Pokies dropping like flies

Pokies are the most loved of the casino games, especially in New Zealand where we love to have a game or two when the opportunity arises. With this in mind you would imagine that in the throng of music and the flowing of beer, every bar would keep a pokie or two to hand, but what may surprise you is that pokie numbers are dwindling even with the large number of people wanting to play them.

Why are pokie numbers dwindling

Well with the sinking lid policy adopted by the government it means that when a company that has pokies moves or folds, the pokie licence is rescinded. This means that pokies will naturally reduce to nothing as the government isn’t issuing any new pokie licences.

Whilst pokie numbers are dropping and pubs and clubs across the land, it seems that pokie numbers are growing elsewhere. This is an issue that many are talking about, how is it the government are stopping small local businesses having pokies but elsewhere a big company is benefiting.

SkyCity Pokies

Whilst pokie numbers are reducing elsewhere, SkyCity has been allowed to grow its pokie numbers, something many are saying shows the government is not serious about reducing the number of pokies and is just hitting the small businesses where it hurts.

Vanessa Neeson, the Henderson Massey Local Board chairwoman has said about the drop in pokie numbers:

“My concern is that people will go to the casino and the money won’t be going back into the community. I know you can’t stop gambling but pokie machines are particularly harmful. I feel like it’s not a level playing field.”

Vanessa Neeson was pro the sinking lid policy before but seems to be changing her mind given the change in the governments stance.

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