How does the Winning Wheel Work

winning wheel

The dream of hitting the lottery is shared by many. Lotteries are run all around the world and New Zealand is no different. There are several different games that people can play and they all offer a chance to win some big jackpots. All that a person has to do is risk a small amount and hope they become a big winner.

While the chances of walking away with the big jackpot are generally very slim, there are other ways that people can win when they play the lottery in New Zealand. They may match some of the numbers and win a smaller amount. Another way they can win is through the wining wheel. If a person has never played the lotto before they may not realize what the winning wheel is and how it works.

What is it?

Every lotto ticket that is sold contains a winning wheel number. The number is 16 digits that is the same as the tickets serial number. At every lottery draw a serial number is also drawn at random. The winning serial number wins an all-expense paid trip to Auckland where they will get to go to the studio that the lottery show emanates from. They will appear on the lottery drawing show.

On the show there will be the great money wheel. It is a large wheel that contains has 30 different sections. Each section contains prizes. There are different monetary prizes that range from $100,000 to $1,000,000. There are also other prizes such as cars shopping sprees and a house and land package valued at $500,000.

It is not mandatory that a person appears on the show to win a prize. They have the option of having someone spin the wheel in their place or they can choose to take a $25,000 prize.

Games that are eligible for the Winning Wheel drawing include the Lotto and the Lotto Powerball. It does not include the Lotto Strike game. The entry is automatic for everyone that purchase one of the eligible tickets. Every ticket purchased will have different serial numbers and give a person more opportunities to win the prize of the Winning Wheel game. Lotto tickets can be purchased online or they can be purchased from an authorized dealer.

How do you know if you have won?

It is up to the player to check the results of the Winning Wheel drawing and to check their tickets to see if they have won. If they do match the serial number they can contact the lottery commission to claim their prize. The winning numbers are published on the lottery’s website and at many other websites. Tickets can also be checked at the authorized dealers to see if they are a winner.

The winning wheel has been paying out prizes for over ten years. The winners have bused the money for many different things and all feel like they are definitely one of the lucky ones. Winning Wheel gives 52 people a year the chance to win a big prize that could change their life.

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