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Why Play with Real Money in New Zealand?

Real-money gaming is completely safe at reputable casinos because of careful security measures.

The best free casinos are loaded with unskilled players just trying to pass the time by gambling online. Real money is not on their minds, and neither is taking risks. If you aim to enhance your abilities, you should use a real money website.

On real online casinos for real money, you won’t find users throwing their points away or taking unreasonable risks just for fun. You will play against the most seasoned, top-skilled players looking to earn real money, and you will be able to increase your own skill level significantly.

How to start with real money?

As a New Zealander, there are many great top real money betting sites for you to choose from. Despite the Gambling Act of 2003, there are a huge number of international sites to choose from and start gambling online.

To get started you want to take benefit of some of the best bonuses that are offered to new users of online casinos. You can get free plays, matched deposits, free points, and real Dollars, and more if you sign up for these sites. It is an amazing way to get started because you get to play real money gambling online games without the risk.

One of the safest ways to start using real money in online gambling is with an e-wallet. These are not associated directly with your bank account or credit or debit card, so there is no chance for anyone to access your personal details. The limit is on the amount of money you chose to deposit at any given time.

What are stake levels and limits?

Starting with small stakes real money games is the way to go for new players not interested in wagering a lot of money initially.

Stakes are money or points that are risked in a gambling wager or game. When you move to play for real money, stakes matter. Select the right stake level for your current skill level, and increase only when you have become better at playing a particular game. As a beginner, start off in low-stakes games.

1. Small Stakes

These are amazing for beginners!

They are lower risk, but they also provide lower pay-out.

It’s a good way to learn new games and get better by practicing.

2. Middle Stakes

  • Such games are for the mid-level, intermediate player.
  • It is great to play with users of slightly higher skill levels and challenge yourself a bit more.
  • You earn more in your payouts than in low-stakes games.
  • You will find more aggressive gameplay.
  • There are a smaller number of Kiwi users to play against.

3. High Stakes

These stakes are for when you get professional at a game and consider yourself a top-skill-level player.

  • These rooms have the highest payout possible.
  • It also involves greater risk and a more expensive buy-in.
  • The competition is fierce, so bring your best bets to the table!
  • There is a very small pool of users to play against.
  • This takes a lot of skill and a very high bankroll.

Also, choose stake levels when choosing which casino rooms to play at. It is the safest to play level stakes, not random stake games. Random stakes are where you can get dragged into reckless gambling and chase after lost dollars. Level stakes allow you to have more control over the game and your top potential payouts. You control your risk, which is the only way to go if you are considering playing long-term.


Limits are the top amount that you are allowed to bet in a specific game or online gambling real money casino. You need to set your own limits based both on where you are in your gambling career and on the limits of the sites you are visiting. There are different options to choose from:

1. Low Limits

This means other Kiwi players might be a little more novice and reckless, so you might not find a high skill level here.

This is a good way to try out various casinos, games, and rooms. You can lay around until you find one you like, and then move on to higher limits.

2. High Limits

This is where the high rollers play, but you can also still bet small.

You can gradually increase your experience and skill by increasing the dollar amount that you bet little by little until you hit the limit.

3. No Limits

If you are a competent and confident player, try out no limits and play with the big dogs.

Now, it is time to check out the top online casinos for real money that we listed here for some exciting real cash gameplay.


1. Is real money gambling safe?

Such gambling can be very safe when you do it at reputable sites and stay away from all of the risky locations.

2. How much can I win?

It’s possible to win millions of dollars if you play the right game. Games like lotteries, keno, and progressive jackpot slot machines all offer massive winning opportunities to the right players.

3. How should I manage my bankroll?

While you pick and choose games to play and betting limits you should always set your limit of spending money. Be careful to play those online casinos for real money that you can afford and set loss limits to get you away from games when you lose a certain amount of money. This will keep you playing for much longer.

4. Can I play real money games on mobile?

Yes, it is possible to play most real money games on a handset. Mobile support is so great today that you don’t have to work that hard to find a location that offers mobile gameplay. These casino games are compatible with Android, iPhones, Ipad and every other operating system.

5. Can I play for free?

It’s possible to play for free at some real online casinos for real money using play money games. Such games will give you a play balance to start off with and it’s your job to try and grow that balance. The free versions of these games will let you get used to a game before you try playing for real money.

6. What payment method is recommended for NZ players?

NZ players have several options available to them when it comes to payment methods. For simplicity Visa or MasterCard is often best, but for speed, something like NETELLER or POLi is worth trying out.

7. How do withdrawals work?

You just have to request a certain amount of money be taken out from your casino account and it will be processed and pulled out of your account using the same method it was put in with if at all possible.