrilling chain reaction. When you land a winning combination, the symbols involved disappear, paving the way for new ones to fall into place. This can lead to consecutive wins, as long as the cascades keep coming.
  • What makes cascades even more enticing is the multiplier feature. With each cascade, the multiplier value increases, ranging from 2x to a jaw-dropping 500x. The longer the winning streak, the bigger the multiplier becomes, paving the way for substantial rewards.

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Free Spins and Ante Bets:

  • Triggering the Free Spins round is a moment of excitement. Land 4 or more Scatters, and you’ll kick off a thrilling round of 15 free spins. Keep an eye on those Scatters, because if you get another three during the Free Spins, you’ll bag an extra 5 free spins for even more chances to win.
  • What sets the Free Spins apart is the prominence of cascades with multipliers. These multipliers accumulate in the Global Win Multiplier, and here’s the kicker – they keep growing! So, if you get things rolling early, you’ll enjoy numerous free spins with substantial win multipliers.
  • Gates of Olympus Real Money offers an Ante Bet option that Kiwi gamblers will find intriguing. Activating it increases your stake by 25%. In return, more scatter symbols appear on the reels, improving your chances of forming winning combinations.
  • Want to boost your chances further? Enter the Ante Bet option. It increases your stake by a quarter but significantly enhances your odds of triggering the Free Spins Feature. It’s like having a shortcut to more bonus rounds, and it’s worth the extra investment.

Multiplier Symbols:

  • Symbols in this game sometimes carry multipliers ranging from 2X to a mind-blowing 500X. When these multiplier-laden symbols contribute to a win, the multiplier is applied to that win after the winning cascade. If multiple multipliers appear on a single spin, they are added together, magnifying your total win.

RTP and Variance

It boasts an RTP of 96.50%, surpassing the industry average. This figure signifies that, on average, players can anticipate reclaiming $96.50 for every $100 wagered on the game. Such a high RTP sets the stage for favourable long-term returns.

High Variance, High Thrills:

This pokie embraces an exceptionally high variance, making it a thrilling yet volatile gaming experience. The high variance implies that patience may be required to land those sought-after substantial wins. It’s a roller-coaster ride where the payouts, when they arrive, have the potential to be truly significant.

5000 Times Your Bet Jackpot:

The allure of the Pragmatic Play Gates of Olympus is further heightened by the chance to win up to 5,000 times your initial bet. This potential jackpot promises substantial rewards for those daring enough to explore the world of Ancient Greek mythology.


Q. Can I Play Gates of Olympus Pragmatic Play for Free?

Ans – Certainly, you have the option to enjoy a demo version of the Gates of Olympus pokies at various online casinos. It’s an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with the game’s features and mechanics before wagering real money.

Q. What Are the Potential Winnings in Gates of Olympus?

Ans – The pinnacle of success in Gates of Olympus Pokies is achieving a remarkable 5,000 times your initial bet. This impressive feat can be accomplished by forming combinations of high-value symbols and leveraging the game’s multipliers.

Q. Is It Compatible with Mobile Devices?

Ans – Yes, Gates of Olympus Pokies is fully optimized for mobile play, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of smartphones and tablets. You can embark on your mythological journey from virtually anywhere.

Q. Can Players from New Zealand Win Real Money on Gates of Olympus?

Ans – Absolutely, players in New Zealand can reap real monetary rewards by playing Gates of Olympus pokies. All that’s required is registering an account with a New Zealand casino, and you’ll have the chance to turn your spins into tangible winnings.

Q. Are There Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning?

Ans – While Gates of Olympus operates with random outcomes, here’s a tip: Familiarize yourself with the paytable to understand how and how much you can win. Beyond that, luck plays a significant role in your journey through the realms of this legendary pokie game.


It isn’t just a pokies game; it’s a captivating odyssey through the realms of Ancient Greek mythology.

The Gates of Olympus Pokies game is a popular game that is known for its high volatility and potential for big wins. The game is available at a number of online casinos in New Zealand, and it is a popular choice for players who are looking for an exciting and potentially rewarding gaming experience.

So, take a spin, embrace the power of Olympus, and may fortune favour the bold on this epic journey.

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