Nelson City Internal Affairs Removes Pokies

A bar in Nelson City, Whakatu has just lost a court case that will now see all its pokies removed from the premises. This court case is unique in the position that the court case was by a third party against the council that resulted in the pokies being removed from the bar. The bar in question is the Brewers Bar in Nelson’s Victory Square, a bar that housed pokies for The Trillian Trust.

Interestingly the court case was brought about by the Nelson Gambling Taskforce, the case in question took the council to court saying that the council had made alterations to its Nelson City Council’s gambling policy without consulting the people of the city making it invalid. In fact the court case went in favour of the Nelson Gambling Taskforce and the new policy was made invalid.

How does this affect the Brewers Bar? Well its application for pokies was generated on the back of the renewed gambling policy so when that was made invalid, it also made the approved application for the Brewers Bar invalid too meaning the pokies were ordered to be removed.

Interestingly the outcome of this saw the landlord of the building where the Brewers Bar is a tenant being the most unhappy and vocal at the ruling. Landlord Frank Saxton said of the move:
“All I can say is the tenant was adamant he wouldn’t go in there without pokies.
“From my point of view, I’ve a dysfunctional building. A lot of effort was put into making it functional for gaming, food and liquor.”

The tenant who runs the bar with the pokies and the The Trillian Trust who owns the pokies both said they need time to review and think about the ruling.

This court case makes for interesting times in the Nelson City areas as any venue housing pokies with applications made post changes to the gambling policy may see them removed.

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