SkyCity Casino Ripped Off

skycity-auckland-logoMany people feel it’s the casinos that stiff us and this is the reason why they make so much money, but the boot has been on the other foot for SkyCity Auckland in a recent event that cost them over two million Dollars.

What is surprising about this stunt is how brazen the casino players were in asking for an advance in plain sight and simply sauntering off without paying a cent.air max for kids

SkyCity Casino Story

The story is that in the first half of this year, 20 players from Asia with a penchant for Baccarat visited the casino. Upon visiting they asked for an advance and received one given they were seen to be active at other casinos and there didn’t seem to be a problem. In total this meant that the gamblers ran up a bill of $2.4 million in debts to the casino before leaving without paying any of the money back.
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The casino has said that they advance around a hundred million dollars annually to players of good character once checks have been completed. With this there is some risk but the casino does account for this.

SkyCity has increased security at the casino since the event and has also taken additional steps in reviewing those eligible for an advance.

SkyCity sources said of the situation:

“They were in the property in the first half of the financial year and we are still working hard to recover the money but we have not been successful,”

“These guys have also done this at other properties. It’s a fact of doing business in this space,”

“We have provided for doubtful debts of $2.7 million which relates predominantly to a group that visited the Auckland Casino in 1H13 [the first half of the financial year to June 30, 2013] that have dishonoured their debts,”

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