What Are The 4 Best Scratchies To Play At Vegas Palms Casino NZ?

What are the four best scratchies to play at Vegas Palms Casino NZ

Vegas Palms Casino is NZ friendly online casino offering over 40 feature-rich online scratch cards to play with real money or for free.  When you join the casino for the first time to play online scratch cards you will get  welcome 200% deposit match bonus, up to $100. This simple yet powerful welcome bonus will give you the most bang for your initially deposited buck.

Players taking advantage of the online casino welcome bonus should be aware that the resulting bonus will carry the casino’s standard wagering requirements.

Besides online scratch cards there are over 600 casino games including pokies to play.

The four best online scratch cards to play at Vegas Palms Casino NZ

  • Dawn of the Bread
  • Set & Scratch
  • Dragon’s Fortune
  • Six-Shooter Looter Gold.

1. Dawn of the Bread

Dawn of the bread scratch card
Dawn of the bread scratch card

Dawn of the Bread online scratch card developed by Microgaming is themed on Halloween festival.  The Halloween spirit in this scratchie with you and play this amazing game to reveal wonderful prizes hidden within it.

Before playing this game, you have to set a stake. You can do this by using the -/+ button at the bottom of the slot. You can set the minimum bet between 0.50 and 10.

You will interact with different characters who make this pokies exciting. If you love to eat bread, then hopefully this slot will not deter you from eating it. The loaves of bread are filled with different heart-wrenching symbols, which will have you questioning if regular bread also have these kinds of substances inside them. Dawn of the Bread is a 3 symbols reveal scratch card laden with wonderful wins. So get ready to scratch your way to amazing prizes.

The layout is in the form of a slot with a 3 reel, 3-row layout. There is also a paytable at the side of the slot to guide you on the payouts won. This scratch card features characters such as an eyeball, set of teeth, a rat, caterpillar and a louse. These are the only characters in this slot. They offer different amounts depending on the wager set by the player. Whenever you scratch the loaves of bread, you will find different multipliers attached to the icons you have revealed. You can have a 2X to 10,000X multiplier on your total bet.

2. Set & Scratch

Game set and scratch
Game set and scratch

This online scratch card, Set & Scratch is powered by Microgaming and can be played for real money at any casino that uses their software.

Game, Set & Scratch is a colorful online scratch card game. This particular online scratch card has a vibrant tennis theme and takes place in two rounds. To begin playing, choose your bet size under the yellow “Stake”. Players can wager anywhere from 50 cents to $10 on a single card. Once you’ve selected your bet, hit “New Card” to begin playing.

In the first round on the left, scratch off the tennis balls to reveal different players. Each one, from the sad amateur to the determined professional, reward you with a certain amount of money. Match three of the same and get the prize underneath their picture. This round is where the big bucks are, with a top prize of 20,000x the initial stake to be won.

In the second round (Match Point) on the right, the prize is much smaller, but you’re much more likely to win here. Hit “Play” to witness an intense tennis match, and win this prize simply by landing the ball inside the court. Select “Reveal Prize” to see what you win in the Match Point.

3. Dragons Fortune

Dragons Fortune slot
Dragons Fortune slot

Dragons Fortune online scratch card from Microgaming features gameplay with a lottery feel, and instant wins for matching symbols.

The look and feel of the game places its setting firmly in the rich cultures of Asia, where the dragon is an auspicious symbol that conveys good fortune and prosperity.  The game can be played for free or with real money.

In Dragons Fortune online scratch card, the action takes place against a sumptuous background, dominated by the red, luck-bestowing dragon and an ornate scale.

Intricate pictograms are prevalent, including on the differently coloured pearls released from the beast’s jaws. A pay table is also featured on the screen, as is the Stake button, designed to resemble the iconic Yin Yang symbol.

This visual Far Eastern feast is seasoned with a soundtrack in keeping with the theme.

Players use the plus or minus signs on the stake button to get to the credit amount they wish to bet. When players have found their desired bet amount, they select the Play button. The dragon will then release six variously coloured pearls, which will fall onto the scale. The pearls then bounce up, before landing in a holder. Only two matching pearls are needed for a win in this game.

While the number of matching pearls needed for wins in Dragons Fortune may be low, the size of the wins are dependent on several factors.

Firstly, the size of the win is based on the size of the bet placed by the player. The bigger the bet placed, the bigger the win. The bet sizes range from 0.50 to 10.00.

Secondly, in this online scratch card, the symbols on the pearls act as multipliers. These can be as low as 2x or as high as 20 000x the player’s bet. The payout amount will be displayed in a window on the screen.

4. Six Shooter Looter Gold

Six Shooter Looter Gold
Six Shooter Looter Gold

Six Shooter Looter Gold developed by Microgaming is series of fixed odds trail game of Six Shooter Looter and is a bit more fun to play. The basic game is the same; spin the revolver up to 8 times, moving your cowboy character around the board 1-6 times each spin and try to make it to the end of the trail to collect a jackpot. There are rewards and traps along the way, but also some safe spaces that simply grant you another turn, providing you have spins left. To play simply choose a bet size from 0.50 to 10.00. Spin the revolver’s chamber and the number it displays is how many spaces you will move. Landing on Coins gives you multipliers to collect at the end of the game. Landing on a Buffalo Skull will cause the Indian Princess to send up smoke signals and you will die with a chest full of arrows. Land on a Wanted Poster to go straight to the bank and collect one of the jackpots from 200x to 10,000x your bet. Make it all the way to the Bank, step by step, to win as well.

You can play these awesome online scratch card games at Vegas Palms Casino New Zealand.  In addition to unlocking their welcome bonus, the first deposit at the casino will also active a players membership to the casino’s loyalty Rewards programme. This Rewards programme awards points for every credit spent at the casino that a player can then exchange for bonus credits once they have accrued at least 5,000 points.

How to play online scratch cards?

The mechanics to play online scratchcards are much the same as their paper stock alternatives. 

Online scratchcards come in a variety of fun and interesting themes with bright colourful graphics, exciting animation and engaging sound effects.
To play online scratchcards, visit the Scratchcards sections of on either your desktop or mobile devices, select your preferred title and enjoy.

Playing with real money means you need to make a deposit in NZD. ou can choose from a range of trusted debit cards, credit cards, eWallets, prepaid vouchers, bank transfer mechanisms and other systems, so you’re sure to find the option that is right for you.

Finally note that all deposits and withdrawals are encrypted with 128-bit digital SSL technology, which keeps your personal and financial information completely private. Use their convenient PlayCheckTM and CashCheckTM tools to monitor and control your transactions with ease and enjoy the peace of mind you need to focus on your casino games.