Poker Gaining Ground on Pokies

pack-of-playing-cardsPokies have always been big business in New Zealand, in fact its long been established that for decades pokies held the crown as the most loved casino game around. In recent times however, this has started to change as we are seeing more and more people move away from pokies into another arena of casino gaming, this being poker.

Poker is a brilliant and much loved game, but why are people slowly moving away from pokies to play this game instead? Is it that pokies are no fun anymore, or advances in poker gaming are rendering it a bigger lure?
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Let’s talk through and answer this question today.

Pokies losing their sparkle

Pokies are not losing their sparkle and the new pokies developed are better than any others, so its a wonder that players are diversifying and playing poker instead. The truth is that if it wasn’t for the government people would still be enjoying their pokie games.exclusive air max 90

Pokie numbers are dwindling due to government intervention in not approving new licences for companies to have pokies on site. This means that as companies fold or pokie numbers dwindle in venues, they are not being replaced.

The profound effect is that players are looking to other games to enjoy if pokies close to their home are not available and this is where poker comes in.

Poker rising in popularity

Poker is an awesome and immense card game, there is no other option in casino card gaming really. It is for this reason that many have moved to playing poker instead. Many have been reading up on the rules to ensure they have all the information they need to be successful and are then using this to try their hand at poker instead of the pokies.

Poker has risen in popularity the world over, both online and offline, so its fitting this trend has also been noted in New Zealand too.

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