Responsible Gaming Policy for Pokies Online

Responsible Gaming Policy for Pokies Online
Responsible Gaming Policy for Pokies Online

Responsible gambling online is all about the mindset of the people who need to be thoughtful when logging into an online casino. Let’s find out about online Responsible Gaming Policies in New Zealand.

Traditional casinos can throw out anyone who seems to be doing too much damage to their wallet, and these casinos often wear people down as there is so much social interaction required.

The best way for you to remain safe is to be aware of the fact that responsible gambling is essential. You can go into any online casino anytime, and they should see a badge that will give you gambling information correctly.

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Pokies are ‘addictive by design’. That means they have been deliberately designed to keep players using the machines for as long as possible. [Source]

How to be a responsible gambler?

How to be a responsible gambler
How to be a responsible gambler

Being a responsible player is easier if you have a few strategies for making the games accessible and controllable.

Responsible gambling is usually a matter of priorities and common sense. This is especially true when the punter is playing in an online casino. Someone trying to make the most money while still being responsible must use strategies to keep them safe.

Grassroots Trust New Zealand also offers help to those who get addicted to pokies and games and are spending most of their time and money at online casinos.

Grassroots offers you confidential counselling and treatment as addiction to Pokies, popularly known as problem gambling, causes harm to family, friends, and the community.

To contact the Grassroots Gambling Helpline:

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Responsible Gaming Policy at New Zealand Online Casinos

Responsible Gaming Policy in NZ Online Casinos
Responsible Gaming Policy in NZ Online Casinos

If you think you are one of the victims of problem gambling or addictions, you can use the following tools to help yourself and get free from this nuisance.

Gambling Addiction Tests

Gambling Addiction Tests
Gambling Addiction Tests

The first step is to recognize you might have a gambling issue. If you’re feeling anxious, have a strong desire to play when you’re working or doing something else, or lose the money you can’t afford regularly, it’s time to look in the mirror.

You may be addicted to gambling, and this is a significant problem. You should check that even if you think that’s not the case. Most online casinos that work with Kiwis offer links to various tests that will help you understand if you have a gambling issue.

Gambling addiction tests usually take only a few minutes and are generally in questionnaire format. If the results show a problem, it’s time to start working hard to limit the damage to your condition and handle it.

Click here to go through Gambling addiction tests.

Casino Account Limitations and Closure

Casino account Limitations and Closure
Casino Account Limitations and Closure

No punter is wise if they want to keep losing money playing pokies and end up broke and homeless. The Responsible Gaming policy of each casino that works with New Zealand allows you to set certain limitations to your account where you can determine the maximum amount you can deposit daily, weekly, or monthly.

This will help you control your potential losses. Lowering the limits is usually instant and only requires chatting with support or filling out a short form.

But to request a higher limit, you must wait for at least 24 hours or a week. When it’s over, the casino will ask you again if you want to raise the limits. The whole procedure is set up to prevent you from making decisions out of your control. Make sure to take full advantage if you are addicted to gambling.

Many online casinos also allow you to block your account completely. This way, you won’t be able to deposit or play.

If the casino is part of a larger group with more than one platform, you are usually excluded from them. This way, you can prevent Pokies and gambling altogether.

Click here to learn more about self-exclusion for Pokies.

Get help at once if you need

Get help at once if you need
Get help at once if you need

Limiting or removing your account in a particular online casino might work in the short term, but it doesn’t solve the bigger problem. This is why each gambling operator with a proper Responsible Gaming Policy will provide links to organizations that can help each player from New Zealand find assistance.

These are usually non-profit websites and companies that are designed to help gambling addicts. They will teach you various techniques to cope with your problem, the coordinates of psychologists who can help, and the mentorship of former addicts who are now clean.

In New Zealand, you can seek advice and assistance on problem gambling at the following sites:

  • The Choice, not Change – Offers confidential and free support and guidance via text or phone.
  • Problem Gambling Foundation in New Zealand – Provides free professional support, advice and treatment. They focus on offering help to everyone who is facing issues with gambling addiction.

The responsible gaming policy in New Zealand also curbs underage gambling. An underage person might somehow open a new account by filling in false information.

Many Responsible Gaming mechanisms will prevent him from actually playing with real money. At online casinos, you will be asked to verify the address and identity used during the registration process and provide a valid payment method, which is difficult for a minor. Your ID proofs, such as DL and other documents at traditional casinos, are checked to verify your age.

Also, the responsible gaming policy in New Zealand detects the kinds of fraud associated with online Pokies and casinos.

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A list of 11 tips to keep yourself safe when gambling

A list of 11 tips to keep yourself safe when gambling
A list of tips to keep yourself safe when gambling

We have listed the best tips to keep yourself safe as a player. If you don t want to get in trouble with gambling, you should pay attention to this one here:

  1. Do not gamble after bedtime
  2. Never gamble with credit cards
  3. Do not gamble during work hours
  4. Withdraw all money that you made immediately
  5. Do not bet money you do not own now
  6. Make a budget for gambling and do not exceed
  7. Never gamble when you have more important things to do
  8. Set a time limit for the gambling so that you know when to start and stop
  9. Do not gamble privately with people you are not familiar with
  10. Play games that are easy to understand
  11. Choose the safest online casinos

All online casino players are advised to have control over a game and not let the game control them. Play for fun, and don’t expect anything back. If you’re lucky, you can eventually win.

That is a simple rule.

Responsible Gaming Policies at NZ Online Casinos

  • Beware of online gambling rules.
  • It would be best if you learned the gambling rules before playing. Plus, it is easy for people to get someone to talk to them about the gambling that they have done.
  • The casino staff will reach out to anyone who needs it, and some articles explain how to handle gambling correctly.
Learn all about responsible gambling
Learn all about responsible gambling.

You can get more information about problem gambling and gambling establishments from the Department of Internal Affairs.

The site offers information on gambling legislation and regulations, guidance for compliance and audits, details on prohibited gambling activities, and updates on rules to minimize gambling harm.

It also provides data, statistics, and information for different stakeholders in the gambling sector, including territorial authorities, casino operators, and venues with pokie machines. For more detailed information, please visit

Get help at any time

Get help at any time
Get help at any time.

A gambling helpline is also an excellent place for you to learn about gambling problems in New Zealand. The staff is local to the islands and will talk to anyone who believes they have a problem.

This is also a good place for kids to call when they need help dealing with their parents.

Spouses could call for help when they feel their spouse is stuck in a gambling spiral, and it is easy for the staff to give solid advice on gambling wisely.

Is gambling addiction an illness?

Yes, gambling addiction is a diagnosable disease that people can be treated for.

How do you set a budget for online casinos?

All licensed online casinos have a bet limit that can be turned on if you have a gambling problem. This means you will not be able to gamble above the limit you have set.

Do casinos help with problem gambling?

Yes, casinos offer resources and will provide any extra help the customer needs.

How can someone stop gambling at an online casino?

To get help with a problem gambler, visit a therapist or a local charity. For more info, visit the official Gaming Helpline site.

Can you self-exclude from an online casino?

Yes, you can self-exclude from an online casino. This process involves requesting that the casino block you from gambling on their site for a set period. The specific steps for self-exclusion will vary depending on the casino.

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