Are There Pokies in Fiji? History, Legality, and Offshore Pokies

are there pokies in fiji
Are There Pokies in Fiji

Are there pokies in Fiji? That question often crosses the minds of those planning a visit to this enchanting South Pacific gem. Pokies, frequently known as pokies machines in various world regions, have long been a mainstay of the gaming and entertainment industries.

These digital gaming devices are a favourite among casino enthusiasts because they allow players to try their luck and perhaps win fantastic rewards. Pokies’ simplicity, gameplay, and a chance to win the elusive jackpot contribute to its attractiveness.

However, the issue of whether pokies in this gorgeous location arises when it comes to the alluring islands of Fiji, a known tropical paradise in the South Pacific.

Many visitors and travellers are curious about the possibility of finding pokie machines among such natural beauty, as they focus on Fiji’s breathtaking scenery, rich culture, and kind hospitality. In this post, we’ll explore the fascinating world of pokies in Fiji.

We’ll examine the country’s legal situation regarding gaming machines, potential locations for their presence (if any), and Fiji’s distinctive attractiveness as a premier tourist destination that offers much more than the temptation of gambling.

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History of Pokies in Fiji

History of Pokies in Fiji

The history of gambling in Fiji, specifically the emergence and development of pokies (slot machines), intertwines with the evolution of the nation and its gaming regulations.

While Fiji has a rich history, the inception of pokies on these picturesque islands is relatively more recent. Let’s delve into the timeline of how pokies found their place within the vibrant tapestry of Fijian entertainment and gaming culture:

1964: Early Beginnings

  • Gambling was present in Fiji before it became the Republic we know today. Betting on Australian horse races was informally widespread, even during Fiji’s colonial era as a British colony.

1968: The Official Start

  • A significant milestone occurred with the establishment of the Gaming Act in 1968. This marked the official legalization of gambling in Fiji, providing a structured framework for various gaming activities.

1970: Independence

  • As Fiji gained independence from the United Kingdom, gambling continued to be legal, consistent with the gaming regulations established by the Gaming Act in 1968.

The emergence of Pokies:

  • The timeline indicates that gambling, including the emergence of pokies, was a legitimate entertainment option in Fiji from its official inception in 1968. However, specific records about introducing pokies in the early years are not widely documented.

2009: The Digital Frontier

  • In 2009, the Gaming Act took a significant step with the official legalization of online gambling. This expansion allowed Fijians to explore gaming experiences beyond traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.

2014: A Lottery’s Debut

  • A noteworthy development was the establishment of the Vodafone Pick 6 Lottery in 2014, marking Fiji’s entrance into the world of lotteries. This event added yet another dimension to the country’s gaming landscape.

As of the current regulations, gambling, including pokies and online gaming, is legally accessible in Fiji. The nation’s journey from its colonial days to becoming a sovereign republic has seen the gaming industry grow and evolve, providing residents and visitors with diverse entertainment options.

While the precise history of pokies’ initial introduction may remain elusive, their presence today is a testament to Fiji’s willingness to adapt to changing entertainment preferences while maintaining a regulated and responsible gaming environment.

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Are There Pokies in Fiji?

Pokie machines, often known as pokies, are present in the gambling industry in Fiji. The Gaming Act, passed into law in Fiji in 1968, provided the country with a legal framework for gambling and included rules for using these well-liked electronic gaming machines.

Gambling, including playing pokies, is allowed in Fiji, which shows how openly and responsibly the country embraces the gaming sector. Fiji offers regulated alternatives for individuals looking for gaming-related amusement. Fiji provides a variety of experiences for everyone, including pokies, whether discovering the lively local culture, enjoying the spectacular natural beauty, or trying your luck with the spinning reels.

Fiji Gambling Licenses

In Fiji, obtaining gambling licenses operates under the jurisdiction of the Fiji government. Unlike countries with dedicated gambling authorities, the responsibility for issuing licenses to gambling companies and establishments falls under the purview of the President of Fiji.

You must engage directly with the Government of Fiji to initiate a gambling business. It’s important to note that gambling licenses are exclusively granted to individuals who are 21 years of age or older.

For detailed information on the specific requirements, fees, and documentation needed to secure a gambling license, you can refer to the Gaming (Forms and Fees) Regulations 2009. These regulations outline the essential aspects of the licensing process, ensuring transparency and adherence to the legal framework for gambling operations in Fiji.

Navigating the path to a gambling license in Fiji demands compliance with the stipulated regulations and a thorough understanding of the government’s responsibilities and requirements.

Suppose you’re considering entering the gambling industry in Fiji. Adhering to the established procedures and engaging with the appropriate authorities is essential to ensure a legitimate and successful gaming venture.

Best Offshore Pokies for Fijian

Best Offshore Pokies Slots for Fijian

For Fijian players seeking pokies experiences, the online casino landscape presents a unique scenario due to local restrictions. While online casino vendors cannot operate within Fiji, offering top-quality pokies is still available through offshore casino sites. These offshore sites operate from foreign jurisdictions, holding licenses that permit them to offer their services to players from various countries, including Fiji.

Malta, the United Kingdom, Alderney, Gibraltar, Curacao, Kahnawake, and the Isle of Man are among the most reputable gambling jurisdictions catering to Fijian players.

These jurisdictions ensure a secure and fair gaming environment, giving Fijian players peace of mind as they explore the world of online pokies.

Notably, Fijian players may encounter region restrictions that prevent them from accessing certain offshore sites. To ensure you can sign up and enjoy your favourite pokie hassle-free, refer to the geo-targeted casino table, specifically designed for Fijian players.

This table offers a comprehensive list of casino sites, detailed reviews of their pokie offerings and exclusive new player welcome bonuses.

By choosing a reputable offshore casino site, Fijian players can play online pokies while adhering to legal regulations. As you explore the world of offshore pokies sites, remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy these platforms’ diverse array of pokie games.

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How do you wager real money in Fijian dollars on online pokie games?

Playing real money pokies online is straightforward and doesn’t require advanced technical skills. Please register an account with a reputable online casino, such as one recommended on our platform.

Provide your essential user information, including your name, birthdate, and address. Follow the steps to create a username and password. Next, select a secure deposit method to transfer funds, allowing you to start playing with the opportunity to win actual cash.

While you can register your account in Fijian dollars (FJD), currency conversion fees will likely apply as your payment becomes more universally accepted currencies, like EUR, GBP, USD, or AUD.

The available payment options for Fijian players can vary between different online casinos. As online gambling faces legal restrictions in Fiji, some financial institutions may block payments to gambling services, making it challenging to use credit cards or bank accounts.

To ensure an extra layer of security, it’s advisable to choose online payment services such as Neteller and Skrill or pre-paid cards like Paysafecard.

After depositing, you can select from various online games available at the casino and begin enjoying the experience. Many of our top-rated casinos offer the option to try out online pokies for free in demo mode, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the games before committing to real money wagers.


Are pokies allowed in Fiji?

Yes, pokies are lawful in Fiji and are subject to oversight by the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service.

Do “pokies” (slot machines) exist in Fiji legally?

You can encounter pokie machines in Fiji that operate under the governmental framework and ensure compliance.

Where can I find info on Fiji gambling license fees, processes, and documents?

Detailed guidelines for obtaining gambling licenses in Fiji can be found in the Gaming (Forms and Fees) Regulations 2009.

Can Fijian players use Fijian dollars for offshore casino pokies?

It’s crucial to know potential currency translation costs when payments are moved to more widely recognised currencies, even if some offshore casinos may accept Fijian dollars.


The presence of pokies, or slot machines, in Fiji is well established within the legal framework set by the government. The Fijian gaming landscape allows players to enjoy these popular gaming machines while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

As we’ve explored, the Gaming (Forms and Fees) Regulations 2009 provide the necessary details for obtaining gambling licenses in Fiji, ensuring a transparent and controlled environment. While some offshore casino sites may accept Fijian dollars, it’s essential to consider potential currency conversion fees when engaging in real money play.

Additionally, the availability of demo modes for online pokies allows players to familiarize themselves with the games before making real money bets. As residents and visitors appreciate Fiji’s vibrant culture and scenic beauty, their gaming experiences, including pokies, form a part of the entertainment landscape.

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