Land Based Pokie Revenues Drop

In recent times land based pokie machines have been a main point of conversation with officials. There is a view that the numbers need to be reduced because problem gambling is occurring because of the machines. This being said there is another view that pokies are needed to stabilise sports and charities because of the grants the money generated pay for.

Pokies are big business, this is what we know. Yes there are a small number of people that take it to the extreme, like any other activity. The problem with these people who do take it to the extreme is that this causing life changing issues in a negative manner because they fritter all their money away.

The sports area of NZ has announced recently that many national clubs would go under if pokie grants were to reduce because they are the lifeline of the clubs, something many charities have also talked about.

Now we get down to the people too. Did you know that in the last three months pokie revenues dropped by a whopping 2 million in Waikato, sounds a lot, but the revenues for the period were still 17 million Dollars.

Waipa is another pokie crazed area of the country, a place where only 232 pokies generate $8,437,605.96 in revenue last year….but is this decreasing?

Many feel the tide has turned and many people are moving away from land based pokies, but where are these people going?

The truth is that with the constant advance of the online casino, many people are simply staying at home and getting their kicks online at casinos such as Grand Reef and All Slots. Its not that surprising given the huge respect many have for online casinos such as these and the brilliant games they have on offer.

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