IGT Delivering Plenty of Mobile Games

We have all heard about Microgaming and its launch of the Microgaming Go platform for mobile casino gaming on advanced smart phones, but what of their rivals IGT?

Well, we have heard big news about IGT and their delivery of big mobile casino games. Thats right, we have it on good authority that IGT will not take the launch of the Microgaming Go platform lying down. IGT (International Game Technology), has just announced that they are going to be delivering loads of new mobile casino games every year.

Mobile Casinos are big business that well enjoy, the issue is that currently there is not a large number of games available and this restricts many who want to have a varied suite of games. It seems both Microgaming and IGT have both seen the casino lights and realised that mobile casino gaming is where people see the future of casino gaming. IGT however, have realised that the best avenue in achieving this is through new and innovative games being delivered every few weeks.

IGT has openly promised that every year from now on there will be a minimum of twenty new mobile casino games delivered to the masses on its mobile platform. This means that we know in a year from now there will be at least twenty new and enjoyable mobile casino games to be enjoyed on your smart phone.

Mobile casino is growing at a rapid speed because of the ability to play where ever and whenever you like, because of this there is a need to service these players with new and innovative games. IGT has long been a leader in online casino gaming and because of this they have seen the need for mobile casino games and have promised to deliver new games every year.

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