Top 4 Casino Myths That You Should Not Believe

You can increase your chances of winning at the casino by betting small and avoiding alcohol. But, an even better way of gaining an edge over the casino is learning how to count cards. Here we will talk about Top 4 Casino Myths that you should not rely.

Card counting has always fascinated the general public – not least because it’s a modern version of David and Goliath, where a gifted nobody takes on the big guys at the casino and wins.

But, if we’re to believe films like ‘Rain Man’ and ’21’, card counters are mathematical geniuses who can amass bags of cash in a few rounds of Blackjack. That is if they’re not thrown out of the casino for their illegal behavior.

Every game has its own set of myths, especially slots or gambling, whether you are playing cards online or sitting in any brick-and-mortar casino nearby. People have the tendency to believe that there are some external forces at work other than skills and house edge. Let’s have a look at four big myths surrounding casino games. Here are the top 4 casino myths that you should not rely on.

1. Games are Fixed

Games are Fixed
Games are Fixed

This is the most common and widely popular myth across almost all types of casinos and games. Many think casinos rig pokies to prevent any people from winning. This is due to the fact that the casino has a house edge on almost all the games it runs, but this is just a small benefit. The fact is gamers can easily find the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of any slot online by reviews or the manufacturer’s website. As most of the game is based on random number generators, so it cannot be manipulated or tampered with.

The fact is, casinos need to adhere to legislation to protect players from this sort of activity both online and in real life. On breaking these rules attracts hefty fine the casino has every possibility to lose customers.

The matter is that players are quite knowledgeable than ever before, and online games provide game history which would allow those who wanted the chance to run results through an algorithm to see if there are any discrepancies from the general game odds.

Today, it wouldn’t be in the best interest of a casino to try to rig the games in their favor. The way that information goes viral these days, any bad press could ruin a business in a highly competitive space. As a result, sites go out of their way to ensure players feel safe about the games they are playing. Casino software suppliers spend thousands of dollars to audit their games for accuracy and reliability, and they celebrate their passing grades in public so that everyone can see the results of the audit itself.

Online casino games are not rigged, but you are likely to play many more hands in the same amount of time as a live session, so you may see your bankroll dip faster as a result.

2. Big Bet can Win Big

Big Bet can Win Big
Big Bet can Win Big

There is yet another misconception that if you bet big, you will have more chances of winning big. Although it is true to some extent that the return on a bet will be higher if the original wager was larger, it’s also a fact that a proper strategy of betting big will see you lose also bigger with each result that goes against you.

Still, there are several other ways that can help you protect against big losses. You can implement smart betting strategies in which where you play are based on the game and the house edge that implies. You can also refer to several books and guides to get an idea about the variations in each game, thus applying rules when to bet big protecting your gaming budget so that it could last longer and you can win.

3. Gambler’s Fallacy

Gambler’s Fallacy
Gambler’s Fallacy

As per this myth, if you are playing a game that has a one in four chance of winning, you should win at least one if you play four games. This is termed as gambler’s fallacy. If you do not win in four games, then a win is due to you. If you do not win you consider this as a cold streak of losing or think that the table, dealer, or game is cold and switch to another one.

But the fact is, this is not how odds work. Odds are free from any myth. It is the hand only that you dealt with or spin the wheel that changes but the odds are always the same without considering the length of your play.

4. Card Counting is Illegal

Card Counting is Illegal
Card Counting is Illegal

This is more relevant to real-life casinos, but the introduction of live dealer games means that this can apply to online gambling also. Some believe that card counting is an art and others consider it cheating. The fact is that it offers the player a mental note of all the cards that have been dealt in a hand of blackjack.

Due to the large number of cards that are there are in a deck; and that the casinos often use multiple decks of cards; it can be a difficult skill to learn. Although it might give any player an edge of up to 1.5%, it is not completely illegal. Although, many casinos do not allow this method; so it is better to hone your skill by sticking to old-fashioned practice.

The truth is, counting cards is legal in most, if not all, the world. That includes Australia, the UK and the US. What is illegal, however, is using an electronic device during casino card games to help you count cards.

Although some casinos frown on counting cards during a game of Blackjack, it is just a way of using your brain when playing cards. As such, it falls under the larger category of ‘advantage play’ (AP).

AP isn’t cheating. It just means that you’re keeping track of information gathered throughout the game to evaluate what bet will get you the best reward.

That said, try to be discreet when counting cards. Some casinos may ask you to leave if you make your methods too obvious. Moreover, many believe card-counting is tough to learn.

Some traditional card-counting systems, such as Hi-Lo are very difficult to learn. But, there are also more modern card-counting systems which are a lot simpler for casual players to master.

For example, the Speed Count method can be learnt in around the same amount of time it takes to learn the basic playing strategy for casino card games like Blackjack. But, with that, you’ll have a slight edge over the casino.


The above listed are some of the most common and highly talked about casino myths that are technically wrong. You should not consider these when playing slots or any other game. Let the game just entertain you instead of falling prey to these myths!