The Wildlife in New Zealand

New Zealand has plenty to offer all that visit it or that live there. From the excitement of a big city like Auckland to the small towns that can be found throughout the land, there is truly something for everyone. There is also plenty of natural beauty to see in New Zealand. Beaches and mountains and everything in between provide great scenery, but for many people exploring the wildlife of New Zealand provides the most unique opportunity.

New Zealand is home to hundreds of animals and many of them can only be found in New Zealand. Seeing them in their natural habitat is a much better experience than seeing them in a zoo that has done their best to recreate the real thing, but that usually falls a little short. The list of animals that can be found in New Zealand is long and varied.

What can be found?

Many people think of New Zealand as a big farm thanks to the vast amount of open lands. New Zealanders are well known for the long list of farm animals that can be found. Sheep are plentiful. Cattle are also raised in many places. Horses are used for both work and for fun throughout the land.

Deer are another popular animal in New Zealand. They not only run free in the wild, they are also kept in herds on farms. Small animals such as possum, ferrets and rabbits can often be seen running across roads. The ones that do not make it across the roads often end up as a meal for the Harrier Hawk.

Waterfowl is present around the lakes and the waterways in New Zealand. Mallards, Canadian Geese and the Black Swam are often seen. A bird called the kea is known for attacking the windshield wipers on cars.

Exotic animals

There are plenty of what people would classify as exotic animals that can be found in New Zealand. In the wild, snakes and wild pigs are all around although they do not pose much of a danger to people.

New Zealand is also home to the tuatara. This animal is a reptile that may resemble a lizard to some but it is not. It has been around since the time when dinosaurs ruled the land in New Zealand.

The kiwi is another bird that is hard to find. It is nocturnal and stays away from the people in New Zealand. The list of animals that can be found in New Zealand can go on for a long time. Some may be recognizable to most, while others are not so well known.

The best way to enjoy all of the wildlife in New Zealand is with the help of a tour guide. They can take people on day trips or on overnight trips and can help lead the people to where the animals are. It is very different from seeing the animals in the zoo. Everyone that takes these tours in New Zealand will have a new appreciation for the animals and the land they are living



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