Top Sites for Progressive Pokies

Top Sites for Progressive Pokies
Top Sites for Progressive Pokies

There’s no doubt that you will find the real action in progressive pokies when it comes to spinning the digital reels online.

With multi-millionaires making headlines across the web through games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, it doesn’t take a wild imagination to figure out why online pokies players get so excited about these games. Wins like this one have pokies of players salivating and for good reason!

Best Casinos for progressive pokies

Why Are These the Best Progressive Pokies Sites Online?

Below are the causes that make the above casinos the best progressive sites online:

1. Wide Range of Progressive Pokies It Offer

Wide Range of Progressive Pokies It Offer
Wide Range of Progressive Pokies It Offer

Some casinos qualify as having “progressive” games because they offer a handful of games with relatively small jackpots. You will find games like:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Fortune
  • Isle O’ Plenty
  • Cosmic Fortune
  • Siberian Storm
  • Divine Fortune
  • Hall of Gods
  • Jackpot Giant
  • Gladiator Jackpot
  • Treasure Nile

If a site offers at least a few of these games, it is interesting. If it offers most or all of them, it really grabs our attention and gets added to the shortlist.

Of course, which progressive video pokies are offered isn’t the only thing that counts. There’s much more to a casino than that.

2. These are Safe, Secure, and Legitimate

These are Safe, Secure, and Legitimate
These are Safe, Secure, and Legitimate

Far too many new online pokies players see a banner or button for a massive progressive jackpot, get excited, and sign up to play before thinking about it. Also sadly, scam sites know that huge jackpots are the ideal way to lure in unsuspecting players before screwing them over.

There are a few things that help distinguish the legit pokies sites from the scam sites. These factors include:

  • The license(s) a site possesses
  • The operator running the site
  • The software companies involved
  • Its track record with players
  • Whether or not payouts are verified

All these give you some insight into the sites’ genuineness. These are generally good indicators that can be trusted.

3. Fast Payouts and fair Payment Terms

Fast Payouts and fair Payment Terms
Fast Payouts and fair Payment Terms

If you’ve ever won a progressive jackpot, you’ll already know it’s one of the best feelings a casino player can ever have. For a good casino site, you need to find out are payouts fast? It should be same-day transactions, but up to five days is acceptable.

Are there withdrawal fees? It is good it not but a flat fee of less than $20 can be tolerated if the site has other redeeming characteristics

Do standard withdrawal limits apply to progressive jackpots? Many casinos waive them for progressive slots, but not all do.

Does it offer plenty of payout methods? Some casinos offer lots of deposit methods but restrict you to a few payout methods. We don’t like that

Does the casino reserve the right to pay progressive jackpots out in installments? This is okay if the jackpot is worth millions, but it still needs to be reasonable and preferably requires the player’s (your) agreement

4. Great Customer Support/Service

Great Customer Support/Service
Progressive Jackpot casino gambling games banner template, big win

This isn’t just important for casinos offering progressive pokies games. It’s important for all of the casinos. Without solid customer service, you might as well not play at a casino site at all. All the above sites offer excellent customer support service.

It offers multiple contact methods like email, live chat, and a telephone helpline, ideally. It supports all 24/7.  Imagine winning a progressive jackpot at 1AM and having to wait until 9AM to verify your account or go through the withdrawal process. You will have a sleepless night and the longest eight hours of your life. It could be even more nail-biting if the casino doesn’t process payouts on weekends.

You want to get your payouts as fast as possible, and you want support agents who will explain in a friendly, simple way how progressive pokies jackpot withdrawals work.

If there are multiple ways to get in touch, the replies are fast and helpful, and the agents seem like they want to help rather than being indifferent, that’s what you need to see.

How to Pick Progressive Jackpot Pokies to Play

How to Pick Progressive Jackpot Pokies to Play
How to Pick Progressive Jackpot Pokies to Play

Picking a great site that provides progressive games is one thing. Picking a progressive pokie is something else entirely. Each game is unique, and like the casinos themselves, each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some great tips to help you pick a progressive slot game.

1. Check the Jackpot Size

Check the Jackpot Size
Check the Jackpot Size

Just because a pokie is progressive doesn’t mean the jackpot will automatically be huge. Progressive pokie payouts range from a few thousand to a few million, and in extreme cases, tens of millions, so it’s worth checking the current size of the jackpots available in each game.

Sometimes, casino sites have features that show you the jackpot amount on the game thumbnail. Other times, you’ll have to load the games to find out. Generally, if there’s an unusually large jackpot available, the casino will let you know.

You can also check out the base game jackpot. Some progressive jackpot pokies offer payouts which are well worth winning aside from the progressives.

2. Check the RTP

Check the RTP
Check the RTP

Since progressive jackpots are a big risk for the casino, the house edge on them tends to be higher than other pokies. For pokies, the house edge is expressed as a percentage known as RTP. This is an acronym from Return to Player. If a pokie had an RTP of 98%, the house edge would be 2%, meaning the casino would keep $2 of every $100 bet over the long run.

Progressive pokie games tend to have a lower RTP than most other slots. This is to offset the risk of offering such a large jackpot. That said, some progressive pokies have much lower RTPs than others. It’s worth digging around to find one with a decent RTP. If you don’t win the big payout, you don’t want to get rinsed quickly.

3. Check the Game Features

Check the Game Features
Check the Game Features

There are progressive jackpot pokies with barely any features, and there are some which would be excellent pokies even if they didn’t offer life-changing payouts just because they have so many fun bonus rounds and extras.

An example of a progressive pokie with great features is Mega Fortune by NetEnt. This pokie has a free spins round with multipliers up to 8x, lots of frequent base game payouts, and a super cool theme. An example of a progressive pokie with next to no features is Major Millions by Microgaming, which would be a great sleep aid if it didn’t offer a chance to win serious money.

Since not everyone can win the progressive jackpot, you’ll want other redeeming features and payout possibilities in lieu of that.


1. Which progressive pokies offer the biggest payouts?

It depends on when a progressive jackpot was last won. In general, you can bet that Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Gladiator Jackpot, Jackpot Giant, and Hall of Gods have some of the biggest payouts.

It’s safe to bet on games from Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, and IGT will have the biggest progressive jackpots. Since these companies have almost unlimited funds, they can offer the biggest progressive jackpots.

2. Are progressive jackpot pokies fixed?

If you play games from legitimate software providers, the answer is most definitely no. They’re determined by a random number generator. As long as the casino games provider is trusted, you can be sure they aren’t fixed.

3. Can progressive pokies machines be cheated or hacked?

You’re wasting your time trying to hack, cheat, and take advantage of progressive pokies, or any pokie for that matter. You can’t outsmart multi-million-dollar companies that specialize in making these games. The only way to beat them is to play it straight and hope Lady Luck shows up.

4. What’s the record for a progressive jackpot pokie payout?

When it comes to land-based games, MegaBucks has paid out close to $40 million. If you’re talking online progressive pokies, it’s closer to $15 million on Mega Moolah.