8 Must Read Poker Books to become better Poker Player

Poker is a game of strategy. You need to pick and hone valuable tips and lessons through practice and from books also written not only by poker professionals but also from expert players who describe the glitches they faced and how they overcame them. In this piece of information, I have shared top 7 books that you must read to hone your poker skill to become a professional poker player.

1. Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments

This book is the creation of former World Poker Tour (WPT) Player of the Year Jonathan Little. It is the ideal book for newbies starting out in small tournaments and looking for the edge to win and jump to the next level. It is quite a small book but has ample narratives of strategies in simple and easy-to-follow tips.

2. The Habits of Winning Poker Players

This book too is a great place to start with. Author Ashton Cartwright is the author of this book who uses simple language to explain some of the more complex and confusing terminologies in poker. It is equipped with a handy glossary, useful for reference even after you are done with reading. It talks about the psychological habits of players, like when to bluff, understanding tells, aggression and mental control tricks.

3. Every Hand Revealed

Gus Hansen, who is a Danish poker player and winner of three WPT open titles and a WSOP bracelet, is the author of this book. He talks in detail the calculated risks he took to reach the success. It is not for beginners, but those looking to ante up their game and learn when to be more aggressive in their strategy, when to bluff and how to read when other players are bluffing. This book is widely based on recorded notes of Hansen he kept while playing, so it is quite authentic and one of the most preferable reads for players looking to sharpen their poker skills.

4. Caro’s Book of Poker Tells

This is written by Mike Caro who has also founded a University of Poker. The pioneer theorist has written over a dozen books about multiples aspect of poker. This one mostly talks about tells. Here in this book, Caro teaches you how to analyze a player’s hand given their activities and behaviors, from shrugs and sighs to shuffling their hand. It is also packed with 170 related pictures to clearly illustrate the examples and some copies come with a DVD.

5. Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book

As the name suggests, this book is written by Phil Gordon, who is a renowned poker figure who reached the WSOP final table several times in his career. He has collected all his personal notes on poker in this classic book that is best for novice and intermediate players. This book mostly encourages readers to develop their own style, strategy, and personality than imitating others.

6. Essential Poker Math

The founder of MicroGrinder Poker School, Alton Hardin, is the author of this book explaining the numbers behind poker. It takes you into the ocean of probabilities and odds, looking at the calculation of pot equality and ratios. You do not have to be a numbers whizz to read and understand this book as Hardin has illustrated the book with easy to understand graphs so that you could easily understand the mathematical curves.

7. The Mental Game of Poker

This is a book written by Jared Tendler in which he talks about the inner reflection of your own skills, strengths, and weaknesses. If you are aware of yourself you can do well in your games. This is the goal of this book. The author talks about the techniques that allow the players to challenge the mistakes they make and improve their game.

8. Poker Essays

This is authored by Mason Malmuth who has penned over 20 books and 600 articles on poker. Poke essays is an assortment of essays discussing multiple aspects of the game which is a gateway to Malmuth’s world. It not only talks about the strategy, but also the future of the game and other thoughts from one of the best poke writers.


I am sure, all the above books on poker written by renowned poker professionals will help you draw closer to your dream of becoming a better poker player. All the best!

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