New Zealand Company Strength in Casino Market

GallagherWe all hear about the casino names that are making it big, but there is another company you may not have heard of who is building a bright future thanks to the casino market.

Gallagher is known for building electric fences in New Zealand, if you have heard of them at all, but they are now heavily involved in the casino market through lucrative contracts for security.air max 95 for kids

Interestingly these contracts are overseas so Gallagher is becoming big in the export business too. The main operations are in Macau, the new, up and coming gambling Mecca just off the coast of China. Whilst many think Las Vegas is the big time when it comes to gambling, the revenues in Macau are six times those found in the Nevada gambling play town.

The contracts Gallagher has gained will ensure a lucrative future in casino security for the business as it has developed strong relationships with huge casino chains such as City of for new balance shoes

The security element of the job is ensuring the safety of casino patrons and keeping a keen eye on those trying to cause mischief in the casinos.

The security side of the business, securing casino-goers rather than cattle, is now the second largest and fastest growing business unit – so much so that Gallagher will this year open a Bangkok office to complement its Hong Kong and Jakarta hubs.

Anna Greenhill of Gallagher said: “100 per cent” committed to its innovation and manufacturing base in Hamilton.

“For us, with the support we get from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and the reputation New Zealand has throughout the Asia region, we certainly don’t see our ‘New Zealandness’ as to our detriment. It is what our company is built on and something we are committed to,”

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