What to Do with Kids in New Zealand

Adults can find plenty of things to do when they visit New Zealand. From outdoor adventure to cruises on sailboats to the nightlife in the City, New Zealand has plenty to offer adults. Many adults can enjoy these things, but they have something else to worry about. They have kids. They may wonder if New Zealand has as much to offer the kids as it does the adults. They will not be disappointed about what they are able to find out.

Kids at NZ beaches

  • Beaches – There are plenty of beaches that can be found in New Zealand. Kids love to play in the water or build castles in the sand. Parents can choose to take the kids to one of the secluded coves for privacy or they can go to some of the bigger beaches where more people are around. Kids can also enjoy all of the water activities or they can take a horseback ride in the sand. Of course the parents are welcome to join in on the fun.
  • Sky Tower – Sky Tower is the tallest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere. It is part of the area in Auckland known as SkyCity. Visitors to Sky Tower can enjoy a 360° panoramic view that allows them to see things 80 km away or more. They will also find more than 20 restaurants, cafes and bars. While the kids enjoy the view from the tower, the parents can try their luck at the casino.
  • Museums – Visitors to Auckland will find several great museums to take the kids to. Auckland museum offers a look at the history and culture of New Zealand. MOTAT offers a peak at how technology had the changes through the years as affected life in New Zealand. The Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum allows visitors to discover the history of the ocean, sailing and anything else maritime related in New Zealand.
  • Rainbows End – There is one thing that every kid will enjoy when they visit New Zealand. Rainbows End is a theme park that offers a wide variety of thrilling and fun rides for everyone that visits.
  • Tour Weta Cave in Wellington- For movie fans, young and old alike, this is a cool, quick stop.  Take a tour of the Weta workshop, learning the basics on how movie props are made and getting a brief introduction into digital effects.

kIds on Biking tour in NZ

  • Go for Mountain Biking in Taupo– Taupo, the adventure capital of the North Island, is very similar to Queenstown on the South Island. Here you can go bungy jumping, jet boat riding, paragliding, and skydiving. Taupo is laced with many trails of all difficulty levels, perfect for  kids and family.  You can rent bikes and go north out of Taupo, biking along the Huka River to Huka Falls.
  • Skiing – There are plenty of places that people can go skiing in New Zealand. Kids will find hills that are perfect for their skill level whether they are a beginner or an expert skier. SnowPlanet is located near Auckland and offers the chance to ski, snowboard or toboggan all year long.
  • Sightseeing – Going around seeing different sites may not sound exciting for kids, but New Zealand offers ways to do it that can interest any child. Sightseeing plane trips can take the kids on tours of the volcanoes, glaciers or other natural wonders that can be found. Hiking trails are abundant and great fun. Kayaking is another method to see the sites of New Zealand. It is just a matter of choosing the best way that the kids will enjoy the most.

There is no reason to fear bringing kids to New Zealand. There will be plenty of things to do that kids from one to one hundred will enjoy.

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