Tips to increase your Bonus Ball 34 and Powerball 10 Odds

For many, the odds of winning the lottery are astronomical. There are people that feel the chances of winning are so slim, that it is not worth even trying. The problem is that the amount that can be won playing the lottery is so high that it becomes difficult to ignore it completely. The cost of the tickets is so small and the payout is so large, that taking a chance is worth trying. Here are the tips to increase the odds of the lottery.

Instead of depending on luck alone to win a prize in the lottery, it is better to try to find some ways to increase your chances of winning when playing the lottery. If a few tips are followed, it is possible to increase the odds of winning in the Bonus Ball 34 and Powerball 10 games that are offered in New Zealand.

How to play

How to Play
How to Play

The first way to increase the chances of winning is to actually play the game. If you do not take a chance, you cannot win. The Bonus Ball game and the Powerball game are add-ons to the New Zealand Lotto game. In order to play either of these games, you have to first play the lotto game. The Lotto game involves picking 6 balls that are numbered from 1 to 40. A seventh ball is also drawn from the group. That seventh ball is the bonus ball. The Powerball comes from a second machine that has balls numbered from 1 to 10. The Powerball is drawn after the other 7 balls have been drawn.

What does it take to win?

What does it Take to Win - increase odds of lottery
What does it Take to Win?

There are 5 tiers for winning when you play the Lotto, Bonus Ball, and Powerball games. The odds of winning each one is:

  • 3 Lotto numbers plus the Bonus Ball and Powerball – 1 in 3,635
  • 4 Lotto numbers plus the Powerball – 1 in 4.846
  • 4 Lotto numbers plus the Bonus Ball and Powerball – 1 in 77,543
  • 6 Lotto numbers plus the Powerball 1 in 193,858
  • 5 Lotto numbers, plus the Bonus Ball and the Powerball – 1 in 6,397,300
  • 6 Lotto numbers plus the Powerball – 1 in 38,383,800

Increasing the odds

Increasing the Odds
Increasing the Odds

There are some strategies that people claim will increase the odds. Picking a range of numbers is important. It is good to have a mix of even and odd numbers. You should also have a combination of high and low numbers. When you look at the winning number combinations, you will find that if you choose 3 even and two odd numbers or 3 odd and 2 even numbers, you will be using a strategy that has worked nearly 70% of the time.

A second thing to do is to add up all of the numbers that you choose for the lotto. They should add up to a total of between 86 and 144 for the best chance to win. People win jackpots more than 70% of the time.

You can choose the history of numbers to help increase the odds. At least one of the numbers from the last drawing will repeat on the next drawing. The Powerball can also fall into a pattern. Studying the past results can help you recognize patterns that will increase your chances of winning the big jackpot.

Don’t destroy your ticket!

Even lottery tickets with a partial match can pay out a prize of as much as $1 million. As per estimation, about one in every 25 tickets will win either $1 million, $50,000, $100, $7, or $4.

Power Play can increase your prize

When you buy a $2 Powerball ticket, you’ll have the option to pay an extra dollar to get a “Power Play” add-on.

If you opt for it, and your ticket qualifies for one of the non-jackpot prizes, you get to multiply it.

Matching the five white-ball numbers qualifies for a $1 million prize, which doubles to $2 million if it’s a Power Play ticket.

Even non-jackpot winnings can be multiplied by the Power Play number that’s picked during the drawing, which is either 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Not all winners can be winners: If you hit the jackpot, keep it quiet until you have a game plan. Lottery officials and experts recommend assembling a team of financial experts before claiming your prize.

And if you don’t want to be thrust into the spotlight or get hit up for cash, try to stay anonymous. There are a few states that don’t release the names of lottery winners. Otherwise, a winner could create a trust that can claim the prize to stay under the radar.

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