Sky City all at Sea

Sky City has found itself all at sea after landing itself in hot water at its Auckland Sky City Casino. After reading this sentence, the puns a plenty will make sense when you understand where we are going with this.

SkyCity Casino has Shark Fin Soup in Menu

Sky City has been selling Shark Fin soup at its Jade Dragon restaurant and many have pushed the casino to review this as Shark fishing is high on the agenda for activists and the general public alike because of dwindling shark numbers. The Government had even got involved in the issue by saying that it wanted to stamp out the selling of meals containing shark after over forty five thousand people signed a petition.

They look like they could be creating a National Plan of Action for Sharks Shark Fin on the Menu. The casino had said that shark fin was not on the menu, but whilst the English menu does not include shark fin, it is still found on the Chinese version.

Controversy Spiked up on Shark Fin Soup

When a SkyCity spokesperson was pressed on the issue they said: “My understanding is it is not on the menu. Shark fin was never on the menu, not since I joined SkyCity in April last year. My understanding it is off the menu but can be ordered.” “I don’t read Cantonese, but it is my understanding it is not on the menu.” After it was clearly shown that shark fin is on the menu, the spokesperson said the fin was from a sustainably sourced product and would remain on the Chinese New Year menu.

Shark Fin Based Dishes a Hot Topic

SkyCity has really been high on the media agenda recently for many decisions they have made, this recent decision will be high on every ones agenda as shark fin based foods have become hot topic in New Zealand. Even a Chinese MP has stepped in to say people need to rethink their decisions to eat Shark fin.

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