Skiing in New Zealand

When people think about ski resorts they may consider the mountains in Switzerland or the hills in Italy as some of the best places in the world to enjoy the sport. If they would take some time to find out about New Zealand, they may realize that this is another location that they can enjoy. New Zealand is a land that has a little bit of everything. From the sandy beaches, to big cities to ski resorts, New Zealand is ready to treat people to a great time in any way they please.

When to Go

Skiing does need one very important ingredient. It needs snow. The season for skiing in New Zealand runs from June to October. This is great for the people that enjoy skiing year round. They can spend the months they call summer in New Zealand and they can enjoy their traditional winter months of skiing elsewhere. The only danger of this is when they start to compare the different locations for skiing. They may quickly find out why New Zealand is becoming an international destination for skiing enthusiasts.

People that do go skiing in New Zealand will find several things that they can enjoy. The magnificent scenery that can be found at the ski resorts is difficult to match. On top of that, visitors will find that there are plenty of places to get the skiing gear they need and that the lines for the ski slopes are never crowded. It means that people can actually spend their day enjoying the sport instead of waiting around for a quick trip down the mountain.

Where to Go

There are several places that ski enthusiasts like to visit.

  • Mt Hutt – Located in Canterbury, it is known for its pristine natural snow.
  • Porters Ski Area – Located closest to Christchurch, this ski area is perfect for skiers and snowboarders.
  • Ohau Snow Fields – In the Aoraki Mt. Cook area the powder snow of these trails makes for a great day for skiers and snowboarders. The right amount of snow always seems to be there when it is needed.
  • Roundhill – Considered one of the best family ski areas in New Zealand, Roundhill is located in the heart of Mackenzie Country. They have 2 T-bars to get to the trails and enjoy the skiing.
  • Mount Dobson – The best things about skiing here is the lack of crowds. It is possible to enjoy miles of trails of untracked snow. That is an experience that everyone should enjoy once.
  • The Remarkables – Located 45 minutes from Queenstown, the name of this ski area says it all. The scenery, the skiing and the facilities are all truly remarkable.
  • Coronet Peak Ski Area – Visitors here will find some of the finest world-class facilities and amenities. When that is combined with a terrain that takes people on a wild roller coaster ride, it is easy to see why this ski area is so popular.

When it comes to skiing in New Zealand, no one is left out. The prices are reasonable, the amenities are good and the snow is fantastic. There is not much more that a person can ask for.


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