Pokie Harm Not so Bad

There has been uproar in recent times about the negative affect that pokies have on the community, but is the truth behind this story being that those against pokies are taking the negative way too far?

Reports suggest that 45,000 people do have a gambling addiction with many preferring pokies to other gambling options. Whilst this is the case, those against pokies liken the machine to hard drugs with many calling pokies the “methamphetamine of gambling”. The truth is that methamphetamine is a killer drug that people cannot do without, a drug that is not a recreational tool to enjoy your spare time.

The fact that people try to show pokies in a negative light is because they are trying to reduce the amount of people who are problem gamblers, something that is important and dear to our hearts. The issue is that they may be taking things a step too far in the process with these spurious comments.

Even some charity executives have come out to say that pokies are not as bad as people think, especially those who say they are like drugs.

Martin Cheer, chief executive of Pub Charity has said of the people talking about the great harm that pokies do not pose:

“I have six in my showroom now loaded with credits. I am in gaming venues almost daily, and having had no exposure to gaming machines before this, I have shown no inclination to lose self-control.”

“I am ‘at risk’ every time I drive over the Rimutaka [Hill] every day but I, like the overwhelming majority, travel it safely.”

The question we now pose is, which camp are you in? Do you like the pokies and enjoy a game or two or do you really think that pokies are as bad as hard drugs?

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