Land Pokies Decrease as Kiwis Go Online

On land gambling has been a huge problem in New Zealand, but over the past twelve months the amount of pokies available has decreased by quite a bit even if money that is being spent on the pokies has increased. Some of the anti gambling tribe are really happy with this precedent but truth be told, this is only happening as Kiwi’s are turning to online casinos for their pokie thrills.

It is an interest twist to see that the amount spent has increased a few percent but the number of pokies is falling quite dramatically. So lets talk about why.

Firstly the Earthquake in February 2011 saw many pokie vendors cease business as they were damaged by the natural disaster. Secondly many governments are withholding licences for pokies and thirdly many businesses are giving up on the past time because of problems with red tape. On top of this there are other factors such as the government reduction in max bets.

The government reduced the maximum bet on land based pokies to $2.50 recently which hasn’t really caused a difference to the pokie decrease as it was already in full swing by this point.

So why are people turning to online pokies?

Well with the reduced number of pokies being available ever shrinking many people are having to travel further a field to find pokies in their locality, this causes problems with modes of transport so they are using the internet as an alternative.

We also note that many people see the dwindling number of pokies as an issue because they are loosing variety of pokies to choose thus going online where there are literally hundreds of pokies at your finger tips.

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